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SPOTLIGHT on Tenga Vi-Bo

When I sat down to write this Spotlight, I was in the mood for a brand new toy. I went trolling around looking for something I hadn’t seen before and ran across the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators.

Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators

If you recall, back in August, I reviewed the Iroha YUKI. Iroha is a line of vibrators for women, created by Tenga, which has traditionally produced sex toys for men. I was pleased to see Tenga’s foray into the world of women’s toys, and now it appears they are taking on couples’ toys. Sort of….

Tenga Vi-Bo is a collection of five small vibrators that are intended to be used “as a tool for two people to stimulate each other, for greater communication to support coupled intimacy”. Sounds like Tenga is trying to stimulate conversations about getting off between people who may not be communicating clearly, which I fully support. However, I feel like they can do this with sex toys that seem less…silly.

If you read Bean Fiddler, you know I’m all about colorful, odd, and quirky sex toys, but these are hard to take very seriously. Of course, I am experienced user of sex toys, which is not the case for all people. With Tenga Vi-Bo, I imagine Tenga is reaching out to the younger and new to sex toys crowd, much like the LELO PicoBong line. While I am all for this idea, I am not sure how successful it will be with the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators.

You can watch the video below to learn a bit about the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators, but I don’t actually recommend it. It’s pretty pointless. Still, I felt like I had to include it.



The Tenga Vi-Bo line consists of small vibrating orbs in five different sheaths. Each orb is approximately 3 cm (or 1.18″) in diameter, which is awfully tiny, and encased in a differently shaped and colored elastomer cover. The orbs are removable for purposes of cleaning and changing of batteries. Unfortunately, these little vibrators run on three LR44 batteries, which are not only challenging to find, they tend to provide light and buzzy vibrations. So thus far, Tenga has not persuaded me these are something I want to try.

Taking a closer look at each of the different Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators, is visually pleasing, but still does not convince me I am going to like those little vibrating orbs.

Tenga Vi-Bo Finger Orb

Finger Orb

Finger Orb: This orange orb is meant to fit on the finger and add some vibration to touch, somewhat like the Jimmyjane Hello Touch, I suppose.

Tenga Vi-Bo Ring Orb

Ring Orb

Ring Orb: Basically, a blue cock ring, though when I first saw it, I thought it was also meant to fit on the finger. It looks quite stretchy, but I have no dimensions.

Tenga Vi-Bo Hand Orb

Hand Orb

Hand Orb: This pink sheath is the oddest one and, of course, it interests me the most. You wear this Vi-Bo Vibrator with a finger in each loop, stretched across your hand. The design seems like it could be very good for nipple stimulation.

Tenga Vi-Bo Twin Orb

Twin Orb

Twin Orb: The orb at either end of the flexible, yellow elastomer can likely be used to stimulate the clit and labia at the same time. It doesn’t look long enough to provide much versatility though.

Tenga Vi-Bo Stick Orb

Stick Orb

Stick Orb: This purple sheath boasts two vibrating orbs, one on top of the other. I guess the third hole provides the option of moving the orbs around or using it as a handle. I expect you can insert this Vi-Bo Vibrator slightly, but I’m not sure how deeply it will penetrate.

The tagline for the Tenga Vi-Bo line of vibrators is “Orbs of fun for everyone”, which is clearly supportive of the idea that these odd, little vibrators are directed toward the newbie crowd.

For some reason, the colors and designs remind me of Play-Doh, which instantly makes me want to put them in my mouth. Yes, I have tasted Play-Doh, and still remember how awful it tastes. While that stops me from actually sticking in my mouth if given the opportunity, it doesn’t quash the desire.

I think the colorful and funky looking designs of the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators will be attractive to some people. My concern is whether or not the vibrations will ultimately be strong and satisfying enough. You don’t want to draw in new, inexperienced people to try a sex toy, only to have it be a complete downer and cause them to lose interest. If it turns out that the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators become stepping stones to bigger and better sex toys, that would be great, but I have my doubts.