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JO Warming Massage Glide Review

I really love massages, and considering I have a chronic pain disorder, they can be very helpful. Professional massage therapists who are knowledgeable about this condition really are the best option, but not always affordable. For this reason, I find it’s a good idea to keep some massage products laying around in case of emergency. Anyone wh9o has ever had a really good massage, professional or otherwise, can tell you that you’ve got to use a good oil or lotion to diminish skin on skin friction. For at home massages, oils tend to work well and are easy to work with so I thought I would try a massage product I haven’t used before, JO Warming Massage Glide.

JO Warming Massage Glide

JO Warming Massage Glide comes in two sizes, 1 ounce and 4.5 ounces. I have the larger 4.5 ounce bottle, which is generally the better deal cost-wise. However, as this massage oil is silicone-based, a little goes a long way, so it might be a good idea to start with the smaller size until you decide whether or not you really like it. The 4.5 ounce bottle is a typical plastic bottle with a pop-up cap, which makes it easy to dispense the Massage Glide without it getting all over the place.

I find JO Warming Massage Glide to be extremely slick and smooth. The texture really is great for a massage and the word “glide” describes it very well. The multiple types of silicone in the massage oil make it feel soft and pleasurable against the skin. It also allows for multiple uses. You can use JO Warming Massage Glide as a sexual lubricant, both for anal and vaginal penetration, with a partner or on your own. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to use it with silicone sex toys as the silicone in both products can react negatively with each other and damage your toy. However, it is latex-safe so it can be used with many brands of condoms. Silicone is a good skin moisturizer, so not only are you receiving a great massage (hopefully), you are conditioning your skin at the same time.

As I mentioned above, a little JO Warming Massage Glide goes a long way because it does not evaporate like a water-based lotion. So, you always want to start out with a small amount and add to it rather than begin with a huge glob and end up slipping and sliding too much. As a general rule, silicone-based products do not totally absorb into the skin so JO Warming Massage Glide really will last as long as you need it. If you use a lot, you may need to wipe/wash it off when you are done with your slippery activities. If you are more cautious, you may be able to pop clothes on immediately afterward.

JO Warming Massage Glide contains the following ingredients:
Polydimethylsiloxane, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, Octamethylcyclotetr-asiloxane, Dimethylsiloxane, Hydroxy-terminated Capsium, Peppermint

I decided to go with a warming massage oil because I figured the warming factor would be extra good for sore muscles, especially as my pain tends to be rather deep. I suppose different ingredients can be used to create a warming sensation, and JO Warming Massage Glide uses Capsium. It also has peppermint in it, which I expect is meant to provide a tingling feeling and add to the warming sensation. The peppermint also creates a nice, mild, minty scent that I find pleasant.

When it comes to the warming sensation, JO Warming Massage Glide really disappoints. I don’t feel much of a warming sensation at all. In fact, I wonder if the little bit I do feel is actually due to the Capsium or just the friction of having the oil rubbed on my skin. In this sense, JO Warming Massage Glide is no different from another silicone-based product without the added warming sensation.

JO Warming Massage Glide

JO Warming Massage Glide, Size

JO Warming Massage Glide, Cap

Due to the ingredients, JO Warming Massage Glide does a good job at moisturizing the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky. As a matter of fact, I have had several tattoos for a number of years and I must say that JO Warming Massage Glide makes them sparkle like they’re practically new. However, a few of the ingredients, such Octamethylcyclotetr-asiloxane and Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, have less than perfect safety ratings, which is a concern for some people.

JO Warming Massage Glide Pros:
• Pop-up cap
• Good scent
• Moisturizing for the skin
• Latex-safe
• Can be used as lubricant
• Waterproof

JO Warming Massage Glide Cons:
• No significant warming sensation
• Some ingredients don’t have the highest safety ratings
• Caution must be used when using with silicone toys

When it comes to silicone-based massage oils, JO Warming Massage Glide is fine, but it’s nothing to write home about. Like most other silicone-based products, it moisturizes the skin well, can be used in water, does not dissipate quickly, and is latex-safe. However, if I want all those qualities, I would most likely prefer a higher-quality product, like my favorite silicone-based lubricant, Pjur Original Bodyglide, which can do all of these things as well, but has only three ingredients making it more pure and less chemically-enhanced. Of course, Pjur Original Bodyglide is quite a bit more expensive than JO Warming Massage Glide, but I guess you get what you pay for. It’s not that anything is terribly wrong with this massage oil (other than it being a big liar about the warming aspect), it’s just not that great either.

You can find JO Warming Massage Glide at the following stores:

JO Warming Massage Glide 1 ounce
JO Warming Massage Glide 4.5 ounces
**Use code: FIDDLER at checkout for 10% off your entire order

JO Warming Massage Glide 1 ounce
JO Warming Massage Glide 4.5 ounces

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Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Review

It’s been a while since I have reviewed an anal toy. In fact, the last time I reviewed one was in February, and that’s the only butt toy I’ve reviewed so far in 2013. I figured it was high time I get my butt in gear, so to speak, and take on a new anal toy. I decided to go with the small Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug.

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Butt Plug

I really like glass sex toys. They have so many positive attributes. This is one of the reasons I chose to try the Sasha Grey Butt Plug. It is made of borosillicate glass, also known as Pyrex. If Pyrex sounds familiar, it’s because it is the brand name of a line of glassware used for cooking. Borosillicate glass is made in such a way that it is much more difficult to break than your average water glass, which tends to shatter on impact. If you drop a sex toy made of borosillicate glass (I have) and it breaks (which has not happened to me), it will crack into large chunks rather than shatter into a million tiny pieces that you will continue to step on for the next six months, no matter how well you’ve cleaned up.

That being said, you still want to be sure to treat your Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug with respect and store it carefully, in a way that does not allow it to slam up against other hard objects. Though I have never had a glass toy crack or chip, it is important to always check your glass toys before and after use to be sure there is no damage.

As glass is non-porous, it is a very safe material to use for toys that you stick into your body. Few people have allergic reactions to glass. It is also latex and phthalate-free, so there is no chance of absorbing nasty chemicals into the body. Cleaning is simple. You can wash your Sasha Grey Butt Plug with warm water and soap, spritz it down with a sex toy cleaner, or use a 10% bleach solution. This bleach solution will disinfect the butt plug, allowing it to be used amongst multiple partners. You can also pop the Sasha Grey Butt Plug into the dishwasher and wash it with the rest of your glassware.

Glass is also versatile when it comes to lube. You can use any kind of body-safe lube with the Sasha Grey Butt Plug, so you’re not forced to stick with a water-based lubricant. This is great because I tend to prefer using silicone-based lubricants for anal play, when possible. It’s slicker and lasts longer, so I don’t have to use as much lube.

Another great thing about glass is that it retains temperatures well, so it is very good for sensation play. You can heat up or cool down the Sasha Grey Butt Plug by placing it a bowl of ice or hot water. I would not cool the butt plug by putting it in the freezer or heat it in the microwave. Quick, drastic changes in temperature can cause the glass to crack. I prefer cooling down my glass toys but some people prefer warming them up.

The Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Not all stores carry all three sizes. As I was not quite feeling up to a challenge at the time of purchase, I went with the small. It is 3.5″ long, with an insertable length of 3″, and a diameter of 1.25″. A diameter of 1.25″ is on the small side. However, you can definitely find smaller butt plugs out there, and I would not recommend this to a first time butt plug purchaser. With a glass butt plug, you will feel every bit of that 1.25″ diameter. There is no give like there is with other materials, such as silicone, where a butt plug of this size can actually feel smaller.

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug, Size

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug, Head

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug, Stem

On the other hand, if you are an experienced user of butt plugs and are looking to try a glass plug for the first time, the Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug is a good choice. In hand, it actually seems pretty tiny to me, but this is not my first plug. It’s important to point out that for whatever reason some of Doc Johnson’s images of this butt plug make the head look triangular in shape. It is not pointy at all, but rather slightly oval shaped. It also has a much longer stem between the head and the base than these images indicate. Take a close look at my images above. The base is wide enough to keep the Sasha Grey Butt Plug anchored so that it does not get sucked up into your anus accidentally. It is also small enough to be comfortable when in place. The length of the stem provides sufficient room for your anal muscles to clench down so the plug does not slip out of your body.

While I generally prefer girthier butt plugs, it is always good to have something smaller around for times when bigger is not better, and the Sasha Grey Butt Plug does a good job at serving this purpose. It provides milder stimulation than many other butt plugs I have tried. Though it may be short on stature, the size of this butt plug makes it versatile. You can use it as a warm up to a larger plug, or just wear it while you’re out running errands.

The glass of the Sasha Grey Butt Plug provides a weighty feeling inside of me that lighter materials, like silicone, do not. This is an added sensation I really enjoy. I like the shape very much, which I anticipated when I first saw it. The head is pronounced enough to help keep the plug in place, while not being so large that it’s uncomfortable when it slips inside me. I also appreciate the length of the stem because it really helps keep the butt plug solidly inside me so I do not experience slippage, which is common and incredibly annoying. The Sasha Grey Butt Plug is easy to insert, remove, and wear. What more can one really ask for in a butt plug?

The packaging of the Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug is plain but sufficient. It comes in a black cardboard box with a picture of the butt plug on the front and some basic information on the back. The image of the plug on the front, along with word “PLUG” in the top right hand corner, keeps this box from being discreet. Inside the box, the plug is firmly secured in a very large block of black foam with a thin piece of black foam covering the cutout. The upside of this foam is that you could probably throw it against the wall without damaging the butt plug. The downside is that it is very large and takes up a lot of storage space. Still, you don’t want glass sex toys knocking about unprotected in a drawer.

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug Packaging, Front

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug Packaging, Side

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug Packaging, Back

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug Packaging, Inner Foam

Sasha Grey Small Butt Plug Packaging, Inner Foam

Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Pros:
• Good shape
• Long stem
• Easy to insert and remove
• Comfortable
• Glass
• Attractive
• Made in the U.S.

Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Cons:
• May not provide enough stimulation for some

As I mentioned, I tend to prefer larger plugs that offer more stimulation. However, for when it comes to small and mild, the Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug is a strong contender. The shape and size make it comfortable to wear during penetration, and the long stem keeps it from slipping out so it is secure. It is easy to insert and remove, and the fact that it’s made of glass allows me to use my favorite silicone-based lube with it. I know many people don’t care where their sex toys come from, but I prefer to buy locally when possible, so I really like that it’s made in the U.S. If you’re looking for a ton of sensation, I suggest considering the Sasha Grey Butt Plug in a larger size. If you want a lot of stimulation, look for a plug with texture, as the smooth glass of this one will not provide that for you. However, if you want a good, solid, small glass butt plug to experiment with or add to your collection, the Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug is a great choice.

You can find the Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug at the following stores:
Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Small
Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Medium

Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Medium
Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Large

Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plug Medium

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Minna Ola Vibrator Review

In 2011, I attended the AVN Adult Novelty Expo. At the expo, I had the opportunity to see a number of new and upcoming products. One of these products was a not yet released vibrator, the Minna Ola.

Minna Ola Vibrator

As I was walking around, the Minna Ola, standing up in its circular box, immediately attracted my attention. Once I learned about its innovate squeeze technology, I was very curious. You see, the Minna Ola is not a typical vibrator. It does not not have the usual discrete modes and power levels you find in most vibrators out there. Nor does it have the turn dial bottom that allows you scroll up and down through the vibration levels, making incremental adjustments. The Ola is entirely new and different. As you can see in the diagram below, the Minna Ola has a touch-sensitive interface or soft spot. I just call it the squeeze spot. This area is what controls the vibrations. If you squeeze it lightly, you get a faint vibration, squeeze it hard and you get maximum power. Essentially, the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration.

Minna Ola Vibrator Overview

First, let’s run through the basic turning on and off of the Minna Ola. The Ola has two buttons on the top of its shaft. The lower button is the power button and the larger button above it is the mode button. To turn the Ola on, you push the power button once and to turn it off you push the same button and hold for one second. While the Ola is on, the power button glows steadily. The Ola has three modes, Freeplay, Loop, and Locked Loop. When you turn the Ola on you will always start in Freeplay. This is where the squeezing starts, so I hope you’ve been working out. In Freeplay, the mode button light is off.

The Minna Ola’s second mode is called Loop. To switch to Loop, press the mode button once. In Loop mode, you can create your own patterns that the Ola will then play back for you. You can alternate long and short pulses as well as increasing and decreasing the power level. It’s very easy. All you do is squeeze the interface in whatever pattern you wish, then stop. After a moment, the Ola will play back your creation. Your newly created pattern will play continuously until you press the squeeze spot and start over. How cool is that? This is the first time I’ve had a toy that allowed me to create my own patterns and I think it’s a pretty nifty feature. Be careful because it is surprisingly easy to squeeze accidentally and kill the pattern you just made. In Loop, the mode button will blink.

A third press of the mode button will take you to Locked Loop mode. In Locked Loop mode, the pattern you just created in Loop will play repeatedly. So, once you’ve created a pattern you really like and want to use for a while, it’s a good time to head into Locked Loop mode so you don’t lose it. Of course, once you turn the Ola off, your pattern is gone. The Ola will not save it. While in Locked Loop mode, the Minna Ola will not respond to squeezing and the mode button will glow steadily. Once you tire of this pattern, you can press the mode one more time and return to Freeplay, where you can squeeze to your ebony porn heart’s delight.

The Minna Ola is made of silicone wrapped around a hard interior, so other than the squeeze spot, it has no give. Silicone is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. As the silicone of the vibrator can be damaged by silicone-based lube, it would be wise to stick with a water-based lubricant. There is a decent amount of drag to the silicone of the Ola, so you might need more than a drop of lube. As with most silicone sex toys, the Ola does attract some lint but it’s not terrible in this respect.

As the Minna Ola is a magnetically rechargeable vibrator, it has no open ports to allow water in. This means the Ola is not only waterproof, but fully submersible. In addition to making cleaning a snap, you can enjoy the Ola in the bath as well. You may clean the Ola in a number of ways. You can use a sex toy cleaner, warm water and antibacterial soap, or, as the Ola is silicone, a 10% bleach solution. This bleach solution will disinfect the Ola and allow it to be used between non-fluid bonded partners.

Minna Ola Vibrator, Size

Minna Ola Vibrator, Buttons

Minna Ola Vibrator, Touch-sensitive Interface (squeeze spot)

Minna Ola Vibrator, Charging Magnets

Minna Ola Vibrator, Charger

The Minna Ola conveniently lets you know how much battery life is left by pulsing when you turn it on. Three pulses indicates a full battery, two pulses means your battery level is less than fully charged, and one pulse indicates a low battery. If your Ola is at one pulse, it’s a good time to recharge it.

There are two parts to the charging interface, the wall plug and the magnetic charge adapter. You simply attach the cord from the wall plug to the charge adapter, then connect the charge adapter to the Minna Ola. The magnets will lock the charge adapter into place. You can easily tell if you are trying to attach it incorrectly as the magnets will repel each other. The charge adapter’s unusual shape allows it to act as a stand for the Ola during charging. During the charging process, which takes approximately three hours, the power button will flash. Once the Minna Ola is fully charged, both the power and mode buttons will flash.

If the squeezable interface on your Minna Ola ever becomes squashed in or dimpled, you will need to vent it. This is the first vibrator I’ve ever had that requires venting. Be sure the Ola is not connected to a power source and is off before you vent. Remove the charge adapter from the wall charging cord and insert the pointy end into the travel vent, which is a small hole above the mode button. To actuate the vent, press the plug into the hole. You may need to rock the plug gently back and forth if the surface of the interface does not return to normal right away. Once the interface has inflated back to where it should be, remove the plug from the vent and all is well.

The Minna Ola is approximately 7.75″ in length, with 5.5″ being insertable, and 1.25″ in diameter. It only weighs about .75 pounds, so it is very light. There is a seam that runs around the sides of the vibrator that is very obvious to the eye and fingers, but I don’t feel it when the Ola is inside of me.

The vibrations of the Minna Ola are on the deep side, though not quite as deep as I would like. I also find them to be moderate in strength. They are powerful enough to get me off, but it’s not a powerhouse of a vibrator. It is louder at its highest level of intensity than I was hoping, but it’s not awful. The Ola can be heard within the same room but not through a closed door.

Using the Minna Ola is definitely a different experience. Squeezing is fun. It feels a bit like playing with a water balloon. I was worried that the Ola might require a significant amount of hand strength, which is an issue for me at times due to fibromyalgia. However, the squeeze spot is very responsive. I actually have to be careful not to squeeze too hard straight away or it zips right up to maximum power. If you do suffer from a pain disorder, you may find it difficult to squeeze continuously. Good thing you can create a pattern and save it. Something else that feels different to me is the weight distribution. The Ola is very light but its weight is not evenly distributed. Most of it is in the insertable end of the vibrator, though I don’t notice this much during use.

The average diameter makes the Ola easy to insert and comfortable internally. Though it may work well for g-spot stimulation for some, it really doesn’t do much for me in that arena. Thrusting is easy with the Minna Ola, if not super exciting. I find it works better as a clit vibe for me. One issue I have with using the Ola is caused by the vibrations traveling throughout the shaft a little too well, which makes my hand a bit buzzy at times.

Minna Ola Vibrator Packaging

Minna Ola Vibrator Packaging, Back

Minna Ola Vibrator Packaging, Size

Minna Ola Vibrator Packaging, Inside

Minna Ola Vibrator Packaging, Contents

The packaging of the Minna Ola is fun and creative, but huge with a capital “H”. The Ola comes in a hard cardboard tube with an image of the vibrator on the outside, so it is not what I would call discreet. It also has some basic information on the back. It is extremely sturdy and would be great for storage if it wasn’t as long as my 4 year old cousin’s leg. Inside the tube, the Ola stands upright, supported by cardboard. It has a little pamphlet around its shaft with instructions. Once you remove the Ola and the little cardboard support, you’ll find the charging equipment and storage bag underneath. The storage bag is one of the nicest I’ve seen. It is a high quality silver satin lined with white satin. It is soft and sturdy and fits the Ola perfectly. The only downside of the storage bag is that the Ola and its charger do not fit in the bag together, so they have to be stored separately.

Minna Ola Vibrator Pros:
• Innovative squeeze technology
• Can make your own patterns
• Smooth silicone
• Waterproof, fully submersible
• Rechargeable
• Not a huge lint magnet
• Great storage bag

Minna Ola Vibrator Cons:
• Vibrations could be deeper and stronger
• Squeezing might be challenging for people with hand/wrist/strength issues
• Hand gets a little buzzy

While the Minna Ola looks rather tame, it is one of the most unusual vibrators I have yet to try. The squeeze technology is totally unique and unlike anything else I have. The ability to create and save my own patterns, even if just for that round of play, is pretty cool. The Ola also has many other good qualities. It is waterproof, rechargeable, and made of silicone. It has deepish vibrations that are strong enough to get me off, and it’s not a huge lint magnet. On the downside, the buzzy hand syndrome is a drag, especially at times when I’m suffering from hand pain. The squeeze technology, though very cool, may not be a great choice for people who have issues with their hands and wrists, as the Ola does require at least some interaction with the squeeze interface.

Overall, I like the Ola’s one of a kind squeeziness, but I wish the vibrations were a tad deeper and touch stronger. For innovation, the Minna Ola definitely scores 5 beans, but when it comes to actual use, it’s not quite as stellar. You can find the Minna Ola Vibrator at the following stores:

Good Vibrations
The Stockroom

Also, be sure to check out my recent Spotlight on the Minna Limon, a new vibrator created by Minna, that is slated to be released in November.

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SPOTLIGHT on Tantus Twist Butt Plug

On Wednesday, I reviewed a gorgeous dildo, the Tantus Rocket. You must click over, if only to see the excellent colors! I am obviously a fan of Tantus, as I have reviewed and spotlighted a number of their toys, including my recent Spotlight on Tantus Juice and Neo Butt Plugs. This week, I thought we’d take a look at another butt plug from the same line, the Tantus Twist Butt Plug.

Tantus Twist Butt Plug

Like its siblings the Juice and Neo, the Tantus Twist Butt Plug is made of Tantus’ 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone. It also comes in black and purple, and is waterproof. The Tantus Twist has a flared base to make it safe for anal play, and moderate proportions. It has 4″ of insertable length and is 1.3″ in diameter.

What really makes the Tantus Twist stand out is the shape. If you take a close look at the Twist, you can see it is aptly named. Rather than your typical bulbous butt plug, the Twist is shaped like a corkscrew. I assume you need to literally screw the Twist in and out of yourself. Well, I would think you have to at least screw it in. You may be able to just pull it on out. I don’t know for sure because I have not yet tried it.

Overall, I think the Tantus Twist looks very interesting and worth taking for a test drive. So, keep your eyes open for an upcoming review of the Twist. You can find the Tantus Twist Butt Plug at the following stores:


Tantus Rocket Dildo Review

Late autumn last year, I posted a Spotlight on a new set of toys recently released by one of my favorite manufacturers, Tantus. If you haven’t yet read my Spotlight on Tantus Space Toys now would be a good time to click over and check it out. Of course, I was especially enthralled by the colors, and was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review the Tantus Rocket Dildo.

Tantus Rocket Dildo

Tantus uses 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, which is latex and phthalate-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Tantus silicone is medical-grade, so it is more expensive than other lesser quality silicone products out there. However, this is one of those cases of getting what you pay for. One great thing about pure silicone is that it can be boiled for three to five minutes or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect it. This allows you to share the Tantus Rocket amongst non-fluid bonded partners. It also permits you to switch from anal to vaginal use, after the Rocket has been disinfected, of course. Speaking of anal use, the Tantus Rocket has a very large and sturdy flared base, so it can be used anally.

Normally, I recommend only using water-based lubricants with silicone sex toys. This is because the silicone in both products can interact negatively and damage the toy. However, as Tantus silicone is 100% pure silicone, as opposed to some other silicone toys, you can use some silicone-based lubricants with it. You must be sure to use a good silicone lube, which is not going to be cheap. If you are uncertain if you can use your silicone-based lube with the Rocket, do a spot test on the its base. To be safe, I would go with something from the Pjur line. Tantus recommends Pjur Eros Bodyglide Light Love. While I love the high quality of Tantus’ silicone, it has a significant amount of drag to it. So, be sure to use a good amount of whatever lube you do use. The other thing to be aware of with Tantus silicone is that it tends to attract a good amount of hair and lint, though oddly enough, the Rocket seem to collect less than my other Tantus toys even though the silicone feels the same. Perhaps I have not given it enough of an opportunity to show its true…colors.

The Tantus Rocket measures 6″ long, with 5.5″ of insertable length, and 1.5″ in diameter. It is made of solid silicone but has some squish to it. As there is no internal plastic shaft or anything like that, the Rocket is very flexible and can be bent. The Rocket has no moving parts or electrical bits so it is waterproof and can even be washed n the top shelf of your dishwasher (no soap needed). Of course, if you want to go the simple route, you can always just use warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner.

Tantus Rocket Dildo

Tantus Rocket Dildo, Size

Tantus Rocket Dildo, Head

Tantus Rocket Dildo, Shaft

The shape of this dildo is clean and stylized. It has a head that is slightly pronounced on one side, like a real-life penis, but that’s about as realistic as the Tantus Rocket gets. Both the shaft and head are smooth, with no vein-like ridges. There is no texture to this dildo. I happen to enjoy texture, but I don’t need it. I can appreciate the sleekness of the Rocket’s shaft.

What really makes the Tantus Rocket stand out is the color. It is definitely one of the most colorful dildos I have ever seen. Not only are the lime green, orange, and hot pink vivid, they flow into each other with lovely gradations. I have often had trouble capturing the true beauty of Tantus toys. My camera just can’t show you the gentle shimmer of this dildo. The colors remind me of one of those Big Stick popsicles I used to have when I was a kid. It is important to note that the Tantus Rocket is handmade, so no two will be exactly alike. Certainly, mine is not an exact replica of the image on the Tantus site. In fact, it is even prettier, and yes, I am calling a dildo pretty.

In use, the Tantus Rocket is a good, solid dildo. I appreciate the shorter length of this dildo because it allows me to thrust away without worrying about hitting my cervix. I find the Rocket’s average 1.5″ girth is very easy to tolerate with little to no warmup needed. I have dildos that are girthier and some of them need quite a bit working up to, not to mention lube. I can feel a bit of a pop when the slightly pronounced head enters me, but it’s nothing drastic. In general, using the Tantus Rocket is a very pleasant experience. Probably one of my favorite things about the Tantus Rocket, aside from its gorgeous color gradations, is the base. It is larger than the bases on many of my other dildos. This over-sized base is very comfortable and easy to hold on to while thrusting, and if you’re into strap-ons, I’d think the large base would make the Rocket a good fit for many harnesses.

The Tantus Rocket Dildo comes in the same packaging as all my other Tantus sex toys. The box is made of a kinda flimsy clear plastic with some basic information on the sides and back. Inside the box, the Rocket sits in a clear plastic clamshell. It is easy to get the Rocket in and out of the packaging but I have found the plastic isn’t sturdy enough for long term storage. As it also takes up a lot of room, I tend to store my Tantus toys in Ziploc bags. I don’t mind that the packaging is not discreet and I appreciate Tantus saving on cost with simple packaging. However, because the box is clear, I do find it somewhat challenging to read the information on the sides and bottom. Not a huge issue, just something to be aware of.

Tantus Rocket Dildo Packaging, Box Front

Tantus Rocket Dildo Packaging, Box Back

Tantus Rocket Dildo Packaging, Inner Clamshell

Tantus Rocket Dildo Pros:
• Gorgeous colors
• Tantus silicone
• Good base for thrusting
• Shorter length

Tantus Rocket Dildo Cons:
• Gets linty

As always, Tantus pleases me with its wonderful silicone, which is high quality, if a little linty. By now, I have learned that good silicone sometimes comes with lint. You just have to accept that. The size and shape of the Tantus Rocket works well for me and makes a nice change from girthier, more textured dildos. The base is great for holding onto and thrusting and I really like the short insertable length that allows my cervix to remain untouched. The size and ease of use will make the Rocket a good choice for many users, whether they want to use it vaginally or anally. Of course, my favorite aspect of this dildo is the colors, which are AMAZING. While it may not have a huge wow factor (other than the beautiful colors), the Tantus Rocket is a simple, dependable dildo you can pull out and use in most circumstances.

Head over to Tantus and check out the Tantus Rocket Dildo.

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