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Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Review

Over the past year or so, I’ve been experimenting with a number of different sex toy stores to determine which ones best match Bean Fiddler. A while back, I began working with a site called Better Sex. One reason I wanted to try out this site is because they have a great return policy. You can actually return anything within 90 days for a refund or exchange. While there are some shops that have a similar policy, it’s not a very common one amongst adult toy stores.

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand

Better Sex kindly offered to send me some toys for review, so I picked out the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand. This curvy, glass wand is approximately 5.75″ long, with a diameter of 1″, and weighs about 5.5 ounces. Though the rounded, bulbous end is intended as the handle and the angled tip, with the ridges, is meant to be inserted into the body, you can use the dildo both ways.

I find both ends moderately comfortable for gripping, but the extreme curve means there’s not a ton of room left over for thrusting. The Onyx Glass Wand is also a bit heavy. This is not a design flaw, it’s solid glass. This is something to keep in mind if you have any sort of issues with your hands and/or wrists.

The Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand is made of beautiful black glass with an etched leafy design. It is lovely. The etching is slightly raised and though I can feel it with my fingers, I do not feel it during use. It definitely adds a bit of pop to the look of the dildo, but it’s hard as hell to capture in a photo.

As I mentioned above, the Onyx Glass Wand is made of glass. Sorting out what kind of glass was a tad confusing at first, due to the description on the product page. First, Better Sex states the Onyx Glass Wand is made of tempered glass, which is actually different from Borosillicate glass. Later on in the same paragraph, the description asserts, “this 100% borosilicate glass is specially tempered”.

I’m fairly certain that’s exactly what Better Sex means, and the Onyx Glass Wand is truly Borosillicate, not tempered, glass. I just don’t want anyone reading this review, to go hit up the Better Sex website, and then come back to yell at me. “Hey, Bean! Dontcha know that tempered and Borosillicate glass are not the same, you big dummy??”

Both tempered and Borosillicate glass are actually good for sex toys, but there are slight differences between them, which I am not going to discuss here. Many of you probably have Borosillicate glass in your kitchens, in the form of Pyrex glass cookware. Yep, that casserole dish your mom gave you is the same material as most of my glass sex toys. It is used both for cookware and sex toys because Borosillicate glass is treated to withstand high temperatures, as well temperature shifts.

Also, when this type of glass breaks it does so in large chunks, rather than shattering all over the place, like a water glass. You know exactly what I mean if you’ve ever broken one of those Pyrex measuring cups or mixing bowls. People who have never used a glass sex toy before, tend to freak out. “But it’s glass! What if it breaks while I’m using it and cuts me and I end up bleeding to death because I’m too embarrassed to go to the emergency room and explain just why I have a large cut THERE??”

This fear is unnecessary. First of all, we both know you’d really end up dealing with the awkwardness and actually head to the ER. Second of all, I have dropped some of glass toys more than once (unintentionally, of course) and have never even scratched one. When properly made, they are tremendously difficult to break. As such, they are very safe to use. That being said, always carefully look over a glass toy before using it to be sure there are no cracks or breaks, because anything is possible.

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand, Size

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand, Ridges

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand, Rounded Bulb

Another reason glass is such a great material for sex toys is that it is latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, and hypoallergenic. I have to yet to hear of anyone having an allergic reaction to a glass sex toy. The fact that glass is non-porous means, that in addition to being easily washed, it can also be disinfected.

You have multiple cleaning options with the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand. The easiest is to simply use warm water and a mild soap or sex toy cleaner. However, you can also toss it into the top drawer of your dishwasher, along with your other glassware. If you want to disinfect the Onyx Wand, use a 10% bleach solution or boil it for 3-5 minutes. You can then safely share it with non-fluid bonded partners.

Glass makes using lube effortless. Firstly, as the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand already has a rather slick surface, you don’t need to use as much lube as you do with toys made from other materials, such as silicone. However, you still need to use lube, even if Better Sex implies you don’t. Any time you insert an object into your body, using lubricant allows it to slide in more easily, creating less of a chance of producing teeny, tiny tissue tears.

Secondly, glass does not interact with the ingredients in the different kinds of lube, so you can use whatever you’d like. Both water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants are fair game. You can even use oil-based lube, as long as it is safe to put in your body.

Thirdly, as it absorbs and retains temperature for extended periods of time, glass is fantastic for temperature or sensation play. You can slowly warm up or cool down the by Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand by placing it in a bowl of hot or ice water. Once the dildo has reached the desired temperature, it’s play time. It will take a while for the dildo to level out at body temperature.

While I do have other glass dildos with a curve, I do not have one that is anything like this shape. In retrospect, perhaps this is because the shape is better suited for a prostate massager. Still, I thought it might be interesting. The rounded bulb of the Onyx Glass Wand, which the Sinclair Institute really wants me to use as the handle, is actually preferable for g-spotting. The ball tucks up under my pelvic bone, in a good way, while the ridges on the straighter end are more annoying than arousing. This is my first issue.

My second issue is the length. Though 5.75″ is respectable, especially for a g-spotting sex toy that does not need to be inserted very far into the body, it doesn’t afford a great amount of space for my hand. Think about how slippery the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand will become once it’s all lubed up (and it gets even worse with bodily fluids). Then take into account that the extreme curve eats up a great deal of the length. When you come right down to it, there’s not really a big enough area for good gripping and thrusting. As I have chronic pain that impacts my hands, this creates a challenge for me.

The packaging of the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand triggers some concern on my end, which I will address in a moment. Let’s just start with the basics. The Onyx Wand comes in a light-colored box with a big window right in front, providing a great view of the dildo. So, it’s obviously not discreet.

Inside the box, the Onyx Wand is tightly trapped in a close fitting plastic clam shell. This setup creates enough of a cushion to keep the dildo safe even when it gets knocked around during shipping. I wish the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand came with a storage bag, but it does not.

Nor does the Onyx Wand come with much information, beyond some very basic bullet points on the back of the box, which are helpful. The base of the box does have a web address where you can go for high resolution images of the dildo (I understand why I’d want access to that, but would an average user?).

It lists the exact same information on this site as on the back of the box. The only additional data is the dildo measurements, which do not actually correspond with the measurements on the Better Sex product page. So…. I’m irritated. I don’t think consistency is too much to ask for.

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Packaging, Front

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Packaging, Side

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Packaging, Back

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Packaging, Internal Clam Shell

Now, let’s address the real reason I am so grumpy with this toy. Apparently, Sinclair Institute changed the classification of this product from prostate massager to glass wand. Though the packaging still has the previous name on it, which is not ideal, this was an excellent decision.

Unfortunately, while they have stopped calling the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand a prostate massager, they have not stopped promoting it as such. They pronounce the Onyx Wand, “perfect for G-spot and prostate stimulation”. NO, it is not!

I am greatly disturbed that Sinclair Institute is still billing this product as a prostate massager. As I have mentioned time and time again, in review after review, anytime you stick something up your butt, regardless of gender, it should ALWAYS have a flared base.

Anal toys need some sort of anchor to ensure that they don’t slip up into your anus and disappear. Beanpole Fiddler is forever giving me a hard time for mentioning this even in reviews that are not about butt toys. He thinks I’m a bit, forgive the pun, anal on this topic.

The thing is, I know there are people out there, who don’t know know any better, that will inevitably stick some sort of unsafe implement up their butt. Whether it be a cucumber or prostate massager without a flared base, they will end up in the emergency room, thoroughly embarrassed, having it removed.

Why, Sinclair Institute, why in the world would you encourage this to happen? People, please. Do NOT stick this up your butt. I beg of you.

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Pros:
• Borosillicate glass
• Temperature play
• Can use any kind of lubricant
• Can be disinfected and shared
• Non-porous
• Waterproof
• Good return policy

Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand Cons:
• NOT for prostate play
• Not long enough for g-spotting
• May be heavy for those with hand/wrist issues

The Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand has a lot of positive features. It’s made of Borosillicate glass, can be used with any sort of lube, can be disinfected, and it’s pretty. It’s also not pink. The best attribute of the Onyx Wand is the rounded tip, which is good shape for g-spotting.

On the downside, that end is actually the handle, and the dildo is far too short for my comfort. It seems like the size and shape are really meant for a prostate massager (as indicated by the packaging), not a g-spotter. I think the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand is badly in need of a redesign for it to be an effective toy.

Either the Onyx Wand needs a flared base so it can focus on prostate play, or it needs more length and perhaps a less extreme curve to be a better g-spot dildo. Right now, it is a total failure as a prostate toy and only a moderate success as a g-spotter.

If you’d like to check out the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Wand, you can find it at Better Sex. The good news is that if you give it a shot and don’t like it, you can swap it out for something else.

Don’t you DARE stick it up your butt, but if you do, and end up in the ER or something equally embarrassing happens, please let me know so I can prove to Beanpole Fiddler that people truly do this stuff. Vindication will be mine!

Bean Fiddler Rating: