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SPOTLIGHT on New Nalone Sex Toys

Last week, I published a Spotlight on a new sex toy from one of favorite manufacturers, the Fun Factory Stronic Zwei. This week, I’ve decided to take a look at some new toys I discovered at Lovehoney from a manufacturer that’s new to me, Nalone.

Nalone has a number of interesting products that go beyond the typical vibrator. There is the Nalone Electro USB Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator, which has dual motors, one in the handle and one in the head. I think that’s a bit odd because I generally do not like vibrations that transfer to the handle of a vibrator and make my hand buzzy. Maybe I’m missing something here. What I find really interesting about the Nalone Electro is that it also has Electromagnetic Pulse technology, so its head gives off an electro micro current. It’s also hard not to love the fact that the two buttons responsible for the electro micro current have what look like little lightening symbols on them.


The Nalone Rythm (a rabbit vibrator) and the Nalone Pulse (a traditional vibrator) are both sound activated rechargeable vibrators. In theory, this is nothing new. OhMiBod has been doing this for a while. However, in addition to reacting to music, the Nalone Rythm and Nalone Pulse also respond to ambient sound. This means your partner can literally control the vibrations with his or her voice. That’s new. In theory, the vibrators should also react to any moaning or other sounds you are making. That idea intrigues me. I’m not sure how effective it will be if it requires your partner yelling at the top of his or her voice though.


The Nalone Touch G-Spot Vibrator and the Nalone Curve Clitoral Vibrator have touch responsive controls, meaning that they function based on how you touch metal sensors on the control panel. The Nalone Curve is also billed as a u-spot vibrator. The company claims it can be slightly inserted into the vagina and stimulate the u-spot. Seems iffy to me, but it could work this way for some women. Maybe I’m just a Doubting Thomas. In addition to their touch responsive modes, both vibrators have seven preset patterns.


Then we have the Nalone Miu Miu, a set of remote controlled vibrating kegel balls. The Nalone Miu Miu are not the only vibrating kegel balls out there, but I don’t recall seeing another pair that is remote controlled. I always like the idea of a remote controlled sex toy because you can hand off the remote to your partner and they then have the power to surprise, tease, and torment you. In public, if they choose. Not only that, but the Nalone Miu Miu Vibrating Kegel Balls have a “smart ball” setting. Once you’ve turned this mode on and are wearing the Nalone Miu Miu, they will turn on and surprise you at random moments. It’s not as good as having a partner control them, but it still sounds cool.


The six Nalone sex toys I have discussed in this post are all silicone, rechargeable, and waterproof. Lovehoney does carry a few other Nalone sex toys that are made with metal, but they don’t have any nifty or unusual features, so I don’t find them all that interesting.

Though I am dubious of the second motor in the handle of the Nalone Electro USB Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator, this one interests me the most as I have become curious about electroplay. After the Nalone Electro, I’d want to try either the Nalone Rythm or the Nalone Pulse. I have the OhMiBod Freestyle W, so it’s not the musical aspect that has me curious, it’s the voice responsiveness. I would love to see how well that works.

While I am working on trying to figure out how to review one of these new Nalone sex toys, you can head on over to Lovehoney and check them out for yourself. Leave me some feedback to let me know what you think. Which one looks the most interesting to you?