LELO INA 2 Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed the LELO INA, a vibrator that I had wanted to try for a long time. I was sad to discover that I didn’t like the INA much, mostly because it was significantly lacking in power. I was not the only person to have this complaint and LELO is a company that listens to its customers. Just like with its update of the Tiani 2 and the TOR II, LELO has just released a new version of the INA, the LELO INA 2.

LELO INA 2 Vibrator

For those of you who haven’t read my review of the LELO INA, I will continue with my full review of the LELO INA 2 shortly. First let’s discuss the differences between the two vibrators. There are five differences that I’ve noticed.

1. Power: The is the most important improvement as far as I am concerned because a lack of power is why I didn’t like the INA. The INA 2 reportedly has 100% more power than it’s counterpart. I’m not sure I would say the INA 2 is twice as powerful as the INA but it is significantly more powerful. I find the INA 2 more than sufficient to easily bring me to orgasm. It is no Hitachi Magic Wand but the vibrations are very powerful and should be pleasing to most people.

2. Waterproof: Another important improvement. I really prefer my vibrators to be waterproof even if I don’t take them into the shower and bath much. It makes cleaning them so much easier. I can just toss them in the sink without having to worry about water ruining them. The control panel on the old INA has buttons that are set into the base. There are very small seams around these buttons where water could seep into the electrical bits. On the INA 2, the buttons are set more on top of the base so there is no possibility of water leakage. Though I don’t see a difference between the old silicone charging plug and the new one, LELO has assured me the INA 2 is fully waterproof and can be submerged. I have not taken mine in the bath but can confirm that it does work when fully underwater.

3. Shape: Though I was comfortable with the placement of the clit arm, I think many women felt it fit them too snugly. LELO decided to move the arm further down the shaft and seat it further away from the shaft so it would not pinch down on the clit. As you can see in the images below, the difference between the location of the clit arm on the INA 2 versus the INA is quite noteworthy. The clit arm is also much more flexible on the INA 2 than on the old INA.

4. Sound: This is not an official change that LELO is touting and it may just be that I have a particularly loud INA, but I notice a huge difference in the type and level of sound between the two vibrators. My old INA is quiet on lower settings but the clit arm quite loud on the highest levels of vibration. In addition to being loud, it has an odd sort of buzzing sound that makes it even louder. The INA 2 is much quieter and the buzzing sound is completely absent. I’m not sure if others have experienced this type of difference, but I would be interested in hearing from people on this topic.

5. User Manual: There is a new user manual that is not specific to the LELO INA 2 and has no detailed information about the vibrator. I’m accustomed to very detailed LELO manuals and I dislike that they have been changed. I realize this makes it easier for LELO as they can just toss the same user manual in with all their products but I think it does a disservice to the consumer, especially people who are not sex toy experts and actually need more useful information than the manual provides. It is also confusing because the box says the INA 2 is waterproof but there is a two-sided page stuck in the manual that says not to submerge it. I’ve gotten this same little page before with other LELO manuals and I think including it was a mistake, especially as LELO has heralded the INA 2 as a waterproof vibrator. This new manual is a not a good change.






Now that I’ve discussed the basic changes in the INA 2, let’s get back on track with a more general review. The INA 2 is LELO’s only dual action vibrator (with the exception of the original INA, of course). That makes it pretty special. I like dual action vibrators because when they fit my body well, they are very satisfying. I really enjoy the dual stimulation. Like all but a few of LELO’s sex toys, the INA 2 is made of silicone and plastic. The handle is plastic, while the buttons, charging port cover, and body of the vibrator are silicone. I love LELO’s silicone. It is extremely soft and silky against my skin and is not at all a lint magnet. Silicone is also latex and phthalate-free and hypoallergenic so it’s a very safe material for sex toys. The downside of silicone sex toys for some people is that you can only use water-based lubricants with them. Silicone-based lubes can interact negatively with the silicone of the toy causing it to break down.

Silicone sex toys have multiple cleaning options and now that the LELO INA 2 is waterproof, it is even easier to clean this vibrator than it is to clean the INA. You can wash the INA 2 with warm water and antibacterial soap, a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. The bleach solution allows you to sterilize the vibrator making it safe to share between non-fluid bonded partners. Do not wash your INA 2 in the dishwasher or boil it as this will most likely destroy the electrical components.

At 8″ in length, with 4.5″ being insertable, the LELO INA 2 is slightly longer and more of it can be inserted than the old INA. Both vibrators are approximately 1.5″ in diameter. This longer length is meant to allow for deeper penetration and it does just that. The clitoral arms are also both the same size at approximately 2.5″ in length. The clit arm of the INA 2 is also about twice as far from the shaft as on the original INA, and twice as flexible. This difference is very noticeable, as you can see from the included images.

As I mentioned previously, the vibrations of the LELO INA 2 are powerful and quiet. Like the INA, they are deep and rumbly, but I can get off much more quickly with the INA 2 because of the higher intensity of the vibrations. Also, I cannot hear the INA 2 through my closed bedroom door while I can hear the INA.

The control panel on the LELO INA 2 is basically the same as that of the INA, other than the buttons being sealed around the edges so water cannot leak in. There are four buttons that form a little cross on the plastic base of the vibrator. There are the + and – buttons and the up and down arrow buttons. Turn on the INA 2 by pressing firmly on the + button. This starts you on the lowest level of steady vibration. To increase the power, keep pressing down on the + button. To decrease the power and turn the vibrator off, press down on the – button. To enter into the pulsation modes, press on the up arrow. To cycle up or down through these modes, use the up and down arrows. One great thing is that you can adjust the power level in each pulsation mode, which gives you a lot of options. Like the original INA, regardless of where you turn the INA 2 off it will always start on the lowest level of steady vibration.

As with the old INA, the LELO INA 2 has eight modes of vibration, which are as follows:
1. Adjustable steady vibration, both clit and internal piece
2. Internal vibration only
3. Clit vibration only
4. Alternating clit and internal vibration
5. Slow pulsing in both
6. Ramping up alternating pulses from low to high
7. Ramping down alternating pulses from high to low
8. Dance Mix

It’s a LELO vibrator, so of course the INA 2 is rechargeable. Unfortunately, the new user manual provides no information about charging time, play time, and standby time. However, I have confirmed with LELO that it is the same as the INA. I charged it for about two hours out of the box so I expect approximately four hours of play time, depending on what intensity I use and for how long, and 90 days of standby time. Charging the two vibrators is the same. You plug the cord into the charging port on the base of the INA 2 and into the wall, et voila, charging. The LEDs under the buttons flash while the INA 2 is charging and glow steadily when the vibrator is fully charged. They will glow red when the INA 2 needs to be recharged.

Just like my other LELO vibrators, the INA 2 has a travel lock. You press and hold the + and – buttons for several seconds. The LED will light up then go dark when the INA 2 is locked. To unlock, press and hold on the + and – buttons for several seconds. When the LED lights up, the INA 2 is unlocked.

I really wanted to like the original LELO INA but I just couldn’t give it a very high rating based on its lack of power. I am very pleased to say the LELO INA 2 is a huge improvement over it’s predecessor and I like it quite a lot. I really enjoy the slightly deeper penetration of the INA 2. It still hits my g-spot while allowing me to feel a bit more full. I thought the clit arm was too far away from the shaft when I first took the INA 2 out of the box, yet it actually fits my body much better than the INA, which did a good job. The space between the clit arm and the shaft, along with the flexibility, allow the clit arm to rub right up against my clit without any need for adjustment or special positioning. Even though it’s flexible, the arm still provides sufficient pressure against my clit, which I really like. The vibrations are still the deep, rumbly vibrations I have come to expect from LELO vibrators, but with a huge increase in power. This increase in power is great and is now where I expected the original INA to be. I still like the patterns and I always love LELO’s silicone. I also really like how much quieter my INA 2 is compared to my INA.

LELO INA 2 Packaging

LELO INA 2 Packaging

LELO INA 2 Packaging

LELO INA 2 Packaging

The packaging of the LELO INA 2 is the same as the for the original LELO INA. The external box in this case is shiny orange cardboard with an image of the INA 2 on one side. The internal black box is the same discreet, sturdy box that says LELO on it. Inside the box, the INA lays in a black velvet cutout. Also included in the box are the charger, satin storage bag, sample of LELO personal moisturizer, user manual, and warranty information. As with all the LELO products I have, the INA 2 comes with a one year warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee. The one year warranty is a standard warranty, but the 10 year quality guarantee is unique. If something goes wrong with your INA 2 after the one year warranty has expired, LELO will allow you to buy another product from their website at a 50% discount. The only difference is that rather than a little booklet explaining this, the INA 2 comes with a plastic authenticity card that allows you to register online or scan the back with your cell phone to register.

LELO INA 2 Pros:
• Powerful
• Better clit arm location and flexibility
• Waterproof
• Quiet
• Not a lint magnet

LELO INA 2 Cons:
• Incomplete user manual

I’m impressed with the LELO INA 2. The vibrations are deep and rumbly, as well as being powerful and quiet. The new shape with the longer shaft and extended clit arm work well for me. I love that the INA 2 is waterproof which makes cleaning much easier. I always love LELO silicone because it is soft and silky and doesn’t attract lint like most silicone. I really cannot stand the new user manual, however. It’s useless, especially for people who actually have questions about the INA 2. If you’re not a sex toy guru, you may need some assistance in figuring out how to use the INA 2, and this manual is not going to be very helpful. Nevertheless, this is a small issue compared to the other significant positive changes made to the INA 2. It is definitely a huge improvement over the previous version. You can check out the new LELO INA 2 on the LELO website.

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