Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Review

Over the past year or so, I’ve been experimenting with a number of different sex toy stores to determine which ones best match Bean Fiddler. A while back, I began working with a site called Better Sex. One reason I wanted to try out this site is because they have a great return policy. You can actually return anything within 90 days for a refund or exchange. While there are some shops that have a similar policy, it’s not a very common one amongst adult toy stores.

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand

Better Sex kindly offered to send me some toys for review, so I picked out the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand. This curvy, glass wand is approximately 5.75″ long, with a diameter of 1″, and weighs about 5.5 ounces. Though the rounded, bulbous end is intended as the handle and the angled tip, with the ridges, is meant to be inserted into the body, you can use the dildo both ways.

I find both ends moderately comfortable for gripping, but the extreme curve means there’s not a ton of room left over for thrusting. The Onyx Glass Wand is also a bit heavy. This is not a design flaw, it’s solid glass. This is something to keep in mind if you have any sort of issues with your hands and/or wrists.

The Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand is made of beautiful black glass with an etched leafy design. It is lovely. The etching is slightly raised and though I can feel it with my fingers, I do not feel it during use. It definitely adds a bit of pop to the look of the dildo, but it’s hard as hell to capture in a photo.

As I mentioned above, the Onyx Glass Wand is made of glass. Sorting out what kind of glass was a tad confusing at first, due to the description on the product page. First, Better Sex states the Onyx Glass Wand is made of tempered glass, which is actually different from Borosillicate glass. Later on in the same paragraph, the description asserts, “this 100% borosilicate glass is specially tempered”.

I’m fairly certain that’s exactly what Better Sex means, and the Onyx Glass Wand is truly Borosillicate, not tempered, glass. I just don’t want anyone reading this review, to go hit up the Better Sex website, and then come back to yell at me. “Hey, Bean! Dontcha know that tempered and Borosillicate glass are not the same, you big dummy??”

Both tempered and Borosillicate glass are actually good for sex toys, but there are slight differences between them, which I am not going to discuss here. Many of you probably have Borosillicate glass in your kitchens, in the form of Pyrex glass cookware. Yep, that casserole dish your mom gave you is the same material as most of my glass sex toys. It is used both for cookware and sex toys because Borosillicate glass is treated to withstand high temperatures, as well temperature shifts.

Also, when this type of glass breaks it does so in large chunks, rather than shattering all over the place, like a water glass. You know exactly what I mean if you’ve ever broken one of those Pyrex measuring cups or mixing bowls. People who have never used a glass sex toy before, tend to freak out. “But it’s glass! What if it breaks while I’m using it and cuts me and I end up bleeding to death because I’m too embarrassed to go to the emergency room and explain just why I have a large cut THERE??”

This fear is unnecessary. First of all, we both know you’d really end up dealing with the awkwardness and actually head to the ER. Second of all, I have dropped some of glass toys more than once (unintentionally, of course) and have never even scratched one. When properly made, they are tremendously difficult to break. As such, they are very safe to use. That being said, always carefully look over a glass toy before using it to be sure there are no cracks or breaks, because anything is possible.

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand, Size

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand, Ridges

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand, Rounded Bulb

Another reason glass is such a great material for sex toys is that it is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, and hypoallergenic. I have to yet to hear of anyone having an allergic reaction to a glass sex toy. The fact that glass is non-porous means, that in addition to being easily washed, it can also be disinfected.

You have multiple cleaning options with the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand. The easiest is to simply use warm water and a mild soap or sex toy cleaner. However, you can also toss it into the top drawer of your dishwasher, along with your other glassware. If you want to disinfect the Onyx Wand, use a 10% bleach solution or boil it for 3-5 minutes. You can then safely share it with non-fluid bonded partners.

Glass makes using lube effortless. Firstly, as the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand already has a rather slick surface, you don’t need to use as much lube as you do with toys made from other materials, such as silicone. However, you still need to use lube, even if Better Sex implies you don’t. Any time you insert an object into your body, using lubricant allows it to slide in more easily, creating less of a chance of producing teeny, tiny tissue tears.

Secondly, glass does not interact with the ingredients in the different kinds of lube, so you can use whatever you’d like. Both water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants are fair game. You can even use oil-based lube, as long as it is safe to put in your body.

Thirdly, as it absorbs and retains temperature for extended periods of time, glass is fantastic for temperature or sensation play. You can slowly warm up or cool down the by Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand by placing it in a bowl of hot or ice water. Once the dildo has reached the desired temperature, it’s play time. It will take a while for the dildo to level out at body temperature.

While I do have other glass dildos with a curve, I do not have one that is anything like this shape. In retrospect, perhaps this is because the shape is better suited for a prostate massager. Still, I thought it might be interesting. The rounded bulb of the Onyx Glass Wand, which the Sinclair Institute really wants me to use as the handle, is actually preferable for g-spotting. The ball tucks up under my pelvic bone, in a good way, while the ridges on the straighter end are more annoying than arousing. This is my first issue.

My second issue is the length. Though 5.75″ is respectable, especially for a g-spotting sex toy that does not need to be inserted very far into the body, it doesn’t afford a great amount of space for my hand. Think about how slippery the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand will become once it’s all lubed up (and it gets even worse with bodily fluids). Then take into account that the extreme curve eats up a great deal of the length. When you come right down to it, there’s not really a big enough area for good gripping and thrusting. As I have chronic pain that impacts my hands, this creates a challenge for me.

The packaging of the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand triggers some concern on my end, which I will address in a moment. Let’s just start with the basics. The Onyx Wand comes in a light-colored box with a big window right in front, providing a great view of the dildo. So, it’s obviously not discreet.

Inside the box, the Onyx Wand is tightly trapped in a close fitting plastic clam shell. This setup creates enough of a cushion to keep the dildo safe even when it gets knocked around during shipping. I wish the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand came with a storage bag, but it does not.

Nor does the Onyx Wand come with much information, beyond some very basic bullet points on the back of the box, which are helpful. The base of the box does have a web address where you can go for high resolution images of the dildo (I understand why I’d want access to that, but would an average user?).

It lists the exact same information on this site as on the back of the box. The only additional data is the dildo measurements, which do not actually correspond with the measurements on the Better Sex product page. So…. I’m irritated. I don’t think consistency is too much to ask for.

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Packaging, Front

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Packaging, Side

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Packaging, Back

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Packaging, Internal Clam Shell

Now, let’s address the real reason I am so grumpy with this toy. Apparently, Sinclair Institute changed the classification of this product from prostate massager to glass wand. Though the packaging still has the previous name on it, which is not ideal, this was an excellent decision.

Unfortunately, while they have stopped calling the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand a prostate massager, they have not stopped promoting it as such. They pronounce the Onyx Wand, “perfect for G-spot and prostate stimulation”. NO, it is not!

I am greatly disturbed that Sinclair Institute is still billing this product as a prostate massager. As I have mentioned time and time again, in review after review, anytime you stick something up your butt, regardless of gender, it should ALWAYS have a flared base.

Anal toys need some sort of anchor to ensure that they don’t slip up into your anus and disappear. Beanpole Fiddler is forever giving me a hard time for mentioning this even in reviews that are not about butt toys. He thinks I’m a bit, forgive the pun, anal on this topic.

The thing is, I know there are people out there, who don’t know know any better, that will inevitably stick some sort of unsafe implement up their butt. Whether it be a cucumber or prostate massager without a flared base, they will end up in the emergency room, thoroughly embarrassed, having it removed.

Why, Sinclair Institute, why in the world would you encourage this to happen? People, please. Do NOT stick this up your butt. I beg of you.

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Pros:
• Borosillicate glass
• Temperature play
• Can use any kind of lubricant
• Can be disinfected and shared
• Non-porous
• Waterproof
• Good return policy

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Cons:
• NOT for prostate play
• Not long enough for g-spotting
• May be heavy for those with hand/wrist issues

The Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand has a lot of positive features. It’s made of Borosillicate glass, can be used with any sort of lube, can be disinfected, and it’s pretty. It’s also not pink. The best attribute of the Onyx Wand is the rounded tip, which is good shape for g-spotting.

On the downside, that end is actually the handle, and the dildo is far too short for my comfort. It seems like the size and shape are really meant for a prostate massager (as indicated by the packaging), not a g-spotter. I think the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand is badly in need of a redesign for it to be an effective toy.

Either the Onyx Wand needs a flared base so it can focus on prostate play, or it needs more length and perhaps a less extreme curve to be a better g-spot dildo. Right now, it is a total failure as a prostate toy and only a moderate success as a g-spotter.

If you’d like to check out the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand, you can find it at Better Sex. The good news is that if you give it a shot and don’t like it, you can swap it out for something else.

Don’t you DARE stick it up your butt, but if you do, and end up in the ER or something equally embarrassing happens, please let me know so I can prove to Beanpole Fiddler that people truly do this stuff. Vindication will be mine!

Bean Fiddler Rating:

SPOTLIGHT on Je Joue MiMi Soft Clit Vibrator

Two years ago, I published a Spotlight on the Je Joue MiMi. The MiMi is a small, external vibrator, designed to stimulate the clit and nipples, among other body bits. Just recently, Je Joue released a new version, called the Je Joue MiMi Soft.

Je Joue MiMi Soft Clit Vibrator

As far as the two Je Joue MiMi Vibrators go, they are very similar. In fact, in online images, I cannot tell them apart. The main difference seems to be the extra layer of squashy silicone added to the tip of the vibrator, hence the name, MiMi Soft. In addition to this new layer of silicone, Je Joue has also included another pattern, bringing the total number of patterns to six. MiMi Soft still has five levels of vibration strength and I have heard nothing about a change in the power or types of vibrations.

Still rechargeable and waterproof, and made of the same silky silicone as the other Je Joue sex toys, the Je Joue MiMi Soft seems to have only gotten better. Apparently, it also has the same three button interface as its older siblings, which admittedly, is my least favorite aspect of this family of vibrators.

I am a serious fan of Je Joue sex toys. In fact, I own all but two of them. I still have yet to review the Je Joue G-Ki, though I do have one. I also have the Je Joue Ami, the Je Joue Uma, and one of the top contenders for my favorite rabbit vibrator of the year, the Je Joue FiFi.

I do not have the Je Joue Mio, mostly because I am not terribly fond of cock rings. I also somehow never got around to picking up the original Je Joue MiMi, though I’m not entirely sure why this is as I have always wanted to try it. I am hoping this time around I have that opportunity. I am not at all patient enough to wait around until the Je Joue MiMi Soft’s third inception, if that ever happens.

You can find the Je Joue MiMi Soft Clit Vibrator at the following stores:

Good Vibrations

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator Review

One month ago to the day, I published a Spotlight on the new Nalone Sex Toys at Lovehoney. Not long after, Lovehoney asked if I would be interested in actually reviewing one of the Nalone toys. They kindly offered me the Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, one of the toys I had mentioned interested me the most.

Nalone Pulse Sound Activate Vibrator

If you are familiar with the OhMiBod line of vibrators, the Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator is not a completely new concept. However, while OhMiBod vibrators respond to music via an iOS app, the Nalone Pulse does not require software, and it essentially reacts to any noise loud enough for its microphone to pick up. Not too shabby.

Other than saying that the sound activation feature functions very well, I’ll leave the rest of my comments for later in the review. Let’s start with the basics. The Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator has an ABS handle and a hot pink silicone shaft. *sigh* Yet another hot pink sex toy to add to my collection.

This pink silicone is unusually sleek and smooth and does not attract lint, like many of my other silicone toys. I like that very much. It has quite a bit less drag than linty silicone toys as well. This means I don’t need as much lube as I do with those draggier toys, but I still need some.

You’ll want to stick with water-based lubricant so you don’t have any issues with silicone-based lube bonding with the shaft and making it sticky. Oil-based products will cause the silicone to break down over time (per Nalone), so they are a no no.

The Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator is 8″ long, with 5.5″ of insertable length, and is approximately 1.3″ in diameter. The curvy tip is rounded and thicker than the shaft. Depending on where your g-spot is located and/or how you angle the vibrator, you may be able to sufficiently stimulate your g-spot. I don’t actually find it that effective for g-spotting.

There is a slight ridge in either side of the Nalone Pulse’s shaft. I am pointing this out merely as a matter of interest, because while it looks nifty and I can feel it with my hand, I don’t notice at all in use.

The fact that it is waterproof makes cleaning the Nalone Pulse Vibrator easy breezy. Use warm water and mild soap, a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. The bleach solution will disinfect the silicone shaft and allow you to use the Nalone Pulse with non-fluid bonded partners. Of course, you can use a condom over the shaft just as easily, but not just as cheaply.

When washing your Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, be sure to double-check that the hot pink silicone plug on the back of the handle is snug and secure in its charging port. Mine has a tendency to pop out. That little plug is what makes the vibrator waterproof. Without it tightly in place, you run the risk of water seeping in and damaging the port.

You may have noticed I just indicated that the Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator is rechargeable. It charges via the little port in back I mentioned. Nalone provides you with a USB charger, which is great, but they do not include an AC adapter so you can plug it into the wall to charge the vibrator.

I have a number of such adapters, and I suppose between iPods, iPhones, and Androids (Yep, I am totally ignoring Blackberry, but then who isn’t nowadays?), most people have at least one. It probably lowers the price point a smidge not to provide the AC adapter, but this vibrator is not cheap and how much could one cost anyway? $.05?

It’s just helpful to have the option of plugging the Nalone Pulse into the wall to charge it rather than being stuck charging your vibrator on a computer. I would think parents who may share a computer with their child/children would agree.

Though not specified in the user manual exactly how long is necessary, charging seems to take a couple of hours, and you should get up to three hours of play time on a full charge. The control panel flashes blue to let you know the vibrator charging and glows steadily when the Nalone Pulse is done.

Once you know how to use the control panel it is simple enough, but I’ll admit it took me longer than expected to figure out how to turn the damn vibrator on. I do not enjoy feeling like an idiot. Unlike any other vibrator I own (I think…I have a LOT of vibrators, so I won’t swear to it.), you’ve got to hold the power button for three seconds to turn it on.

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, Side View

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, Size

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, Curvy Tip

I get having to hold the power button for three seconds to turn the vibrator off, which is indeed what you need to do with the Pulse, but why to turn it on? If I stop feeling pissy for a moment, I guess I can see the advantage that the vibrator is less likely to turn itself on accidentally by bumping into something.

Other than the three second press to turn the vibrator on, the control panel is mostly self-explanatory. The manual does explain it, if you are unable to sort it out on your own. (and there is no shame in that) It consists of a hot pink silicone circle, to match the shaft of the Nalone Pulse, with a white plastic center. In the middle of the plastic is a small hole, which is the microphone for the sound activation feature. You’ll want to make sure it is free and clear of any fingers or blankets or anything that could hamper its ability to detect sound.

There are four buttons placed around the circle. At the bottom is the power button, which is clearly marked with the universal power icon. On the top is the button that controls the strength of the vibrations. It is marked with +/- within a circle. The right side of the circle says “Manual” and controls the seven different modes of vibration, which you change by pressing the button until you get to the one you want. The left side of the circle, where it says “Music +” is basically why we are all here.

I assume the + indicates the fact that the Nalone Pulse Vibrator reacts not only to music, but to any sound picked up by the microphone. This includes voices, my fan, my phone ringing, etc. To switch to Music + or “vibrating voice” mode, you just press the button. This works whether the vibrator is in Manual or standby.

As long as the microphone is unfettered, it picks up sound very well. It responds to sharp sounds and abrupt noise the most. Music with a strong beat or a singer who hits the lyrics hard is best. It doesn’t do as well with more flowy, mellow music. It reacts adequately to voices, as well as moans and whimpers (if they are loudish).

The user manual states that the Nalone Pulse Vibrator has two sound activation or vibrating voice modes. One of these is supposed to be stronger than the other, but quite frankly, I really do not feel much of a difference. The manual also has a description of the seven vibration Manual modes, which is slightly different from mine. The list below is based on my experience, not the information in the manual.
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Pulse
5. Four fast, short pulses, one long pulse
6. Ramp up
7. Three slow, short pulses, one long pulse
8. Sound activation

When it comes to actually using the Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, it’s a mixed bag. As I stated above, I think the vibrating voice mode works very well, and the fact that it responds to almost any sound stimuli makes it much more versatile than the OhMiBod vibrators (and way cooler).

Though the sound activation component of the Nalone Pulse is effective, I have to say it’s frustrating when a lack of sound disrupts the vibration. This may happen frequently, depending on what you are using to trigger it. Someone speaking (or moaning) is going to have far more gaps than loud music with a heavy beat.

It would be really great if you could somehow use the vibrating voice feature at the same time as manual mode. Then you would have a constant underlying vibration that would increase with sound, rather than than the vibrator going completely dead here and there.

The Nalone Pulse is very quiet. I tend to be suspicious when vibrators make claims about how silent they are, especially when the term “whisper quiet” is used to describe them. However, I’ve got to say this vibrator is quite muted, at approximately 50 decibels. To put this into perspective, a whisper is about 40 decibels, the hum of a refrigerator is around 50, and rainfall clocks in at up to 60 decibels.

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, Control Panel

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, Charging Port Plug

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, Charging Port

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, USB Charging Cable

I mention the actual decibels because Nalone makes a big deal about it. Of course, Doubting Thomas that I am, I expected the vibrator would actually be on the loud side, but it isn’t. While not quiet as a whisper, for a vibrator, it’s awfully close. Especially considering the Nalone Pulse is a full-sized vibrator and not a dinky little clit vibe.

Moving on to the less thrilling aspects of the Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, the vibrations. It’s not that they’re bad, they’re not. They are just…meh. They are midrange in depth, neither light and buzzy, nor deep and throbby. I can get off with them, they don’t hurt my clit, and they don’t give me buzzy hand syndrome. Nonetheless, if you really want and/or NEED deep vibrations, you are not likely to be very happy.

When it comes to the strength of the vibrations, it’s the same story. They are only moderate in intensity. Again, I can orgasm with the Nalone Pulse, but it takes longer than I would like. It’s certainly not a vibrator I’d use when I’m in a hurry or would turn to in a pinch. If you require power, you won’t find it here.

The packaging for the Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator is somewhat indiscreet, but quite sturdy. There is an exterior sleeve with images of the vibrator and a basic rundown of its features. Inside the sleeve is a shimmery pink box that says Nalone in the bottom right corner.

This box is fine to leave laying around as it gives no indication of what it is hiding. Inside the box, the Nalone Pulse Vibrator reclines on a fitted styrofoam bed covered with cream-colored satin. At the base of the vibrator is a box containing the USB charger, purple storage bag, user manual, and warranty card. The presentation is lovely. Unfortunately, the styrofoam is securely glued into the bottom of the box and I cannot remove it. I would have like to use it to store a few things along with the Nalone Pulse.

Crammed into the lid of the box is a pamphlet with the Nalone line of sex toys. The images are good to look at but don’t do your shopping based on it. At least for the Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator, it lists some incorrect information. You’re better off getting details on the Nalone sex toys from Lovehoney.

The user manual, which is written in English only, provides all the important information, other than actually telling you how long it needs to charge to reach full capacity. Unless it’s one of those weird things where you’re supposed to leave it on the charger for 16 hours or something the very first time, I wouldn’t worry too much. It only took me a few hours charging it via my computer.

The thing that kills me about the manual is that the print is microscopic. Granted, I started wearing glasses at age five and am seriously blind, but I’m not crazy blind! It should not be that hard for me to read the manual in broad daylight. Now, I feel really, really old. Way to go, Nalone.

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator Packaging, Front

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator Packaging, Side

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator Packaging, Back

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator Packaging, Internal Box

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator Packaging, Contents

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator Pros:
• Sound Activated feature
• Quiet
• Silicone
• Lightweight
• Waterproof
• Easy to use control panel
• Not a lint magnet
• Rechargeable
• Nice shape
• Charges via USB

Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator Cons:
• Midrange vibrations (not deep enough)
• Not very powerful
• No AC charger included
• Have to hold down for 3 seconds to turn on

If you take a look at my pros and cons lists, it would seem like the pros far outweigh the cons, thus earning the Nalone Pulse Vibrator a high bean score. However, we’ve got to look closely at the importance of the qualities on each list. Sure, what material the vibrator is made from and whether or not it’s waterproof, rechargeable, and easy to use all matter.

Let’s face it though, these days I’m even more selective about what sorts of materials I’ll put into my body, not that I was ever that lackadaisical. I prefer rechargeable vibrators that are waterproof, but I still use some that are neither.

Though noise is not a big problem for me, it is for many people. So, the fact that the Nalone Pulse Vibrator is super quiet is a big deal. If you have a partner or roommate who is a heavy sleeper, you can literally use this vibrator without waking them up.

The weight of a sex toy sometimes has an impact on my play, depending on how badly my body is behaving at any given moment. Some of my sex toys are too hefty at certain times and I must turn to other, lighter ones. I am by far not the only person out there who needs to be aware of this. Therefore, the lightweightness (I don’t feel good about myself if I don’t make up at least one word every week.) of the Nalone Pulse makes it more versatile and useable by more people.

It’s always tricky when it comes to rating a sex toy with significant pros and cons. Sometimes I bounce back and forth doing the whole “but on the other hand” thing, until I have way too many hands. The Nalone Pulse isn’t quite that bad, as it really is a matter of two key concerns, the sound activation feature and the vibrations. Obviously, these issues are intertwined, considering that the vibrating voice element is dependent upon the vibrations.

As I have clearly stated, though I’d like the sound activation to do something it is not capable of (Remember, my constant, underlying vibration with the sound activation increasing the power idea.), it does an excellent job of doing what it claims to do. It reacts to any noise that is audible enough. Good on you for that, Nalone.

The vibrations themselves though… They are not quite deserving of a throat punch, they are more NCIS Gibbs slap on the back of the head worthy. Yes, I can orgasm with this vibrator, which is ultimately the point, but the vibrations are still meh. Who wants a vibrator with meh vibrations though? The vibrations are simply not good enough for me to jump and down in excitement, especially for sex toy at this price point. I want them to be deeper in frequency and more powerful.

That being said, if you have a delicate clit and cannot handle very strong vibrators (These women totally exist.), the sound activation certainly makes the Nalone Pulse Vibrator completely worthwhile. The middle of the road depth of the vibrations is more forgivable and easier to work with in my mind, as this is often less of an issue than power.

Though I am disappointed in the vibrations, the vibrating voice aspect is effective enough to push the Nalone Pulse Sound Activated Vibrator just beyond the edge of average, earning this vibrator a rating of three beans.

Tomorrow is Halloween, my favorite holiday. Lovehoney has a number of specials going on right now, which you can take a look at on the Bean Fiddler Deals & Sales Page. It’s an excellent time to head on over and take advantage of their free shipping, with no minimum purchase.

Bean Fiddler Rating

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug Review

Did you know that October is Stick Stuff Up Your Butt Month? I may be kinda making that up, but Monday was October 21, and the third official National Fisting Day, a “holiday” created by feminist pornographers.

In honor of Fisting Day and sticking stuff up your butt, Tantus is offering 25% off ALL of their Butt Toys. All you need to do is enter code: WHATWHAT at checkout. To celebrate this great WHATWHAT butt toy offer, Tantus was kind enough to send me the most beautiful Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug for review.

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug

Like its sibling, the Tantus Rocket Dildo, the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug comes from the unique line of Tantus Space Toys, which consists of four sex toys, the Asteroid, the Rocket, the Comet, and the Meteorite.

Though the shapes of the toys in the Space Toy line are actually not new, all four are handmade with three different colored sections, like Neapolitan Ice Cream. Did you ever try that freeze dried Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream you could get at the Smithsonian Museum? AWFUL, but I did like the real ice cream as a kid. Except for the chocolate, which I always left behind.

Instead of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate colors, the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug is hot pink, bright orange, and lime green. I have one word for gorgeousness of this butt plug, AWESOME. Admittedly, the reason I wanted to review the Asteroid was way more about its color scheme than its shape. Until I discovered the shape should not be overlooked.

As I mentioned above, the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug and its brethren are based on shapes that already exist in the Tantus arsenal. The Asteroid is the Cody Butt Plug in disguise. It has the same shape and dimensions as Cody, so if you’d like to try out the Asteroid Butt Plug but for some crazy reason feel it’s too flashy, you can always get Cody in black. I’ll be slightly disappointed in you, but I’ll get over it. Eventually.

With an insertable length of 4.5″ and a diameter of 1.75″, the Tantus Asteroid is not a butt plug for beginners. It is definitely something to work up to if you are new to anal play. If this is the, case and you are looking for a starter butt plug, I suggest the Tantus Little Flirt, which is only .8″ in diameter, or the Tantus Slim, which is 1″ in diameter. Better yet, go with the Tantus Meteorite, which is the same as the Slim (black = boring), but in the pretty colors of my Asteroid.

As it clearly states on the Tantus Asteroid’s product page, the Space Toy line is handmade, so the one you receive may not match the image on the site. The color placement on my Asteroid Butt Plug is slightly different than on the one in the Tantus images.

On my Asteroid, the pink of the base turns to orange much higher up on the butt plug (on the stem), rather than sticking to just the base. The orange to lime green fade also happens higher up on the body of the plug, right in the middle of the second curve from the top. I think it is so cool that not all the Asteroid Butt Plugs are identical. The more unique and special the sex toy, the better.

Tantus Space Toys

There are many great things about Tantus sex toys and it’s no secret I’m a big fan. Tantus makes all of their toys with a proprietary blend of Platinum Silicone, called Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, which is of very high quality. This pure silicone is latex and phthalate-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic. While anything is possible, I have yet to hear of anyone having a reaction to silicone of this quality, so if your body is hyper-sensitive, Tantus toys are an excellent choice.

Tantus designs and produces all of their products in the U.S., which means they provide jobs to people living here. I’m not going to get on my soapbox about outsourcing, but I consider this to be a good thing. Speaking of their designs, Tantus is a company that does a significant amount of product testing before making the decision to produce and market a new sex toy. This means that real people try early prototypes and provide feedback that allows Tantus to make adjustments before going to market with their products. You may find this shocking, but not all sex toy manufacturers do this.

In addition, if you are less experienced with sex toys, Tantus has a great Sex Ed page with some very good articles that are absolutely worth checking out. If you still believe it is ok to shove jelly sex toys into your body (Yes, Beanpole Fiddler, I am looking at you.), the article, Metis Black on Toxic Toys: Beyond Phthalates, is a must read. If you’ve got questions about lubricant, especially silicone-based, check out Got Lube? (part 1) and Got Lube? (part 2).

As Tantus silicone is high-caliber, you can use it with high quality, pure silicone-based lubricants, such as Pjur. If you’re not sure whether or not your silicone-based lube will work with the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, either do a spot check on the underside of its base, or stick to water-based lubricants.

Be aware that the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug is very draggy, as is common with many silicone sex toys. You will want to be very liberal in your use of lubricant, regardless of what type you are using. In general, you do not want to skimp on lube when you are inserting toys into your body, but this is especially true of anal play.

Silicone is practically non-porous, which means it does not absorb bacteria and can be cleaned in a variety of ways. Warm water and mild soap is always doable, as is a sex toy cleaner. Since the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug has no moving parts, it is waterproof, which means you can also pop it into the top drawer of your dishwasher and run it through the cycle, sans soap.

Additionally, the Asteroid can be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution or by being boiled for 3-5 minutes. Sterilizing your Tantus Asteroid will allow you to share it with partners (once sterilized, obviously) or use it both vaginally and anally, if you so desire.

I think I have already raved a fair amount about how much I adore the colorful beauty of the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, but in case I haven’t done so sufficiently…rave, rave, rave. Now it’s probably important to discuss the actual use of it, I suppose.

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, Size

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, Base

As I mentioned above, the dragginess of the Asteroid’s silicone necessitates a good amount of lube. However, I find that once it is lubed up and in place, I don’t need to constantly reapply. This could be because I’m usually not doing a lot of thrusting with the plug. I’m more of a pop it into place and enjoy the feeling of fullness kind of girl. Though I also think the Asteroid just doesn’t eat lube like some silicone toys.

The size and shape of the Tantus Asteroid lend themselves to that delicious sensation of being filled. The rounded, yet pointy, tip allows for smooth insertion (lube, lube, and more lube), while the curviness of the two bulges creates a comfortable transition as the plug widens. The stem of the Asteroid narrows enough between the bottom of the second bulge and the top of its base to provide sufficient space for my anal muscles to grip and hold.

In general, I have had good luck with Tantus butt plugs. They stay inside of me, which might seem totally obvious and like it’s no big deal. “Aren’t butt plugs supposed to stay inside of you? Isn’t that standard?”, you might query. Yes. Yes, they are. Yet you would be surprised to discover how many don’t. SO many butt plugs just slip right out during play…or breathing. Happily, the Tantus Asteroid does not. The large, round base keeps it well-secured inside my butt, even during vaginal penetration, which can be a tricky time for an anal toy.

Due to this large, round base, the Tantus Asteroid is not a butt plug I am going to wear out and about underneath my clothes, or even around the house doing chores. (Will someone PLEASE come over and do the vacuuming??) For me, the base is just too bulky to be comfortable running errands or lazing on the couch. Though it is superb for anchoring the Asteroid inside of my body during anal play, it doesn’t do well under clothing.

If you’re curious, my favorite long wearing butt plugs are the njoy Pure Plug and the Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug. Though it is very texturey, the Tantus Twist does a good job as well.

As for downsides, I must mention the one annoying aspect I have found with all of my Tantus sex toys, perhaps with the exception of the Tantus Twist Butt Plug (which has a different, unusually smooth and silky surface).

The Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug is a lint magnet. It’s actually not quite as bad as some of my other Tantus toys, but if I leave it drying on the counter, dust, hair, and anything else floating in the air will be irresistibly drawn to it. If I dry it with a towel, that’s even worse. Lint city. To be fair, most of my high quality silicone sex toys have this issue.

Oh! I just had an idea. I need one of those special, lint-free, microfiber cloths that is meant to be used on LCD and plasma screens. Maybe that would help my Tantus toys…

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, Midsection Bulge

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, Tip

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug and Tantus Rocket Dildo

The pointy, curvy shape of the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug is not something I had in my butt toy collection, but it is a welcome addition. The tip encourages easy insertion, while the gradually widening body of the plug allows my anal muscles to slowly warm up to the increasing size.

The base is definitely large enough to keep the plug from disappearing inside my anus, but also large enough to keep the Tantus Asteroid from being a wear around house or running errands butt plug. As I have a number of butt plugs in My Toy Box, it’s not necessary for the Asteroid to meet my every need. However, most people don’t own over a dozen anal toys, so think about what you want in a butt plug before purchasing.

The diameter of the Tantus Asteroid keeps it from being an ideal first butt plug. If you are an experienced anal player, by all means, the Asteroid is an excellent choice. If you are a newbie, consider the suggestions I made earlier in this review before moving on to the Asteroid. However, once you are practiced and ready, GO FOR IT.

On the off chance you don’t follow me on Twitter and hang on my every tweet (even though I know you do, or you will once you click on that Twitter icon on the left hand side of the page), I absolutely have to link you to the most awesome image in existence of the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug. This is not photoshopped, friends. This is the plain old image I was able to grab on the standard camera on my phone. It happened to be sitting on the edge of my table in a rare ray of sunlight. Do you see how it glows??

As with my most recent Tantus review item (Yes, I’m aware it was just two weeks ago. Get off me.), the Tantus Max O2 Dildo, the Asteroid Butt Plug was set aside as a product sample. For this reason, it did not arrive in the typical Tantus clear plastic box, but rather free and loose, wrapped in paper for protection. However, when you purchase your Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug, it will come in the same packaging as my other Tantus sex toys, such as the Tantus Cush O2 Dildo.

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug Pros:
• Gorgeous colors
• Awesome Ultra-Premium Silicone
• Great shape
• Good size (for me)
• Large base
• Remains inside my body during play
• Can be used with high quality silicone-based lube
• Waterproof
• Terrific company
• Made in the U.S.

Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug Cons:
• Lint, lint, and more lint

As always, Tantus sex toys make me happy, but the Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug makes me feel particularly joyful. Its colors are so cheerful. It’s like a brightly colored butterfly (currently) sitting on my table. With such a beautiful, kaleidoscopic butt plug like the Asteroid on the loose, how can you not want to stick something up your butt?

After you watch the hilarious video below of South Park’s very own Butters, signing “What What in the Butt” (you’re welcome), you must head over to Tantus and grab a Tantus Asteroid Butt Plug for yourself. Remember, for the rest of October, Tantus is offering 25% off ALL their Anal Toys. Just be sure to use code: WHATWHAT at checkout. This sale expires October 31, so hurry up! But watch the video first.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

SPOTLIGHT on Tenga Vi-Bo

When I sat down to write this Spotlight, I was in the mood for a brand new toy. I went trolling around looking for something I hadn’t seen before and ran across the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators.

Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators

If you recall, back in August, I reviewed the Iroha YUKI. Iroha is a line of vibrators for women, created by Tenga, which has traditionally produced sex toys for men. I was pleased to see Tenga’s foray into the world of women’s toys, and now it appears they are taking on couples’ toys. Sort of….

Tenga Vi-Bo is a collection of five small vibrators that are intended to be used “as a tool for two people to stimulate each other, for greater communication to support coupled intimacy”. Sounds like Tenga is trying to stimulate conversations about getting off between people who may not be communicating clearly, which I fully support. However, I feel like they can do this with sex toys that seem less…silly.

If you read Bean Fiddler, you know I’m all about colorful, odd, and quirky sex toys, but these are hard to take very seriously. Of course, I am experienced user of sex toys, which is not the case for all people. With Tenga Vi-Bo, I imagine Tenga is reaching out to the younger and new to sex toys crowd, much like the LELO PicoBong line. While I am all for this idea, I am not sure how successful it will be with the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators.

You can watch the video below to learn a bit about the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators, but I don’t actually recommend it. It’s pretty pointless. Still, I felt like I had to include it.



The Tenga Vi-Bo line consists of small vibrating orbs in five different sheaths. Each orb is approximately 3 cm (or 1.18″) in diameter, which is awfully tiny, and encased in a differently shaped and colored elastomer cover. The orbs are removable for purposes of cleaning and changing of batteries. Unfortunately, these little vibrators run on three LR44 batteries, which are not only challenging to find, they tend to provide light and buzzy vibrations. So thus far, Tenga has not persuaded me these are something I want to try.

Taking a closer look at each of the different Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators, is visually pleasing, but still does not convince me I am going to like those little vibrating orbs.

Tenga Vi-Bo Finger Orb

Finger Orb

Finger Orb: This orange orb is meant to fit on the finger and add some vibration to touch, somewhat like the Jimmyjane Hello Touch, I suppose.

Tenga Vi-Bo Ring Orb

Ring Orb

Ring Orb: Basically, a blue cock ring, though when I first saw it, I thought it was also meant to fit on the finger. It looks quite stretchy, but I have no dimensions.

Tenga Vi-Bo Hand Orb

Hand Orb

Hand Orb: This pink sheath is the oddest one and, of course, it interests me the most. You wear this Vi-Bo Vibrator with a finger in each loop, stretched across your hand. The design seems like it could be very good for nipple stimulation.

Tenga Vi-Bo Twin Orb

Twin Orb

Twin Orb: The orb at either end of the flexible, yellow elastomer can likely be used to stimulate the clit and labia at the same time. It doesn’t look long enough to provide much versatility though.

Tenga Vi-Bo Stick Orb

Stick Orb

Stick Orb: This purple sheath boasts two vibrating orbs, one on top of the other. I guess the third hole provides the option of moving the orbs around or using it as a handle. I expect you can insert this Vi-Bo Vibrator slightly, but I’m not sure how deeply it will penetrate.

The tagline for the Tenga Vi-Bo line of vibrators is “Orbs of fun for everyone”, which is clearly supportive of the idea that these odd, little vibrators are directed toward the newbie crowd.

For some reason, the colors and designs remind me of Play-Doh, which instantly makes me want to put them in my mouth. Yes, I have tasted Play-Doh, and still remember how awful it tastes. While that stops me from actually sticking in my mouth if given the opportunity, it doesn’t quash the desire.

I think the colorful and funky looking designs of the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators will be attractive to some people. My concern is whether or not the vibrations will ultimately be strong and satisfying enough. You don’t want to draw in new, inexperienced people to try a sex toy, only to have it be a complete downer and cause them to lose interest. If it turns out that the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators become stepping stones to bigger and better sex toys, that would be great, but I have my doubts.

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