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SPOTLIGHT on BS Atelier Handmade Sex Toys

I was reading an article on She Bop’s Blog about their 2014 Valentine’s Day picks when I found a brand of very colorful dildos I hadn’t seen before. You all know how crazy I am for vibrant and unusual sex toys. So, I did some research to see what I could learn about this explosion of color on my computer screen.

It turns out that BS Atelier is the company responsible for these curiously colorful sex toys that are now being carried by two of my favorite sex shops, She Bop and SheVibe.

BS Atelier DIldos

BS Atelier is a Spanish company, based in Madrid. I think this may be the first Spanish sex toy manufacturer I’ve run across. Their main website is in Spanish and their English website also has Spanish descriptions. Having lived in Madrid for a brief period a number of years ago, I felt an unexpected kinship with BS Atelier as I explored their collections.

With an unexpectedly large variety of sex toys (for a company I’ve never heard of), BS Atelier makes more than splashy dildos. They also design cock rings, butt plugs, and harnesses for their harness-compatible toys. I can’t be certain, but based on the images I’ve seen, it appears as though all of their insertables have an appropriate base for a harness.

BS Atelier uses 100% medical-grade silicone and medical-grade pigments. I’ve never seen a company specify the quality of their pigments, but it makes a lot of sense. The ingredients of the pigments could theoretically impact your body as much as the other materials in the toy. Many of their sex toys are available in up to three sizes, small, medium, and large.

Every dildo, butt plug, and cock ring is individually hand-poured in Madrid, ensuring that each BS Atelier sex toy is locally made and one of a kind. They currently have four lines of dildos, two of which are also labelled as butt toys. There are two different prostate stimulator shapes and two separate butt plug models, not including the aforementioned dildos that do double duty. Heh.

It appears as though BS Atelier is branching out from their focus on elegant, multicolored designs. They also manufacture a “Kit Pelvic Floor”, what is often referred to as a dilation kit. It consists of a series of six straight dildos that increase in length and girth as you work your way up the ladder.

Considering, you have to purchase each of the bright turquoise (yes!) dildos separately, it’s technically not a kit. Nevertheless, I appreciate that the company actually worked with specialists in the field of gynecology and physiotherapy to come up with a product that focuses on sexual health.

BS Atelier even makes a set of leather restraints that can be attached to each other to form handcuffs. I was more than a little amused upon realizing that the Spanish word for restraint/handcuffs also means “wives”. In light of the still powerfully traditional, patriarchal culture in Spain, it’s not overly surprising.

She Bop currently carries the BS Atelier G-Spot in Rainbow, Vaca (Spanish word for cow), and Custom Lines. They are reportedly waiting for the Alex Dildo with hearts, available in two color combinations. Seeing as it’s already February 7, I’m not sure they’ll have them in time for Valentine’s Day.

SheVibe has a larger selection of BS Atelier G-Spot dildos, but they have given a few of them slightly different names, such as the O2 and Sport. Others, like the White Tiger and Zebra, are sold with their BS Atelier names. They also carry the BS Atelier medium size Tente Butt Plug (which BS Atelier characterizes as a p-spot toy) in two colors.

Why is no one carrying the BS Atelier G-Spot Lines Tokyo?? I just really like its stripey colors. Neither She Bop nor SheVibe are carrying the BS Atelier Alex Dildos yet. While I find the shape of the BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo more aesthetically pleasing, the Alex is available in two very cool designs, Alex Noise Light Blue and Alex Noise Light Grey.

The BS Atelier Tente Butt Plug, obtainable at SheVibe, has a unique shape and angle. It looks very much like an off-centered egg resting on a stand. I can see it being effective for both g-spotting, p-spotting, and butt plugging. However, I am more curious about the BS Atelier Capsula, which I haven’t found anywhere other than the company’s website thus far.

BS Atelier Tente Butt Plug


BS Atelier Capsula Butt Plug


The Capsula is also listed under p-spot toys, though oddly enough the description on its web page refers to it as a vaginal toy and doesn’t even mention anal use. It has an unusual capsule-like shape and sits at an angle on its stem, just like the Tente. I definitely do not own any butt plugs that look like either one of these.

Cruising the BS Atelier websites has been a fun and not so gentle reminder that I really need to brush up on my Spanish. Though I comprehended much more than I had expected, foreign languages truly are one of those “use it or lose it” skills.

I am going to see what I can do about getting my hands on a few of these BS Atelier sex toys. At the very least, I’d love to test a BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo and either the Capsula or Tente Butt Plug.

Has anyone tried one of these sex toys? If so, leave a comment and give us some feedback on your experience. In the meantime, you can head over to She Bop or SheVibe and check some of the BS Atelier Sex Toys for yourself.