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We-Vibe Tango Clit Vibrator Review

If you’ve been hanging around Bean Fiddler, you’ve probably heard me mention one of my all-time favorite clit vibrators, the We-Vibe Touch. Its fantastically deep and powerful vibrations, along with its pointy tip, put it at the top of my list. My only real issue is that it’s the mother of all lint magnets.

At the time the Touch was released, the We-Vibe Tango was also brought to market. I was dying to try it to discover if I preferred the Tango to my well-loved We-Vibe Touch. It has taken quite some time, but thanks to Burlesque Toy Shop, I was finally able to test the We-Vibe Tango.

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator

We-Vibe is a Canadian company best known for its revolutionary couples vibrator, the We-Vibe (the current incarnation is technically called the We-Vibe 4). Shockingly, I have yet to review this popular product. After their success with earlier versions of the We-Vibe (Burlesque Toy Shop carries both the We-Vibe II and the We-Vibe III as well), the company produced three mini vibrators for solo (and partner, of course) play. Enter the We-Vibe Tango, stage left.

At just 3.5″ long and .7″ wide, or 5/8″ in diameter, and weighing only 1.3 ounces (compared to the We-Vibe Touch at 3.1 ounces), the We-Vibe Tango packs a serious punch. It may look like an innocuous, miniature traditional vibrator, but its unusual lipstick-like tip makes it stand out in a crowd. You all know that for the most part I need pinpoint stimulation to orgasm and I tend to prefer pointy vibrators. Unfortunately, they’re not terribly easy to come by, which is one of the reasons I love my Touch so much and have coveted the We-Vibe Tango for long.

The Tango is made from PC-ABS thermoplastic, which is the same material used to make many baby toys because it’s so body-safe they can chew on it. This particular PC-ABS thermoplastic is latex, BPA, and phthalate-free.

A quick aside- BPA is that nasty stuff in plastic that can leech into your food and water and cause harm, especially in children. This is why it’s important to ensure your plasticware and plastic water bottles you use on an ongoing basis are BPA free.

One of the great things about PC-ABS thermoplastic is that it can tolerate both water-based lubricant and silicone-based lubricant without issues, unlike many silicone products.

The We-Vibe Tango charges magnetically so it has no open ports, making it waterproof and submersible. It’s also super easy to clean. Warm water and mild (non-antibacterial) soap or a sex toy cleaner will do the trick. You can use peroxide and rubbing alcohol on some plastics to kill germs, but I don’t feel it’s necessary and it’s impossible to know know how the material of the toy will react beforehand.


We-Vibe Tango Vibrator

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator, Size

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator, Pointy Tip

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator, Storage Pouch

My We-Vibe Tango Vibrator is a Pepto Bismol pink, which is not my favorite color but I can put up with a lot for a good pointy tip. Around its base is the practically invisible We-Vibe logo and the (slightly more visible) word “Tango”. The PC-ABS thermoplastic is completely rigid (as plastic usually is) so there is no give at all. The white area on the bottom of the vibrator is both the control panel and charging point.

The two metal contacts that protrude a wee bit from the We-Vibe Tango’s bottom are magnetic contact points that attach to the vibrator’s charger. The Tango’s charger is the same as that of the We-Vibe Touch. Both chargers will charge either vibrator. One improvement over the Touch’s charger is that the Tango’s has a We-Vibe label on its base, which is awesome for someone who has a million charging cables stuffed into a drawer.

Unfortunately, We-Vibe did not change what I really disliked about the Touch’s charger, that it consists of two pieces. The AC charger plugs into the wall, then into the small round plastic piece with magnetic contacts that actually charges the Tango. I didn’t understand why they designed the charger this way, so I asked about it. We-Vibe responded with a very reasonable answer.

For international shipping purposes, the two piece design allows them to swap the appropriate AC plug for each region. This hadn’t occurred to me at all and I’m embarrassed to be one of those people who thinks the entire world revolves around the U.S. Bad, bad, Bean!

This frustratingly separate charging piece has a tiny LED that glows green when the magnets are lined up properly and the We-Vibe Tango is charging. When the vibrator is fully charged, the LED goes dark. The charger automatically shuts itself off once the Tango has completed its charging session, so leaving it plugged for a while will not damage the vibrator. Of course, it’s still a good idea to unplug the charger from the wall when not in use to conserve energy.

We-Vibe recommends charging the Tango for 90 minutes before your first use. Mine arrived partially charged so it didn’t take much time before it was good to go. The magnetic connection is strong so the vibrator doesn’t disengage from the charger the instant you walk away.

A 90 minute charge should provide up to two hours of play time. The Tango’s base will glow to let you know when power is low and it needs recharging. According to We-Vibe, the Tango will hold a charge for up to 60 days and has a lifetime of approximately 500 charge cycles. That may seem like a lot but I’m guessing it won’t take long to kill the We-Vibe Tango if I use it as much as I anticipate.

Though I referred to the base of the We-Vibe Tango Vibrator as its control panel, it’s really just the one button. Of course, this makes the Tango super easy to operate. You turn on the vibrator and cycle through its eight vibration modes by pressing the button. After the eighth mode, the Tango will automatically turn off. If you want to turn it off at any point prior to that, press and hold the button for two seconds.


We-Vibe Tango Vibrator, Charging System

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator, Magnetic Charger

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator, Magnetic Charging Contacts

The We-Vibe Tango has a memory chip, just like the We-Vibe Touch. This means that the vibrator remembers which mode it was on when you turned it off and will start back up in the same one. The button requires firm pressure to change modes so it’s not likely you’ll do so unintentionally. There is an LED underneath the control button that flashes in conjunction with whichever pattern you have selected.

The We-Vibe Tango’s eight vibration modes are as follows:
1. Low= low steady vibration
2. Medium= medium steady vibration
3. High= high steady vibration
4. Ultra= super high steady vibration
5. Tease= five seconds of 9 slow pulses, three seconds fast pulsing
6. Wave= roller coaster
7. Pulse= very fast pulsing
8. Cha-cha= 2 long pulses, 3 short pulses

*Names are We-Vibe’s, descriptions are mine.

The Tango is quiet, though it doesn’t quite live up to We-Vibe’s “whisper quiet” descriptor. However, it cannot be heard through a thin door and its noise may even be dampened enough under covers (depending upon the density of your blankets) for you to use it without disturbing a sleeping partner.

As I was anticipating, the vibrations of the We-Vibe Tango are shockingly powerful for a vibrator of its size, of any size really. Though it cannot measure up to something like the X1 Orgasmatron (upcoming review), the Tango is stronger than some of my full-sized vibrators. No joke.

Not only are the We-Vibe Tango’s vibrations super strong, they are very deep and rumbly, just the way I like them. Though the Tango has contact with a very small area of my body, I can feel the vibrations more deeply than many other vibrators with a larger surface area. The video below provides a sense of the Tango’s power (at approximately 32 seconds) when it’s shown splattering water all over the place.


I don’t know if it’s because my We-Vibe Touch is 2.5 years old and has gone through quite a few of its charge cycles or if the silicone dampens the vibrations somewhat, but my brand new We-Vibe Tango is noticeably more powerful by at least one setting. For example, mode #1 on the Tango is equivalent to mode #2 on the Touch. It may even be a tad stronger. By the time I get to mode #4, the highest level of steady vibration, my We-Vibe Tango is much significantly more potent than old Touch.

As you can see, the silhouettes of the We-Vibe Tango and Touch are very different. The Touch is larger and has a curvy concave portion, while the Tango has a traditional cylindrical body that leads to a flat, pointed surface with narrow edges. Though the Tango cannot cup my labia like the Touch can, its smaller, narrower tip is able to effectively burrow in between my labia and up under my clit hood to provide precise, pinpoint contact.

The lipstick shape of the We-Vibe Tango Vibrator’s tip is unexpectedly versatile. I can angle the tip itself directly onto my clit for that pinpoint stimulation I just mentioned or I can place the flat surface over my clit hood to disperse the rumbly vibrations to a slightly greater area. The flat of the
Tango is also good for running along my labia and nipples as a tease.

The We-Vibe Tango’s powerful vibrations can also be used as an addition to anal play. Do NOT stick the Tango up your butt. It is so small, you will almost certainly end up with an embarrassing story about the time you had to go to the emergency room to have a sex toy removed from your anal cavity. However, pressing the Tango against the base of a non-vibrating butt plug magically transforms it into a vibrating butt plug, lickety split.

Raise your hand if you love Tantus Vibrators but find the included bullet vibe far too weak for your taste. Rejoice, Tantus lovers! You can replace that wimpy bullet with the We-Vibe Tango. Just add a drop or two of water-based lubricant to the Tango before sliding it into the Tantus toy to make removal easier.


We-Vibe Tango & We-Vibe Touch Vibrator, Size Comparison

We-Vibe Tango & We-Vibe Touch Vibrator, Tip Comparison

We-Vibe Tango & We-Vibe Touch Vibrator, Shape Comparison

The We-Vibe Tango Vibrator’s packaging is the same as that of the We-Vibe Touch. The box is shaped like a trapezoid and has an image of the vibrator on its front with the words “Personal Massager” in multiple languages, so it’s not very discreet. Inside the box, the Tango and its begging-to-be-lost magnetic charging piece are nestled snugly in a plastic tray with the wall plug, storage bag, and user manual tucked away in a smaller trapezoid. The storage pouch included with the We-Vibe Tango is made of soft, silky, white satin. It’s on the larger side so I can easily fit the Tango, Touch, and both chargers inside.

The user manual is simple and straightforward, using pictures for clarity. While I would like more detailed information, it provides enough for even a newbie to figure out how to use the We-Vibe Tango. The only odd thing I noticed were a few weird warnings, like “do not use on neck” and “do not use on a single area for more than 15 minutes”.

Why not use the Tango on your neck? Many vibrators/massagers can be used on other parts of the body, so why can’t the Tango? What’s up with the no longer than 15 minutes on a single area limit? It’s a vibrator. Many women need much longer than that to achieve orgasm. Maybe it’s an issue of causing numbness to the area with prolonged exposure, but I’d think it would be temporary.

Speaking of numbness, the We-Vibe Tango does have a tendency to cause buzzy hand syndrome. It’s basically impossible to avoid in such a small vibrator with this kind of power. However, some high-pitched, buzzy vibrators actually cause pain in my hands whereas the Tango doesn’t. The depth of its vibrations keeps the buzziness from being painful, but if I have the vibrator on for a while, I can end up with a reverberating sensation in my hand that continues for a but after turning it off.


We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Packaging, Box Front

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Packaging, Box Back

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Packaging, Inside Box

We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Packaging, Box Contents

We-Vibe Tango Clit Vibrator Pros:
• Pointy tip
• Powerful
• Deep and rumbly vibrations
• PC-ABS thermoplastic
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable
• Quiet
• Patterns
• Memory chip
• Good storage pouch
• We-Vibe label on charger

We-Vibe Tango Clit Vibrator Cons:
• Separate charging piece
• Buzzy hand syndrome

It’s truly a challenge finding fault with the We-Vibe Tango Vibrator. I now understand the purpose of splitting the charger into two pieces, though it’s still a bit of a drag. I keep them plugged together at all times because I don’t want to lose the magnetic portion. Buzzy hand syndrome can be a downer, but it is far less so with the Tango than a high-pitched vibrator.

The powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations and the angled, pointy tip are fabulous. The high-quality PC-ABS thermoplastic is easy to clean and does not attract lint in the slightest (what I dislike most about the We-Vibe Touch). I’m happy to now have both the Tango and the Touch because though they have similarities, they are still quite different. I am concerned that my We-Vibe Touch may on its last gasp though…

Bottom line: Unless you are unable to tolerate the sensation of vibrations in your hands, it’s hard to see how you could go wrong with the We-Vibe Tango Vibrator. It is simple to use, no matter your level of experience with sex toys, and not many clit vibrators can match the strength and depth of its vibrations. The We-Vibe Tango Vibrator from the Burlesque Toy Shop is an absolute win.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

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Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Review, Take Two, Plus Accessories

Last August, I reviewed the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator, a new sex toy that employs a linear motor, rather than the traditional rotary motor used by most vibrators on the market.

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator

I was super excited to test it, as I always am with new sex toy technology. Unfortunately, the Revel Body’s moderate strength and diffuse vibrations did not work as well for me as I had hoped. So what the hell am I doing reviewing this toy again?

Some time after the original Revel Body was released, the company changed its motor and sent the Revel Body version 2 out into the world. A big downside to this is they didn’t really tell anyone and both versions of the Revel Body look exactly the same. I had to label my vibrators to be sure not to get them mixed up because I can’t tell the difference by looking at them.

In addition, Revel Body designed four accessory tips that can be swapped with the original tip included with the vibrator. If you recall, I mentioned in my original review that I thought the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator might work better for me with one of these different tips to focus the vibrations rather diffusing them.

Thus, the point of this review is to compare both versions of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator and to determine if any of the four accessory tips, Cona, Fawn, Ever, and Niko, work better for my body than the original Rose Tip. I shall also discuss the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Travel Pack/Charger. I realize this is an extra long review, but it is separated into categories to make the information easier to access.

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly suggest you take a a few minutes to read my review of the original Revel Body Sonic Vibrator because I’m not going to re-review it here. However, I will include the two videos below, which clearly demonstrate how a traditional rotary motor and the Revel Body linear motor are different.

Standard Rotary Motor


Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Linear Motor


Got it? Great, let’s move on. There are four areas in which there seem to be differences between versions 1 and 2 of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator- sound, power, function, and the instruction guide.

1. Sound: While the difference may not be so significant you’d detect it by memory, side by side, version 2 of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is noticeably quieter. An advantage to its linear motor is that even if someone can hear the Revel Body, it sounds nothing like a typical vibrator. The noise is much more like that of my Sonicare Toothbrush, which is the technology this vibrator is based upon.

A word of advice. If you find your Revel Body that is overly loud, remove its tip and slick it down with a few drops of water or water-based lubricant. This allows the tip to move smoothly back and forth and dampens the sound. It makes a HUGE difference. On its lowest levels, the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is practically (properly lubricated) silent. As you increase the intensity of the vibrations, they become higher-pitched, almost whiny, which makes them louder. Just not quite as loud as the original version.

2. Power: The original Revel Body Sonic Vibrator has two power settings, whose differences are barely discernible, making the second one a complete waste. What’s the point of having a higher power setting if it feels the same as the lower one, right? I don’t have time to sit around pushing buttons all day, I’m a busy person! The decision to stick with just the one setting on Version 2 was smart. Either the vibrator is on or off, nice and simple.

In addition to its two power settings, the original Revel Body Sonic Vibrator had 10 levels of intensity, while Version 2 has only six discrete power levels. Though it may seem that more is better, I prefer Version 2’s six levels to the original’s 10. Many of those 10 levels were so similar as to be pointless and unnecessary. I feel no difference between the two vibrators at either their highest or lowest settings. Then again, I’m not sure if Version 2 is intended to be more powerful or just easier to use.

3. Function: Version 2 of the Revel Body is more straightforward. Though the two vibrators have the same three button control panel, Version 2’s is simpler. Both have the dedicated on/off switch (of which I highly approve) and + and – buttons that increase and decrease intensity. However, the one power setting and six levels of intensity make the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Version 2 easy peasy lemon squeezy. It also has a memory chip like the original, so when you turn the vibrator on, it will be on the same level as when you turned it off.

4. Instruction Guide: (AKA user manual) What struck me most about the original user manual was its 800 pages (slight hyperbole, perhaps) of warnings and precautions. I had never seen so many in a sex toy manual and there were some really odd ones as well. Revel Body has managed to condense the warnings in Version 2’s guide down to three pages, most of them the typical CYA warnings used by most sex toy manufacturers.

Of course, as the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is still all about magnets, those warnings continue to be included. The one of greatest concern to me is the same one that bothered me in the original manual regarding destroying magnetically stored media. It’s basically one of those warnings that you shouldn’t put things like computers, cell phones, and credit cards near strong magnets. That always makes me a tad nervous.

Though the magnetic tips easily attract small things like paperclips, push pins, and each other, they don’t react at all to my body piercings. Then again, the jewelry is all non-magnetized material, such as surgical stainless steel and niobium. If you actually have jewelry in your body piercings that react to these magnets, you might want to consider shopping for something new. The Version 2 guide is also better organized than the previous one.

The packaging for the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Version 2 is the same as the original packaging. So, no clues there as to which version you’ve got, which is just wrong. If a company updates its product, they don’t have to make a big brouhaha about it, but there should absolutely be an easy way to determine which version you are purchasing. I find the fact that Revel Body makes it impossible to differentiate versions a bit sketchy.


Revel Body Sonic Vibrator  & Accessory Tips Packaging

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Accessory Tips Packaging

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Accessory Tips Packaging

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Accessory Tips Packaging

I still have three problems with the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator, regardless of which Accessory Tip I use- the intensity of the vibrations, the shape of the vibrator, and the issue with pressure. Though I complained in my original review that the Revel Body’s ergonomic shape caused some hand cramping (specific to me), I did not find this to be the case the second time around. I attribute this difference to my medical conditions, not the vibrator.

However, even Cona, my favorite tip, doesn’t extend far enough away from the vibrator (approximately .5″) to keep its round body from interfering. Due to the architecture of my vulva, with my little tiny clit hiding underneath its hood, I require something that can move past the protective barrier of my inner labia and really get in there. None of these tips can accomplish this effectively.

The linear motor of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator creates vibrations that feel different from most of my other vibrators. The two lowest level are incredibly deep and rumbly, though not super strong. As soon as I hit the + button to go up to the third level, the vibrations change dramatically.

They go from deep and rumbly to very high-pitched in sound and feel. Levels 3-6 cause far too much discomfort, even pain in some cases, for me to use at all. Though I can orgasm on the second level of vibration, it takes some time and serious concentration and my clit is excessively sensitive afterward.

A big problem with the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator’s linear motor is that the vibrations stop immediately at the barest hint of pressure. There I am, adjusting the vibrator against my body, trying to find the best position, right? Then all of the sudden, the tip senses the slightest compression and bam! Nothing. It’s as if I’ve turned the vibrator off. SO frustrating.

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Version 2 Pros:
• Fewer unnecessary settings
• Easier to use control panel
• Slightly quieter
• Better instruction guide

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Version 2 Cons:
• No way to determine which version you own
• No discernible increase in power

The fewer settings and easier to use control panel give the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Version 2 better functionality. The near silence of the vibrator on levels 1 and 2 (the only ones my body can tolerate) and my slightly enhanced experience with the Cona Tip are also positive aspects.

You guys know how I feel about the importance useful instruction guides and the improvements to the new one are noticeable. I am still very bothered by what seems to be secretive behavior on Revel Body’s part in updating the Sonic Vibrator without transparency, nor creating a way to tell the two versions apart.

Is the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Version 2 an improvement over its predecessor? Yes, but what good is that when you can’t be certain what you’re purchasing? Can I really increase my rating of a sex toy when the only way to know I’m using the new version is by comparing it side by side to my older version (with both vibrators turned on, no less)? No, no, and again, NO.

I was hoping my encounters with the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator would be much better with at least one of the Accessory Tips. Unfortunately, it’s not enough of a difference to change my original rating, regardless of which version of the vibrator I use.

Not only can you purchase the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator directly from Revel Body, you can also find it at the following stores:

Good Vibrations

Bean Fiddler Rating:


Wait! Don’t leave just yet. Keep reading for my review of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Accessory Tips and Travel Pack/Charger.


Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Accessory Tips

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Accessory Tips

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator  Accessory Tips

As we all know by now (because I have mentioned it more than once), the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator comes with a single tip, the Rose Tip. However, Revel Body has designed four additional Accessory Tips that can be purchased either separately or as a bundle.

All of these Accessory Tips are made with a magnetic metal piston that fits inside the Sonic Vibrator, and a silicone crown that touches your body, just like the original Rose Tip. What makes them different is their configuration. I have rated for tip in comparison to the original Rose Tip, which gets one bean. In order of my favorite to the one I enjoy the least, they are as follows:



Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Cona  Accessory Tip, Internal Packaging

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Cona  Accessory Tip

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Cona  Accessory Tip, Size

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Cona  Accessory Tip

The definite winner in the clit category is Cona. Though so alike in shape to Niko, Cona feels completely different on my body. It has an elongated cone-like shape, as Niko does, but Cona isn’t solid silicone like Niko. It has small, deep, hollow cup. The sides of this cup are not at all firm and can easily be squashed together with fingers.

My very small nipples fit perfectly inside the indentation, which aside from being amusing, is not bad for nipple stimulation. It’s not the best though. Based on nipple play only, Cona would not be my number one choice. However, my clit favors it over the other three options and that’s what is making the decision here.

Bean Fiddler Rating:



Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Fawn  Accessory Tip, Internal Packaging

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Fawn  Accessory Tip

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Fawn Accessory Tip, Size

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Fawn Accessory Tip

I like Fawn. It’s the best for nipple stimulation and not bad for my clit. Its long, thin, tickler-like nubs are soft and squishable, like the sides of Cona’s cup. They provide multiple points of contact that surround my nipple, feeling like a bunch of little, tiny fingers playing with it. On the two lowest levels, it’s excellent for nipple stimulation.

Fawn works decently for clit stimulation, mostly because its silicone ticklers can slip in between my labia and get up close and personal with my clit. Its larger surface area doesn’t seem to dissipate the vibrations like the Rose and Ever (below) Tips do. For solid nipple and clit stimulation together, Fawn would be my top pick.

Bean Fiddler Rating:



Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Ever  Accessory Tip, Internal Packaging

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Ever  Accessory Tip

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Ever  Accessory Tip, Size

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Ever  Accessory Tip

When it comes to nipple stimulation, Ever has the other tips beat hands down. Its slight depression and concentric circles cup my nipple gently while tickling my areolae as well. Its larger face distributes sensation to more of my breast than any of the other tips.

Unfortunately, this dispersal of vibration does not work well for my clit at all. Much like the original Rose Tip, Ever is too far away from pinpoint contact to make my clit happy. While it does protrude more than the Rose Tip, which is a good thing, that in itself isn’t enough to provide sufficient clit stimulation for me. It’s still a great choice if all you want is nipple stimulation or your clit is far more accessible than mine.

Bean Fiddler Rating:



Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Niko  Accessory Tip, Internal Packaging

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Niko  Accessory Tip

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Niko  Accessory Tip, Size

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Niko  Accessory Tip

I am 100% baffled by Niko. It juts out even further than Cona, approximately .75″, and I fully expected it to be the best for my body. I’m having trouble understanding why it isn’t. I can’t pin down what it doesn’t do for me that Cona does, unless it’s something about Cona’s miniature cup. Based on looks alone, I thought Niko would be perfect for pinpoint stimulation, and yet I find it more annoying than pleasurable.

As for additional areas to stimulate, I cannot find a use for Niko. The pinpoint stimulation that I anticipated would work so well for my clit is awful on my nipples. It’s way over the top. It actually feels unpleasant as soon as Niko touches my nipple. For some weird reason, Niko is a total fail for my body.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Accessory Tips Summary

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Original Rose Tip

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Ever Accessory Tip

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Fawn Accessory Tip

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Cona Accessory Tip

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Niko Accessory Tip

If you’ve got a small, unexposed clit like I do and clit stimulation with a dash of nipple fun as an added bonus is your primary concern, go with Cona. Niko may also work for you clit-wise considering I have no real reason for why I don’t like it other than I just don’t.

If your clit is one that protrudes beyond your inner labia and is easy to access, you’ll likely be satisfied with the original Rose Tip that is included with the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator. You may enjoy adding Ever or Fawn to the mix for a change in texture and additional nipple play.

If your focus is on nipple rather than clit stimulation, Ever may be the way to go, as it’s the best option in that respect. You could also select Fawn for the best of both worlds, or at least some stimulation for both parts of the body.

You can purchase the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Accessory Tips directly from Revel Body, either individually or as a bundle, or individually from SheVibe.


Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Travel Pack/Charger

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator  Travel  Pack/Charger, Size

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator  Travel  Pack/Charger, Inside Pack

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator  Travel  Pack/Charger, Inside Pack, Open Drawstring

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator  Travel  Pack/Charger, Travel Charger

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator  Travel  Pack/Charger, Travel & Standard Charger Comparison

The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Travel Pack/Charger is 5″ tall and 3″ wide. Its has an interior made of pink satin and an exterior of rugged, gray canvas. It opens with a zipper that wraps around its circumference about 2/3 of the way up its length and has a gray canvas loop at the back of the zipper. So you can hook your car keys to it, perhaps?

Inside the Travel Pack are two compartments, one that takes up the top third and closes via drawstring with a sturdy, metal clasp and the other, which is open space. On the bottom of the Revel Body Travel Pack is a hole about .75″ wide covered with black netting. I expect this is to allow for air circulation.

The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Travel Pack/Charger contains a travel charger, which is tiny compared to the ginormous standard charger that comes with the vibrator. It is a 40.5″ long USB cable encased by tightly woven, gray cording rather than the typical plastic coating of most cables. Like the standard charger, the Travel Charger allows you to charge directly via USB or by using the included AC adaptor that plugs into the wall. Love it.

Both the USB charging cable and its adapter fit nicely into the built-in drawstring area in top of the Revel Body Travel Pack. I like that I can close the charger away so it’s not falling all over the place as soon as I unzip the pack. The open space in the bottom accommodates the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator and maybe a few sample size pouches of lube. Or if you happen to own all four Accessory Tips, you can store them in the Travel Pack along with the Rose Tip and travel charger.

There’s not enough room to fit the four Accessory Tips, travel charger, and vibrator in the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Travel Pack at the same time. If you’re taking your Revel Body on a weekend getaway, you can easily toss the vibrator, travel charger, and an extra tip in the pack though.

I really like this Travel Pack. It appears to be well-made and built to last. It is attractive and absolutely discreet. The only spot with the words “Revel Body” is the zipper pull. The sad thing is that it’s my favorite product in this review, which doesn’t speak well for the actual sex toys.

I also think the Travel Charger is good to own if you move around frequently and will be bringing your Revel Body Sonic Vibrator with you. Though I appreciate how securely the vibrator sits in the standard charger, it’s way too big to lug around all the time. Having the option to charge via the wall or USB is also a benefit when out and about.

When you consider the cost of a replacement charger for an iPhone, the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Travel Pack/Charger is an excellent value. The Travel Charger is very useful, as is the Pack itself. I’ll most likely end up using it to store something else once both versions of my Revel Body Sonic Vibrator end up in the no man’s land at the back of my closet.

If you love your Revel Body Sonic Vibrator, the Travel Pack/Charger may be worth the investment. If nothing else, it’s a great storage option for home as well, especially for such a rolly poley round vibrator.

You can purchase the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator Travel Pack/Charger from both Revel Body and SheVibe.

Bean Fiddler Rating:


LELO IDA Couples Vibrator Review

Back in September 2013, I published a Spotlight about LELO’s 10th anniversary and the announcement of their newest couple’s vibrator, the LELO IDA. The IDA is named for a 2005 prototype that never made it to market. Apparently, LELO decided to recycle the name for a completely new design.

LELO IDA Couples Vibrator

The LELO IDA joins the high-end LELO Insignia & Luxe line, as well as the SenseMotion family of products. I’ve written about LELO SenseMotion vibrators before, so what makes the IDA so special? Well, if the IDA Massager looks different and unusual, it’s because it is unlike any other sex toy out there. In addition to its unique silhouette, the LELO IDA not only vibrates, it also gyrates.

What’s all this about gyration? If you recall, the LELO Tiani (which is no longer available in the U.S. or Canada), had an external portion intended to stimulate the clit, while its internal arm was meant to press against the g-spot. The IDA takes this concept a step further.

As its quite large external piece, topped with gold ABS, vibrates against the clit, its internal arm actually rotates inside of you for increased g-spot stimulation. Oh, and like its cousin, the Tiani, the LELO IDA is designed to be worn during penetration.

LELO IDA Internal Diagram

Quite frankly, when I pulled the IDA out of the box, I had doubts. It is by no means a small, delicate sex toy. It wasn’t the 3.5″ of insertable length that concerned me, it was the slightly less than 1″ diameter of the g-spot arm, as well as the 7″ circumference and ~.75″ thickness of the clitoral portion. Granted, these dimensions are nothing for a plain old vibrator or dildo, but when you’re expected to have a phallic-like object inside of you at the same time, things can get tricky.

First off, you’re going to want to use a lot of water-based lubricant, always what LELO recommends using with their sex toys, as opposed to silicone-based lube. The silicone covering the rigid IDA and its remote is the same smooth and silky LELO silicone I adore. It actually has very little drag, which is helpful is many cases, but doesn’t make much difference with the LELO IDA.

The IDA’s latex and phthalate-free silicone is also hypoallergenic, body-safe, and can be disinfected with a 10% bleach solution, though you can really only wash the ABS, not disinfect it. So, while disinfecting the silicone portion of the massager would normally allow you to share it with a non-fluid bonded partner, the ABS creates a slight issue. Share at your own risk.

The composition of LELO’s silicone is good enough that you may get away with using a very high-quality silicone-based lube, such as Pjur Original Bodyglide. However, mixing silicones can cause a negative reaction and ruin sex toys, so be sure to do a small patch test before slathering lube all over your IDA. I’d try it on the remote because its top uses the same silicone as the massager.

Speaking of the IDA’s remote, though it does close securely enough, I would take care when cleaning it and not submerge it in water. I don’t trust the seal. The IDA massager, on the other hand, is waterproof and can easily be washed with a gentle (non-antibacterial) soap and water or sex toy cleaner, and you can submerge it to your heart’s delight.

When I discuss LELO’s packaging, you’ll notice I make mention of a plastic key. Though it looks odd and unimportant, and nothing like a key, it is your ticket to utilizing the LELO IDA’s remote control. Without it, you may never be able to crack that baby open without literally cracking that baby open. I did manage to remove the back of another SenseMotion remote without killing it, but it’s no longer very pretty.

The little rounded bit at the bottom of the key fits into the groove on top of the remote’s gold ABS battery compartment. This particular remotes requires just a slight counterclockwise twist. When I then flip the remote over, the compartment lid falls right off. However, not all of my SenseMotion remote controls open this easily, so yours may call for more elbow grease.

Pop in the two included, Energizer AAA batteries (because LELO rocks) and carefully line up the plastic bits on the inside of the battery compartment and its lid. A somewhat firmer clockwise twist locks the compartment cover into place. You shouldn’t be trying to wrench the key halfway around the remote. Small movements are all that is required.


LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Battery Compartment Key Size

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Battery Compartment Key

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Battery Compartment and Key

The actual massager portion of the IDA is rechargeable and LELO advises charging it for two hours before using it the first time. There is an LED under the pairing button that flashes while the LELO IDA is charging. Once the vibrator is fully charged, this light glows steadily. It only took my IDA around 1.5 hours max to charge the first time, so it obviously arrived with a partial charge.

One fantastic feature offered by the LELO IDA is that the massager tells you when you need a recharge. That LED I mentioned above will start flashing rapidly during use to let you know it’s running out of power. I suggest responding quickly when this happens as it’s never, ever fun when a vibrator dies mid-use.

Your LELO IDA will last up to two hours on a single charge. It really depends on how you use it. The longer it operates at higher levels of intensity, the shorter its life. LELO states you should be able to get up to 10 hours of use out of the included batteries. Mine haven’t given out yet, though I have not run the remote for that long.

In order to use the IDA’s remote with its massager, you must must first pair them by pressing the + button on the remote and pressing the button on the massager to turn it on. When both the LEDs on the remote’s + button and the massager’s power button light up, the devices are paired and ready to go.

Turning off the remote and massager functions as you might expect (or already know if own a LELO SenseMotion vibrator). Hold the – button on the remote and the power button the massager for three seconds to shut each piece down. Keep in mind that if you forget to turn off the massager, it will go into standby for one hour before shutting itself off. During this time it will remain receptive to signals from the remote.

As with other vibrators from LELO’s Insignia Line, the IDA has a travel lock, which operates by pressing the + and – buttons simultaneously for three seconds. Press these buttons for three seconds to activate the lock and three seconds again to deactivate it.

Travel locks are great even when you’re not traveling. More than once I’ve experienced pulling a dead vibrator out of my bedside drawer because it had pressed up against something, accidentally turning itself on. Let me tell you, it’s never a happy discovery.

If you’ve used one of the SenseMotion remotes before, you already know how the LELO IDA’s remote works. It’s exactly the same. As with earlier SenseMotion toys, there are three modes, two SenseMotion modes and one that consists of six pre-programmed patterns. So essentially, there are a total of eight modes.

To turn on the insertable, rotating portion of the LELO IDA, press and hold its button until the LED comes on. You are now ready to use it with its remote. If you’d like to ditch the remote (please tell me you didn’t lose it) and go manual, just press the button again.


LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Massager

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Charging Port

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, External Vibrating Clit Piece

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator

Using the LELO IDA Massager without its remote is possible, though I find it a ginormous pain in the ass and so not worth it. However, if you disagree with me (and feel free) and this is your preference, you can simply scroll through the six pre-programmed patterns (obviously, you don’t have access to the two SenseMotion Modes) by pressing the button on the massager.

When first turning the LELO IDA on, you will be in SenseMotion Mode 1, in which vibration is controlled by shifting the remote from a horizontal to a vertical position. The more you tilt, the stronger the vibration.

Pressing the Mode button on the remote, which looks like this- () on its side, allows you to change modes (surprise!). One press of the () button will move you into SenseMotion Mode 2, in which you manage vibration intensity by moving the remote in any direction. The faster you shake it, the stronger the vibration.

Something called “Dynamic Stimulation” synchronizes the intensity of the external vibration with the speed of the internal rotation. Thus, increase the strength of the vibrations and you will also speed up the gyrations within you.

If your arm, or your partner’s, gets tired, another press on the () button will bring you to the first of the six pre-programmed patterns. You cycle through these six modes by pressing, you guessed it, the () button. Once you’ve scrolled through all six patterns, you will end up back at SenseMotion Mode 1. (You see, Son, the antelope eat the grass and we eat the antelope. It’s the circle of life.)

While in the six pre-programmed modes, you increase and decrease the intensity of the vibrations by using the + and – buttons. You are able to control each pattern’s strength separately, which I love.

When using the LELO IDA without its remote, all six patterns will be automatically set at the highest level of intensity. If you want to adjust the power at all, you will have to use the remote. Not only that, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to reach the button on the massager and be able to press it with enough force to change patterns in the midst of penetration.

Still, if you’re going to insist on using the IDA without its remote or you’re one of those people who is bound to lose it, save yourself a few bucks and go with the LELO Tara instead.

The LELO IDA’s eight vibrations modes are as follows:
1. SenseMotion 1
2. SenseMotion 2
3. Low steady vibration with slow rotation
4. Slow pulse with slow rotation
5. Faster pulse with faster rotation
6. Ramp up with same faster rotation as #5
7. Roller coaster with same faster rotation as #5
8. Dance Mix with same faster rotation as #5

The video below provides some good visuals regarding the way the LELO IDA is intended to function.


The LELO IDA makes a bit more noise than my LELO Lyla, but it vibrates and gyrates, so we’re dealing with two motors. A slight increase in noise is reasonable, especially considering the IDA is still very quiet. It definitely cannot be heard through a thin closed door, nor does it distract from play.

Though both the external clitoral surface and the internal g-spot arm are rigid, the stem of the arm that allows it to rotate is not. This makes it far trickier to insert the LELO IDA than I was expecting. It has a tendency to go all bendy when I’m trying to tuck it inside myself.

This was less of an issue when my partner handled the insertion. Augmenting the slickness of the g-spot arm with additional lube was helpful. Just try to keep the lube from getting all over the place, as this makes the LELO IDA very slippery and further adds to the challenge of sliding it in.

You can see below that the rotations are relatively small, which is understandable as it’s expected you will be penetrated by something in addition to the IDA at the same time. It’s not like you want that arm whipping around in large arcs. Keep in mind, as intensity of the vibration increases, so does the speed of the rotation.


On the lower levels of power, I did feel this internal movement but not much. Obviously, I was able to sense it more as the speed of the LELO IDA’s gyration increased. Unfortunately, it did not feel as pleasurable as I was hoping. While the arm does hit my g-spot, it actually feels rather odd and is more distracting than enjoyable. However, it’s important to remember that my g-spot is not easily stimulated and tends to be very persnickety.

Most of my LELO vibrators are on the deep and rumbly end of the vibration spectrum. Therefore, the IDA’s vibrations are quite a bit higher pitched and buzzier than I was anticipating. They are much more like those of the LELO Tiani than those of the LELO SIRI, which is disappointing. Their maximum power is also rather middle of the road. So, though the vibrations aren’t painful, they are buzzy and weakish enough to make achieving orgasm a serious challenge for me.

The large circumference of the external portion of the LELO IDA sits more or less against my vulva, so it does a good job of effecting the clitoral complex rather than focusing only on the clit. I am not going to discuss the physical structure of the clitoris in this review, but I will point out that this is a bonus.

I have mentioned on more than one occasion that my clit is not only itty bitty, it is also well tucked beneath its hood, which doesn’t make accessing it the easiest feat in the world. Therefore, vibrators with large surface areas are generally not my best friend. In this respect, I think the LELO IDA would be more effective for those who have longer clits that extend out from under the clit hood. They have a better chance at receiving the more direct clitoral stimulation I would need with this vibrator.

So far, I’ve only addressed the effectiveness of using the LELO IDA on my own. Adding a phallic-like object to the mix opens a big can of worms, and I am not a fan of wiggly worms. Let me just straight out report that I have not been able to find a way to make the LELO IDA well for me with any sort of simultaneous penetration.


LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Massager Size

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Massager Power Button

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Remote Control Size

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator, Remote Control Buttons

1. LELO IDA + dildo= failure. Even using my thinnest silicone dildo, the Tantus Rocket (which is still 1.5″ in diameter, so it’s not tiny), and a ton of water-based lube, inserting one while the other was already inside of me was not easy nor fun. I tried my Don Wands Red Sweetheart Glass Dildo on the off chance its 1″ diameter and super smooth glass surface would be more successful. Nope.

2. LELO IDA + penis= fiasco. I thought getting both the LELO IDA and a dildo inside of me was problematic. Swapping a penis for a dildo? To quote Joey Buttafuoco, fuhgeddaboutit. There is not enough lube in the world to make this task less onerous for my partner or myself. Condoms just added another layer of aggravating drag to the mix.

With a dildo, the LELO IDA’s gyrations were uncomfortable, but with a penis? It was all the more more awkward. While I found it simply bothersome, he considered having a rigid, rotating arm slamming into his penis every other second flat out painful. Generally not a fan of testing sex toys that require his participation beyond merely using them on me, he eventually made good on his threat to throw the IDA across the room, ending the experiment with a resounding NO.

The packaging of the LELO IDA Couples Vibrator is typical LELO packaging, which is to say that it’s sturdy and luxurious. The external box is lightweight cardboard with images and a bit of information about the vibrator. The color of the toy pictured on this box corresponds to the color of the IDA contained inside. In this case, Cerise.

Within this outer package is the ever rugged, discrete, black box that has “LELO” imprinted on its top, black on black. It can be used for long-term storage but is significantly larger than the LELO IDA so it takes up a good amount of space. This is one of reasons LELO always includes a good quality, satin storage pouch, also in black.

In addition to the LELO IDA, its remote, and the lovely storage pouch, the box contains the charging cable, which actually plugs into the wall, not a USB port (yes!). Hats off to LELO for not joining many sex toy manufacturers in their quest to rid us all of our wall chargers. While I like the option to charge my sex toys via USB, if I have to choose, I will choose a wall charger every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

In classic LELO fashion, the two AAA batteries required by the IDA’s remote are included (Energizers, no less). Thank you, LELO. They always enclose a sample of LELO Personal Moisturizer (otherwise known as their water-based lube), a user manual, and the basics on their one year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee.

As with other remote controlled LELO vibrators, such as the Lyla, LELO provides the same plastic key you must have if you want to open the battery compartment on the remote without resorting to MacGyver-like trickery. You can pry it open without this key but it’s not easy and will end up damaging the remote, so do NOT lose it.

I vaguely remember complaining in my last LELO review that the user manual was short on info, which had to be tracked down on the LELO website. However, in the case of the LELO IDA (and TARA, its remote control free sibling), there seems to be a return to a more thorough hard copy manual, which I appreciate.

LELO still refers you to their website for more details, but the bulk of what most people want and need to know is in the manual. I actually wasn’t able to find much more on the site for the average user, but it does have specs.


LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator Packaging, External Box Front

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator Packaging, External Box Back

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator Packaging, Internal Box

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator Packaging, Inside Box

LELOL IDA Couples Vibrator Packaging, Contents

LELO IDA Couples Vibrator Pros:
• Great concept
• Control level of intensity separately for each mode
• Lets you know when it needs to be recharged
• Silky silicone
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable
• Remote (good) batteries included
• Quiet
• Minimal charging time
• Good charge to play time ratio
• Travel lock

LELO IDA Couples Vibrator Cons:
• Uncomfortable/painful with additional penetration
• Worse with condom
• Not particularly pleasant internal sensation
• Buzzy vibrations
• Vibrations not strong enough
• Difficult to insert by self
• Awkward using with dildo

I wanted to like the LELO IDA, I really did. I’m a sucker for new and different sex toys. I still like the concept behind the IDA, I just can’t make it work well with my body. The higher pitch and lesser strength of the vibrations are certainly not helpful, keeping me from enjoying the IDA on my own without additional penetration.

The fact that using condoms made the experience worse is a big downside in my mind because many couples use condoms for a variety of very important reasons. Of course, it could have been the condoms we used or a bigger issue for us than for others.

The LELO IDA may be more effective for women with less finicky g-spots and clits that protrude significantly more than mine. Those who don’t need very powerful vibrations to orgasm nor mind buzzy-ish vibrators (or even prefer them) are much better candidates for the IDA than I am. If this describes you, take time to explore the sensations added by the stimulation of a larger portion of the clitoral complex. This could further your enjoyment.

While the LELO IDA has many of the positive qualities I find in LELO sex toys, their lovely, silky silicone, the straightforward control panel, and the capability to control the intensity of the vibration in each separate mode, these cannot override the reality that this particular sex toy is a complete fail for my body. The only reason I can even rate the IDA one full bean is due to these features.

Bottom line: The LELO IDA is a cool concept that, unfortunately, is totally off the mark for me. However, it has enough positive aspects that may make it worth trying if you think you won’t have the same issues with the vibrations as I do. If you’re going to give it a shot, the remote really is worth the extra cash. Not for the SenseMotion aspect, but for its hands-free functionality.

Right now, LELO is running a “Global Sex Survey”. If you participate, you will receive a 20% off discount coupon. Not bad for a few minutes of your time.

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SPOTLIGHT on New LELO Ora Oral Sex Simulator

Happy Valentine’s Day! (if you go in for that sort of thing)


Now on with the show…

This is not the first time I’ve published a Spotlight on a new LELO product and it will undoubtedly not be the last. Back when Beanpole Fiddler and I first started Bean Fiddler, I was naive and uneducated (naive may be a slight hyperbole). I thought LELO sex toys were the ultimate, the cream of the crop. I ogled and coveted and wasn’t sure I’d ever get my hands on one.

Now that I have been at this for a number of years, I own over a dozen LELO toys and am much harder to impress. I have learned that LELO is not the only game in town when it comes to luxury sex toys, though they do know how to throw together some great packaging, and I have a few LELO favorites. In fact, earlier this week, in my less than thrilled review of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator, I recommended both the LELO Nea and LELO Siri as significantly better clit vibrators.

I know many of us who possess clits tend to be fans of a good clit vibrator, but for me they are hands down my absolute favorite sex toy. If you read my article on Kinkly last December, you’ll recall I took a clit vibe with me to my desert island.

I realize there are about a gazillion clit vibrators on the market, but how many oral sex simulators for women (we know there are a ton for men in the Fleshlight series alone) currently exist? I am aware of three. The Je Joue SaSi (which I have not yet had the opportunity to test), the Lovehoney Sqweel (I am including all of its iterations), and the brand new LELO Ora (Ora=oral, get it?).

LELO Ora Oral Sex Simulator

I just love this Midnight Blue color, as well as the ergonomic look of the LELO Ora. Clearly, its rounded form is meant to fit comfortably in the hand during use and its measurements do not indicate otherwise. Of course, we all know I have not a stitch of spatial sense and am often surprised by the size of a sex toy when I remove it from its box, even though I was aware of its measurements beforehand. Along with my complete lack of a sense of direction, this is my cross to bear.

How does the LELO Ora work? Not a clue. I know it’s intended to mimic the feeling of oral stimulation, but the how seems to be rather unique. As you can see in the video below, the motor controls a small nubby something that presses up against and moves away from its silicone cover in varying patterns and motions. Apparently, the Ora not only licks and flicks but can add vibrations to the mix as well. Curiouser and curiouser.

Having heard about LELO’s new oral sex toy some time ago, I was interested, but not overly confident it was an achievable goal. A masturbation sleeve is one thing but a sex toy that really, truly feels like cunnilingus is something else entirely. After watching this video, I must admit they may have actually accomplished what they set out to do. I totally want to find out.


As part of LELO’s Insignia line of sex toys, the new Ora is waterproof, not a trait of earlier generations of LELO vibrators. The downside of the LELO Insignia design is the seam between the silky, soft, silicone and gold ABS Plastic. It collects lube and bodily fluids like my great-uncle collected stamps and is always a challenge to clean (get those toothpicks ready!). It does not appear that this issue has been resolved on the Ora, but maybe it’s not as bad as other Insignia vibrators. (I can always hold out hope.)

What I find most tantalizing about the LELO Ora, aside from the overall concept, is the new INTENSE setting. It ostensibly is a sort of turbo boost button that instantly amplifies power by 30% when pressed. Some Fun Factory vibrators have a similar feature. After all, who can say “no thanks” to an immediate 30% power increase? Not I, said the fly.

In addition to this new INTENSE setting, LELO has provided the Ora with 10 modes of intensity, the most of any LELO toy thus far. One of my favorite aspects of LELO vibrators is being able to adjust the level of intensity separately in each mode, which gives me much more control over my experience. LELO has included this function on the Ora as well. Phew.

The new LELO Ora is available in three colors, the typical Black and Deep Rose, as well as that relatively new and scrumptious Midnight Blue. You can find the LELO Ora at the following stores:

Good Vibrations
PinkCherry Sex Toys


Dulce Bunny Vibrator Review

As you know, I adore colorful sex toys, especially those that aren’t the typical pink and purple. I am always drawn to blue sex toys (don’t ask me why, I am the same way with nail polish) so I was quite pleased to discover the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is available in turquoise.

Dulce Bunny Vibrator

Being a clit girl, I tend to be attracted to clit-centric (totally a word) vibrators. Though there is nothing unusual about the oft used bunny shape, I have not had the easiest time finding a bunny-shaped clit vibe I really like. I’ve certainly given a number of rabbity rabbit vibrators high marks, but I seem to be forever searching for a good bunny-shaped clit vibrator. Why, you may ask? Why not? When you own as many sex toys as I do, turning the process into a sort of treasure hunt sometimes adds to the fun.

Supporting me in this quest, PinkCherry Sex Toys was kind enough to send out the Dulce Bunny ebony porn Vibrator for review. At 5.75″ long and 5″ in circumference, the Dulce Bunny is definitely at the large end of the clit stimulator spectrum.

The smallest vibrator in my collection that I really like (I have smaller ones that I think are sucky) is the LELO Nea. Small clit vibes have some advantages. They are lightweight, effortless to store/hide, and are usually uncomplicated and easy to use. They can also cause hand cramping and become so slippery with lube and bodily fluids they shoot across the room when you’re trying to grab them. That’s not so great.

Hence, it can be convenient to have a larger a clit vibrator, such as the Dulce Bunny, on hand. Its arched body is comfortable to grip, even on one of my painful hand days (the kind of day that would make a little vibrator unmanageable). The length allows me to plop on lube where I want, and as long as it’s not super thin and drippy, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator does not get slippery and difficult to handle.

The smooth, silicone coating of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator does not require much lube, as it basically has no drag. Still, a touch of additional slickness to the tips of its ears can make for more enjoyable play. As this soft and silky coating is silicone, your best is to avoid silicone-based lube and stick with water-based lubricant. Using silicone-based lube with some silicone sex toys can cause a negative chemical reaction, resulting in a damaged, sticky vibrator. No one wants that.

Though the Dulce Bunny Vibrator requires two AAA batteries, which are not included, it is waterproof and its battery compartment appears to be secure. It is definitely safe for washing with (NON-antibacterial) soap and water and shower use. I don’t know that I’d trust its ability to tolerate full submersion, but I tend to be rather cautious and feel safer submerging rechargeable vibrators with no open ports, such as the Minna Limon.

If you have a sex toy cleaner you like, you can spritz the Dulce Bunny Vibrator or spray it on a cloth and wipe the vibrator down. Silicone has such eency weency pores that bacteria and viruses can’t squeeze in and infect the material. Therefore, using a 10% bleach solution on the Dulce Bunny should allow you to disinfect it and share it between non-fluid bonded partners.

Made from ABS coated in soft silicone, the body of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is completely rigid except for the ears, which are solid silicone and have a bit of squish to them. They also do not seem to be tightly attached to the hard body, so you can move them around some. As the Dulce Bunny is not a rabbit vibrator and you’re not trying to coordinate stimulation to different areas of your body, I’m not sure this is a necessary or even intentional feature.

The ears themselves are firm enough that their mobility does not detract from the vibrator’s functionality. At the very least, this flexibility should allow the ears of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator to work for many people in different ways.


Dulce Bunny Vibrator, Front

Dulce Bunny Vibrator, Underside

Dulce Bunny Vibrator, Control Panel

Dulce Bunny Vibrator, Battery Compartment

My favorite part of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator happens to be its very pointy ears. Pinpoint stimulation is my nirvana and finding a pointy vibrator is no small feat. Pointed vibrators are far less common than those with rounded tips. The We-Vibe Touch is probably the only effectively pointy vibrator I own. Fortunately, it has other excellent attributes as well.

The Dulce Bunny Vibrator’s control panel consists of four buttons laid out like a cross and is super straightforward. The top button is the dedicated on/off power button (go, Dulce Bunny Vibrator!) and has the traditional power icon. The bottom button scrolls through the vibrator’s 10 functions and looks a bit like an upside down power icon. The – button on the left hand side decreases intensity and the + button on the right hand side increases intensity.

The four buttons are sized well for most people’s hands (as long as you’re not Andre the Giant) and behave exactly as you’d expect them to. Their feedback is more than satisfactory and they require enough pressure that it’s unlikely you’ll change a setting unintentionally. Underneath the buttons, a blue LED flashes in time to each of its 10 patterns. The Dulce Bunny Vibrator does not have a memory chip, meaning it always starts on the first mode when you turn it on.

This is where things get strange. I am totally perplexed by the set up of the Dulce Bunny’s functions. It has 10 modes but none of them are a steady vibration. All 10 modes are patterns, which is odd. At the moment, I am unable to think of any other vibrator I own that completely lacks at least one steady vibration mode. While I do enjoy patterns, not everyone does, and there are times when I do want them either.

It’s also curious that the Dulce Bunny Vibrator turns on at mid-strength. After hitting the dedicated power button, I can decrease the intensity of the vibrations by two levels. The lowest level is so minimal I doubt I would know the vibrator is on without the flashing LED. I am only able to increase the vibration strength one level, which is weird. Wouldn’t you expect the vibrator to have two higher levels if it has two lower ones?

The 10 modes of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator are as follows:
1. Medium pulsation
2. Long, slow pulsation
3. Two medium pulses, One short pulse, One 3 second pulse
4. Two slow pulses, One short pulse, One 5 second pulse
5. ~20 fast pulsations, One 5 second pulse
6. 5 second pulses*
7. Three short pulses, One 2 second pulse
8. 2 second pulse, ~20 fast pulses, One short pulse
9. Roller coaster
10. Super fast pulse*

*Modes #6 and #10 are the closest the Dulce Bunny Vibrator comes to a steady vibration.

On top of organizing its 10 functions and four levels of intensity in the strangest way I’ve yet to run across, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator has disappointing vibrations. At their most powerful, they are only mid-range in strength and definitely lean toward high-pitched and buzzy. They are not buzzy enough to be painful, but enough to be annoying. As for noise, the vibrations are louder than I expect in a vibrator the size of the Dulce Bunny, but cannot be heard through a thin bedroom door which makes them tolerable.


Dulce Bunny Vibrator, Size

Dulce Bunny Vibrator, Curvy Ears

Dulce Bunny Vibrator, Curvy and Pointy Ears

Dulce Bunny Vibrator, Curvy and Pointy Ears

I feel surprisingly irritated that the Dulce Bunny Vibrator does not have better vibrations because its shape is fantastic. Holding the vibrator with the front (button side) facing down forces the pointy ears to curve upward. Sliding them in between my labia and up under my clit is a natural movement and provides me with the pinpoint stimulation I want. Though I can orgasm with this vibrator, it takes more effort and is less enjoyable than many of my other vibrators.

Have you ever wanted to Frankenstein a sex toy? You know, take the body from one, the motor from another, the charging solution from something else, and magically put them all together to form something great? The Dulce Bunny Vibrator totally provokes that impulse in me. Bad bunny. Very bad bunny.

As I previously mentioned, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator uses two AAA batteries (not included). Why does everything suddenly require AAA batteries?? For some reason, I am ALWAYS out of them. It seems every electrical device in my apartment that needs batteries must have AAA’s. I am forever borrowing batteries from different remote controls to test vibrators. This is one of the reasons I prefer rechargeable sex toys.

Opening the battery compartment it easy peasy, but closing it is somewhat trickier than it looks. You’ve got to make sure the two sets of little plastic tabs on the sides of the compartment line up just right. It is then more a matter of pressing down and slightly up as opposed to using a sliding motion to get the compartment cover back into place.

The packaging of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is quite sturdy. It has a magnetic flap that allows you to open the box easily but is strong enough to keep it from accidentally opening on its own. It is overlarge to store just one sex toy. However, you could easily use it to stash multiple little vibrators, charging cables, small packets/bottles of lube, etc. The only downside is that the partially plastic front may not hold up as well as the rest of the box.

This clear plastic frontage is also what keeps the packaging from being discreet. You can see the Dulce Bunny right through it and while there isn’t any usage of the word “vibrator” on the box, “10 Intense Functions” on the front sort of gives it away.

Inside the box, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is held tightly in a plastic tray with the warranty card and storage pouch underneath. The storage pouch is made of good quality, black, satiny material and has a secure drawstring closure. It doesn’t attract lint or stick to the silicone of the Dulce Bunny. It does say “Closet Collection” on its front but the shoe logo makes me think of teeny tiny shoe bags that would come with very expensive teeny tiny shoes, not sex toys.

It is on the large side, as in you might be able to stuff four Dulce Bunny Vibrators in it if you really tried. I appreciate the additional room for batteries, though it really doesn’t need to be quite so big. Then again, it’s not like we’re talking those early Jopen Vanity storage pouches and it really doesn’t take up any extra space.


Dulce Bunny Vibrator Packaging, Box Front

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Packaging, Box Back

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Packaging, Box Open

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Packaging, Plastic Tray

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Packaging, Box Contents

I need to address some confusion created by the Dulce Bunny Vibrator’s packaging. As you can see from the images above, the front of the box clearly says “silicone”, as does PinkCherry Sex Toys’ website. However, the back of the box declares just as clearly, “Made from ABS with soft rubber coating”. I have always found PinkCherry Sex Toys to be accurate in their data, but everyone makes mistakes, so I did some research. It turns out that the website belonging to Impulse Novelties, the manufacturer, provides the same info as the back of the box. So far, not so good.

Unhappy with the idea of possibly having used a rubber sex toy, but also not having found any indications that the Dulce Bunny Vibrator’s coating actually is rubber, I went one step further and contacted the manufacturer, explaining my confusion. The company responded right away and informed me the coating on the Dulce Bunny Vibrator truly is silicone.

After thanking them for their timely response, I shared my concern about the conflicting descriptions on the packaging and website. While this discrepancy doesn’t sit well with me, the Dulce Bunny Vibrator has no significant odor or taste. It does not make my tongue tingle or feel weird. (No, I did not learn my lesson about tasting sex toys after the Shiri Zinn Cupcake debacle. Do you see the risks I take for you, dear readers?)

All three of my sources, PinkCherry Sex Toys, Impulse Novelties, and the box itself, assert the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is phthalate-free silicone. I cannot sense any indication of leeching chemicals, but I still was not totally reassured. As I do not have a testing facility in my back room, I did the next best thing, a flame test.

The flame test is a commonly used at-home trick to determine if a sex toy truly is made of silicone. It’s basically just what it sounds like- you apply a flame to the sex toy and try to set it on fire. Silicone may burn slightly, the material may darken or discolor as certain ingredients or coatings burn off, but it should not melt like a silicone blend or non-silicone toy.

Holding the Dulce Bunny Vibrator over the bathroom sink, I decided to flame the ears because they are as solid silicone (possibly) I figured any melting would happen quickly. Quite frankly, though I wanted to believe Impulse Novelties when they told me the vibrator does have a silicone coating (I can be very Pollyanna that way), I still expected the ears to melt.

To my great surprise, there was not the tiniest bit of meltage (totally a word). In fact, it seemed to take forever for ash to appear. By the time it did, I was considering breaking out the veggie sausage to do a little bathroom barbecuing. As you can see from the before and after images below, the Dulce Bunny’s ears burned to some degree, causing marginal discoloration and ash buildup. I easily wiped this away with my finger.

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Burned

Dulce Bunny Burned

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Clean(er)

Dulce Bunny Clean(er)

While the ears remained very warm for long enough to allow the Dulce Bunny Vibrator to live on the bathroom counter for a while, there was not a stitch of damage to them. Their shape and structure were in no way compromised. Well, slap me on the ass and call me Mary! I must admit, this was not what I had anticipated at all. The flame test is not 100% accurate, but it is a good general guideline for at-home testing.

Conclusion: The coating on the Dulce Bunny Vibrator is indeed silicone. In a sense, I find this to be more frustrating than if it wasn’t silicone. I am pleased that Impulse Novelties did not lie to me, but I am bothered that they have been so sloppy in their packaging and website description. Does this indicate a lack of understanding of the importance of using body-safe sex toy materials or just a lackadaisical approach to communication? Either way, not good.

While PinkCherry Sex Toys correctly lists the Dulce Bunny Vibrator as being made of silicone, this will not override the confusion that will occur when a consumer looks at the actual box. The manufacturer has done itself a very serious disservice by not providing accurate information on both the box and their website. The website can easily be changed, but that packaging is out there and will be for a long time.

I hope this increases Impulse Novelties’ awareness that more and more, consumers know their stuff. Sex toy manufacturers need to provide valid information about their products and not assume that no one cares or is paying attention. My mission is to get people to pay attention and make healthy choices about the sex toys they use and the companies they support.

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Pros:
• Great pointy ear shape
• Easy to grip during use
• Smooth, silky silicone
• Waterproof
• Dedicated on/off button
• Lightweight
• Flexible ears
• Not a lint magnet
• Good storage pouch

Dulce Bunny Vibrator Cons:
• Inaccurate packaging
• Not very powerful
• Vibrations on the buzzy side
• Slightly loud
• No steady vibration modes
• Incredibly odd vibration setup

I find I am almost depressed by the Dulce Bunny Vibrator at this point. It has a handful of positive features and the curvy, pointy ears are fantastic. With the right motor, this could really be a standout vibrator. Unfortunately, that motor is nowhere to be found (nowhere near this vibrator). It’s a shame.

What actually bothers me even more is the inaccuracy of the Dulce Bunny Vibrator’s packaging. As people who purchase sex toys become more educated, they will spend their money on body-safe sex toys, as they should. As consumers, we all need to be able to trust the information given to us by sex toy manufacturers (yep, here comes Pollyanna again). Eventually, companies who do not understand or care about this issue will be edge out by those who do. I can dream, can’t it?

In the meantime, PinkCherry Sex Toys stocks a large number of better vibrators. Consider the We-Vibe Touch (one of my absolute favorites), the LELO Nea, or the LELO Siri (both also high on my list, but not waterproof). As for a good, solid, bunny-shaped clit vibrator, the search continues.

Bottom line: If you’re not terribly picky about the depth of vibration and don’t require a ton of power to orgasm, its fabulous pointy ears and good overall shape might make the Dulce Bunny Vibrator worth the risk. Otherwise, skip it.

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