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SPOTLIGHT on Tenga Vi-Bo

When I sat down to write this Spotlight, I was in the mood for a brand new toy. I went trolling around looking for something I hadn’t seen before and ran across the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators.

Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators

If you recall, back in August, I reviewed the Iroha YUKI. Iroha is a line of vibrators for women, created by Tenga, which has traditionally produced sex toys for men. I was pleased to see Tenga’s foray into the world of women’s toys, and now it appears they are taking on couples’ toys. Sort of….

Tenga Vi-Bo is a collection of five small vibrators that are intended to be used “as a tool for two people to stimulate each other, for greater communication to support coupled intimacy”. Sounds like Tenga is trying to stimulate conversations about getting off between people who may not be communicating clearly, which I fully support. However, I feel like they can do this with sex toys that seem less…silly.

If you read Bean Fiddler, you know I’m all about colorful, odd, and quirky sex toys, but these are hard to take very seriously. Of course, I am experienced user of sex toys, which is not the case for all people. With Tenga Vi-Bo, I imagine Tenga is reaching out to the younger and new to sex toys crowd, much like the LELO PicoBong line. While I am all for this idea, I am not sure how successful it will be with the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators.

You can watch the video below to learn a bit about the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators, but I don’t actually recommend it. It’s pretty pointless. Still, I felt like I had to include it.



The Tenga Vi-Bo line consists of small vibrating orbs in five different sheaths. Each orb is approximately 3 cm (or 1.18″) in diameter, which is awfully tiny, and encased in a differently shaped and colored elastomer cover. The orbs are removable for purposes of cleaning and changing of batteries. Unfortunately, these little vibrators run on three LR44 batteries, which are not only challenging to find, they tend to provide light and buzzy vibrations. So thus far, Tenga has not persuaded me these are something I want to try.

Taking a closer look at each of the different Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators, is visually pleasing, but still does not convince me I am going to like those little vibrating orbs.

Tenga Vi-Bo Finger Orb

Finger Orb

Finger Orb: This orange orb is meant to fit on the finger and add some vibration to touch, somewhat like the Jimmyjane Hello Touch, I suppose.

Tenga Vi-Bo Ring Orb

Ring Orb

Ring Orb: Basically, a blue cock ring, though when I first saw it, I thought it was also meant to fit on the finger. It looks quite stretchy, but I have no dimensions.

Tenga Vi-Bo Hand Orb

Hand Orb

Hand Orb: This pink sheath is the oddest one and, of course, it interests me the most. You wear this Vi-Bo Vibrator with a finger in each loop, stretched across your hand. The design seems like it could be very good for nipple stimulation.

Tenga Vi-Bo Twin Orb

Twin Orb

Twin Orb: The orb at either end of the flexible, yellow elastomer can likely be used to stimulate the clit and labia at the same time. It doesn’t look long enough to provide much versatility though.

Tenga Vi-Bo Stick Orb

Stick Orb

Stick Orb: This purple sheath boasts two vibrating orbs, one on top of the other. I guess the third hole provides the option of moving the orbs around or using it as a handle. I expect you can insert this Vi-Bo Vibrator slightly, but I’m not sure how deeply it will penetrate.

The tagline for the Tenga Vi-Bo line of vibrators is “Orbs of fun for everyone”, which is clearly supportive of the idea that these odd, little vibrators are directed toward the newbie crowd.

For some reason, the colors and designs remind me of Play-Doh, which instantly makes me want to put them in my mouth. Yes, I have tasted Play-Doh, and still remember how awful it tastes. While that stops me from actually sticking in my mouth if given the opportunity, it doesn’t quash the desire.

I think the colorful and funky looking designs of the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators will be attractive to some people. My concern is whether or not the vibrations will ultimately be strong and satisfying enough. You don’t want to draw in new, inexperienced people to try a sex toy, only to have it be a complete downer and cause them to lose interest. If it turns out that the Tenga Vi-Bo Vibrators become stepping stones to bigger and better sex toys, that would be great, but I have my doubts.

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator Review

Over the past few weeks I have reviewed the Jopen KEY Charms Plush Mini Vibrator and the Jopen KEY Vela Massager. I mentioned that a third review was in the works, thanks to Jopen being kind enough to send me three vibrators from their new KEY line. This week, we’ll be taking a look at the Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator.

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator

As I mentioned above, the Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator is part of the new Jopen KEY line, and like the other sex toys in this line, it is made of ABS and silicone. In the case of the Io (which reminds me of the Io Valley on Maui), the vibrator itself is made of ABS, while the two changeable sleeves are made of silicone. The silicone of the sleeves is sleek and smooth and does not collect lint like many of my silicone sex toys, which I greatly appreciate. While it is smooth and silky, it is still important to use lubricant for increased slipperyness. When using the silicone sleeves, you want to stick with a water-based lubricant as silicone-based lubes can react negatively with the silicone sleeves. Technically, you can use a silicone-based lubricant if you are using the Io on its own without either of the sleeves, but I wouldn’t risk it. If you don’t get every speck of silicone-based lube off the vibrator, you could damage the inside of the silicone sleeve when it comes into contact with the lubricant.

The video below provides a snapshot of the Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator.

The Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator runs on one AA battery, which is not included. To insert this battery, twist the base of the Io counterclockwise and it pops right off. Insert the battery positive end down. When you open the battery compartment of the Io, you will see an o-ring which ensures the vibrator is waterproof. Just be sure you firmly reattach the battery compartment cover before exposing the Io to water. As it is waterproof, the Io Mini Vibrator is easy to clean. You can use any sex toy cleaner, or just wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap, like I do. Remove and wash the sleeves separately to make sure they are totally clean.

Certainly something I would classify as an external vibrator, the Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator is 4.25″ ling with a diameter of 1″. Yes, you can insert it vaginally, which may be nice for some users, especially beginners. However, do not insert the Io anally. It has no flared based and its shape is perfect for disappearing up into the anal canal and being very difficult to retrieve. Just don’t do it.

The Io Vibrator is very easy to use, also a benefit for people new to sex toys. At the base of the Io is a stainless alloy button, which gives the vibrator a touch of class in looks. Press this button once to turn the Io on. Press it again to cycle through the five different modes. To turn the Io off, press and hold the button for approximately two seconds. Easy, peasy. Unlike both the KEY Charms Plush and the KEY Vela, which have the same stainless alloy button, this particular button is a bit too easy to press. The buttons on the other vibrators require enough pressure that I don’t turn them on or change modes accidentally. The button on the Io is a hair trigger, so this does happen occasionally. It certainly isn’t the end of the world and may just be my specific Io. It is, however, an excellent reason not to store the Io with the battery inside. It will very likely get turned on accidentally in storage and drain the battery, as well as making odd noises.

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator, with Smooth Sleeve

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator, Size

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator, without Sleeves

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator, Sleeves

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator, Base

Like the Charms Plush, the Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator has five modes of vibration. There is a helpful visual of these patterns in the instruction manual. They are as follows:
1. High- steady vibration
2. High 2- very fast pulse
3. Tease- ramp up
4. Pulse- slow pulse
5. Throb- two long pulses three short

The vibrations of the Io are surprisingly strong for a battery-operated clit vibrator. This is likely due to the AA battery, rather than an N or even a AAA. While not silent, they are also quiet enough to use underneath some heavy blankets without making too much of a racket in the room. However, and this is a big however, the vibrations are buzzy. They are not so buzzy they’re painful and I can orgasm with them, but they are not the deep and rumbly vibrations I really prefer. This makes using the KEY Io Mini Vibrator much less pleasurable than I hoped. While I very much appreciate the Io’s changeable sleeves, it is a challenge for me to get past the vibrations. On a positive note, I really like the Io’s textured sleeve. I would prefer to have the raised nubs on the tip of the sleeve, rather than just a strip around it, but I do like texture against my clit. I also appreciate the slickness of the Io’s silicone.

The packaging of the Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator is the same as the KEY Charms Plush and the KEY Vela. The external box corresponds with the color of the vibrator, in this case purple. It slides off to reveal the black box underneath. Both boxes have basic information on them and neither one is particularly discreet. The external box has an image of the Io and the internal box calls it a massager, so it’s pretty obvious it’s a vibrator. The black box has a window that opens outward to provide access to the Io and its two sleeves which sit securely in black foam. Underneath the foam is the instruction manual, warranty information, and black satin storage back. The instruction manual is simple and easy to understand, perfectly appropriate for someone new to sex toys. For some weird reason, the paper has a very strong, unpleasant odor. Odd, as the silicone sleeves have only a minimal scent when I hold them right up to my nose.

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator Packaging, Front

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator Packaging, Back

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator Packaging, Internal Box Front

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator Packaging, Internal Box Back

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator Packaging, Contents

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator Pros:
• Changeable sleeves
• Different patterns
• Easy to use
• Silicone
• Waterproof
• Good price point
• Storage bag

Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator Cons:
• Buzzy vibrations
• Only one level of intensity
• Button a little too easy to push

The Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator certainly has some strong points. It provides different textures, is easy to use, is waterproof, and is reasonably priced. I really appreciate a sex toy that gives me multiple options, so the two sleeves, along with the sleekness of the ABS is a definite benefit to the Io. One sleeve is a simple, smooth silicone while the other has some raised bumps for texture. The thing is, with the ABS being totally smooth, the smooth silicone sleeve seems unnecessary to me. I would have preferred another textured sleeve as a different option. Granted, there is a different sensation between the silicone and ABS, but against my clit it’s not hugely noticeable.

As with the KEY Charms Plush, the real issue for me with the Io is the vibrations. While they seem to be a bit less buzzy than the Charms Plush, they are definitely on that end of the spectrum which makes them hard to appreciate. I also really feel this vibrator, as with the the others I’ve tried in the KEY line, needs more than one level of intensity. It’s just too much for me to start off at this level of power. I do want it once I’ve warmed up, but not until I’ve had a chance to do that. It’s too strong for me to use on my nipples, so that’s a bust, and I need to use another vibrator or my fingers to get to the place where my clit can handle the power of the Io. I understand that one level of intensity makes the vibrator simple and easy to use, which is attractive to beginning users, but in my mind it is a design flaw.

You can find the Jopen KEY Io Mini Vibrator at the following stores:

Good Vibrations

Bean Fiddler Rating:

SPOTLIGHT on Crave Wink

Recently I wrote a review about my new favorite vibrator, the Crave Duet. I absolutely fell in love my Duet, which was an upgraded version over the original, and was very impressed with Crave for doing such a marvelous job responding to feedback. Well, Crave has just come out with another clit stimulator called the Crave Wink.

Crave Wink

The Crave Wink is an adorable little vibrator made with a stainless steel body and a silicone tip. Like the Duet, it is meant to be used externally, but only has one motor compared to the Duet’s dual motors. Unlike the Duet, which is rechargeable, the Wink runs on one AAA battery and will supposedly provide six hours of use on each battery. It has one speed, is waterproof, and comes in soft pink, coral, and blue. I love that it looks like a classy, high-end lip gloss so it’ll seem right at home in your makeup bag, purse, or carry on. However, if you have friends who always want to try your makeup, you may run into a problem.

I know I keep comparing the Crave Wink to the Duet, but it is not meant as a replacement, simply another option. The Crave Wink seems like a good option for someone who wants a sleek and discreet vibrator. If you’ll forgive for making one last comparison, if the Wink is anything like the Duet, it is a gorgeous, well-made, high-quality sex toy.

You can find the new Crave Wink at the following stores.

Good Vibrations

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Review

I have reviewed a few sex toys from Rocks-Off, such as the Rocks-Off RO-160mm, the Rocks-Off RO-150 Slimline, and the Rocks-Off Luv Massager, but I hadn’t tried any of their butt toys. I decided to try one I’d had my eye on for quite some time, the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy.

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy

Beanpole Fiddler and I disagreed about whether or not the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is a prostate massager. He insisted that it is while I said it is for all butts. Turns out we are both right, though he may be slightly more right than I am. In the Rocks-Off catalog, the Butt-Boy is listed under butt plugs but it does actually have a diagram of a man on the back of the box indicating how to use the Butt-Boy as a prostate massager. Nevertheless, I enjoy anal play even though I don’t have a prostate, so I feel I can do justice to the Butt-Boy in this review.

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy has a slightly ebony porn different shape than my other butt plugs, which is what I found so interesting about it. It has a triangular shape with a thin neck that looks like it will really lock the Butt-Boy into place. It then curves around and has three ridges meant to stimulate your perineum. This piece has an included Rocks-Off RO-80mm bullet and says Butt-Boy on it in raised letters. My Butt-Boy is made of bright red silicone, which I love, but it also comes in black. Can’t have too many red sex toys as far as I am concerned.

The silicone of the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is very silky and does not pick up as much lint as other silicone sex toys I own. It is is super firm and has very little give to it. It does have a fair amount of drag so you MUST use lubricant with the Butt-Boy, just like with anything you stick in your butt. Always, use lube. As the Butt-Boy is made of silicone, stick with water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubes can have a negative chemical reaction with the silicone of the butt plug causing it to become tacky. I’ve noticed there is a seam around the Butt-Boy. Though it is pronounced on the bottom of the perineum stimulator, it isn’t on the internal part of the plug so I don’t actually feel it during use.

Silicone is a particularly good choice for anal toys as it can be disinfected. I usually just wash the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy with warm water and antibacterial soap, though you can also use a sex toy cleaner. Once you remove the RO-80mm bullet you can even pop your Butt-Boy in the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap. To disinfect, simply boil the Butt-Boy for three – five minutes (after removing the bullet) or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. This will allow you to be certain there is nothing clinging to your butt plug, as well as allow you to share it with non-fluid bonded partners. Rest assured, silicone has such small pores that not even bacteria can be absorbed into the material, which is one of the advantages of silicone sex toys. Other advantages are that it is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Some silicone anal toys can retain a slight smell after multiple uses which can usually remedied by using one of the methods of disinfection or washing your toy in the dishwasher. I have not noticed this to be an issue with the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy.

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, Size

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, Head

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, Ridges

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, RO-80mm

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, RO-80mm, Size

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is actually longer than most of my butt plugs, due to the perineum stimulator. The Butt-Boy is 7″ long in total, but only 4″ of that is insertable, basically the triangular piece up to the neck. It is 1.75″ in diameter so it is not a beginner anal toy, it is something to work up to over time. Some people may also need to use smaller anal toys to work up to the Butt-Boy within a play session.
This can be a very helpful technique when participating in anal play. The .75″ neck is thin enough to serve as a good anchor and there is enough of a difference between the the diameter of the neck and the base of the butt plug to keep it from slipping out.

As I mentioned previously, the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy includes a Rocks-Off RO-80mm Bullet. This bullet lives in the perineum piece or handle of the Butt-Boy. It is made of red and metallic-plated ABS and has a soft red push button on the bottom of the bullet that turns it on and off. The RO-80mm only has one speed so it’s quite easy to use. It requires one N 1.5v battery, which is included with the Butt-Boy. The N battery comes inside the battery compartment of the bullet with a small, round piece of paper to keep the battery from touching the contacts, thus keeping the bullet from turning on unintentionally. I suggest keeping this little paper in place when you are not using the Butt-Boy if you’re going to keep store it with the battery inside. You’re probably better off removing the battery completely, but at least this way the battery won’t drain.

The RO-80mm is approximately 3.25″ long and .75″ in diameter. I suppose you can insert it vaginally on its own but I don’t. It’s just too small for me to want to use it internally. You can certainly remove it from the Butt-Boy and use it for external clit and nipple stimulation. Do NOT use the bullet anally by itself. It could easily slip inside the anal canal and be almost impossible to remove on one’s own. Speaking of removing it, the Rocks-Off RO-80mm Bullet is surprisingly easy to slide from the Butt-Boy. Usually, I find bullets incredibly hard to remove from toys like this, but all I have to do is rock it a little and slide it right out. There are ridges and grooves on the inside of the canal where the bullet lives and I think this is what allows the bullet to be removed so easily.

The Rocks-Off Butt-Boy turned out to be… interesting, with both good and bad points. The pointy end of the triangle slides in nicely, with a ton of lube, but the base feels rather abrupt when it finally slips inside. It is not the most pleasant pop I’ve ever experienced with a butt plug. The odd shape does anchor the plug in place but the neck is so short it feels as though the Butt-Boy is slipping out even when it isn’t, which is a disturbing sensation and one I don’t like at all. I like the perineum stimulator as a handle when inserting the Butt-Boy and I really like anal vibrations. The vibrations of the RO-80mm are definitely buzzy. I do not like them on my clit, but buzzy vibrations don’t bother me anally. The RO-80mm provides relatively quiet vibrations that travel well, but they are not as powerful as I would like. I certainly can feel the vibrations but I would prefer them to have more oomph. It is easy to turn on and off due to the “handle”. The ridges on the perineum stimulator don’t do a whole lot for me, but my perineum is not the most sensitive part of my body.

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Packaging, Front

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Packaging, Back

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Packaging, Inside

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Packaging, Contents

Like other Rocks-Off products, the packaging for the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug is simple. It comes in a hinged, hard black box with silver printing on the front. While the cut out window does a great job of showcasing the butt plug, it is not at all discreet so I wouldn’t leave it laying around. There is some basic info on the back of the box, including a diagram to show how men can use the Butt-Boy. The lid of the box is hinged at the bottom so it swings open from the top. Inside the box the Butt-Boy sits in a molded plastic tray that says “Rocks-Off” all over it. Underneath the tray you’ll find a pamphlet displaying all the Rocks-Off products and some information on batteries required by different products. While this box is a fair amount bigger than the butt plug, thus taking up quite a bit of room in storage, I really like it. It is extremely sturdy and when I remove the plastic tray I have room for storing a bunch of different things. I have done this with the boxes of my Rocks-Off RO-160mm and Rocks-Off RO-150mm Slimline and it works wonderfully.

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Pros:
• Shape
• Easy to turn bullet on and off
• Quiet
• Silicone

Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug Cons:
• Shape
• Short neck
• Weak vibrations
• Single speed bullet
• Hard to find battery

Though there are some things to like about the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, in general I find it disappointing. I am glad I finally gave in to my curiosity and tested it out, but it was not the dazzling anal experience I was expecting. I like the firmness of the silicone and appreciate how quiet the RO-80mm bullet is, but single speed bullet with its weak vibrations leaves something to be desired. It is better than no vibrations at all but still disappointing in strength. The N battery is a drag because, like all atypical batteries, I don’t have extra ones sitting around the house and they are more of a challenge to find. The shape is both a positive and negative. The point slips in nicely, but the angle of the triangle is a bit extreme which feels somewhat jarring when it slides into place. The neck is also too short, so even though the Butt-Boy does not fall out it constantly feels like it’s going to. Overall, it just is not a great butt plug for me and will not be replacing any of my favorites.

You can find the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy Butt Plug at the following stores:

The Stockroom

Bean Fiddler Rating:

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator Review

I have quite a few vibrators and I like them in all sizes. However, most of my vibrators do tend to be on the larger side and I am always on the lookout for something small and compact that I can stick in a bedside drawer or carry with me at times. I was hoping the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator from PinkCherry Sex Toys would fit the bill.

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator

The Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator is a small vibrator made by Big Teaze Toys and is the first sex toy I have reviewed from them. Probably best known for their rubber ducky vibrators, Big Teaze Toys is a California-based company who manufactures their products in China.

Made of ABS, the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator is very easy to care for and clean, especially as the vibrator is waterproof. The easiest way to clean it is to simply wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap in the sink, making sure the base of the vibrator is screwed on tightly. Of course, you can also use your favorite sex toy cleaner as well as rubbing alcohol. ABS is non-porous and can be used with either water or silicone-based lubricants, making the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator quite accommodating. I find the back plastic sleek and smooth, such that I do not need much, if any, lubricant when using this vibrator on my clit.

At just 3.5″ in length and 1.6″ in width, the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator is quite small and compact. You can insert about 2.75″, though I don’t bother. There isn’t enough length or girth to make penetration with this vibrator worthwhile for me. This is basically a typical bullet vibrator with two differences, the elongated shape and the battery. The Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator is not the squat, fat egg shape of the usual bullet and it requires one AAA battery rather than the more common requirement of watch batteries. I really like that it uses a AAA battery (not included) as these batteries are much easier to find and I generally have them laying about the house. I also think AAA batteries provide more power than watch batteries. This is the first time I’ve used an elongated bullet such as this one and it certainly has its advantages. I find it much easier to hold onto and manipulate the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator than its smaller, shorter brethren. There is plenty of room to grip the vibrator without constantly dropping it or my fingers getting in the way, which is one reason I don’t like traditional bullets. Applying too much lube can make it slippery and more difficult to hold on to, but other than that I find it quite easy to use.

I love the look of the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator. The red dragon design against the black background is classy looking. On the side opposite to the dragon are the words, “BIG TEAZE TOYS,” in gray, with the Big Teaze logo. The soft push button on the base is red, as is the o-ring used to keep water from seeping into the battery compartment. Overall, the design and colors are quite snazzy.

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator

The aforementioned red push button on the base of the vibrator is what you use to operate it. It is very simple. As the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator only has one speed, you just press on the button firmly once to turn it on and then once again to turn it off. It requires a fair amount of force to push the button so you are not likely to turn it on and off by accident.

To insert and remove the AAA battery, you unscrew the base of the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator, pop the battery in or out, screw the base on tightly, and you are ready to go. There are little gray arrows on the side of the vibrator that you’ll want to line up so you’ll know the base is screwed on tightly enough to be waterproof. After using the vibrator, always be sure to remove the battery. This will lead to a longer life for the battery and the vibrator. Beanpole Fiddler always asks if I actually store my vibrators without the batteries and I really do. In the beginning, I didn’t think it was all that necessary, but over time I learned that it does make a big difference. Some vibrators actually drain batteries even when they’re off and then, of course, there are the possessed vibrators.

The Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator is on the quiet side, though I do find it a bit loud for its size. It certainly cannot be heard through a closed bedroom door, but I would not use it in a public bathroom stall. The vibrations feel as high-pitched as they sound, which is a commonality of many bullet-sized vibrators, though I was hoping that would not be the case here. I really prefer deeper, thumpier vibrations to high-pitched, buzzy ones. I don’t have to use this vibrator long enough for my hand to get buzzy but I feel like it might if I used it much longer.

While I love the looks of the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator as well as several other aspects of it, in use I find it disappointing. I really appreciate the longer lines of this vibrator which make it easier to hold and manipulate than other bullets. The push button is simple to use and the single speed is sufficient to get me off. However, it will not be sufficient for many people as the vibrations are moderate rather than powerful. I love how this vibrator feels on my nipples, where I don’t mind buzzy vibrations at all. It is also small enough to use during penetration with a partner or a dildo, or both. Where it really lacks for me is in the quality of the vibrations. They are just far too buzzy for my liking. While they are not as high-pitched as the Shag Factory Flower Power Bullet, they are still too buzzy for me to really want to pull this vibrator out over and over again.

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator Packaging

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator Packaging

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator Packaging

The packaging of the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator is very simple. The vibrator comes in a plastic blister pack with a cardboard sheet with minimal information, though there are instructions included separately. The really great thing is the included travel case, which is a black plastic case with a hinged lid. The vibrator fits securely inside and you could easily carry this around in your purse, pocket, or luggage without anyone knowing what you are carrying.

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator Pros:
• Feels good on nipples
• Elongated shape
• Use with water or silicone-based lubricant
• Uses AAA battery
• Easy to use
• Included travel case

Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator Cons:
• Single speed
• Buzzy vibrations
• Moderate power

The Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator has many good points. Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, which are indeed lovely, I really prefer this elongated shape to that of a typical bullet. I also like that this vibrator uses a AAA battery, which allows for greater vibrational power and is readily available. I love the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator on my nipples. In fact, I wish it was a nipple clamp. This is definitely on its way to becoming my go-to nipple vibrator. For people who prefer using silicone-based lubricants, the ABS body is a big plus. The Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator is also easy to use, which is is a bonus for beginners, and may be a nice change from more complicated vibrators for the advanced users. The travel case is pretty cool as it is super small and totally discreet.

The problem for me is the vibrations themselves, which is basically the whole point of a vibrator. Though some people might see the moderate power of these vibrations as a downside, I think they are perfectly appropriate for an average vibrator of this size. That said, I would still prefer more powerful vibrations. However, my big complaint is with the level of buzziness of these vibrations. They are just too high-pitched to suit me well. That being said, PinkCherry Sex Toys does carry a larger version of this vibrator, the Onye Galerie Dragon Vibe, which might have more powerful and deeper vibrations. So, head over to PinkCherry Sex Toys and check out the Onye Galerie Petite Dragon Vibrator, as well as its larger brother, for yourself. In fact, if you prefer a different design, Big Teaze Toys also makes Butterfly and Floral Onye Galerie vibes.

Bean Fiddler:

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