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Spotlight on the Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Hey folks, Bean is on a little vacation so I am filling in this week. There aren’t a lot of sex toys out there for men that interest me very much. I am not really into anal play (at least when i am the receiver) so that knocks out a huge portion of the market for me. I am a big fan of Fleshlights and there are some other silicone stroker type toys out there that look like they are high quality. For the most part though, the stuff made for guys looks like cheap crap to me and I really don’t have any interest in using low quality toys. There is one toy that’s been out for a while now that I am interested in trying, the Cobra Libre by Fun Factory.

Cobra Libre

Through Bean, I have become quite familiar with the Fun Factory brand. I like that their toys are often fun and whimsical and they always seem to be of high quality. When Bean showed me the Cobra Libre I said “now there is a toy I wouldn’t mind reviewing”. These are like magical words to Bean because it means she gets to take a week off from a writing. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to secure one for me to review yet, but I thought it deserved a spotlight.

The Cobra Libre is a hands-free, vibrating masturbator that looks to me like one of the motorcycles in Tron. You only insert about three inches of your penis into the Cobra Libre (that’s where most of the sensitive bits on the penis are), and inside there is a soft silicone sleeve that hugs your penis. Then there are two motors (which can be controlled independently) that vibrate underneath the sensitive penis glans. There is no stroking with this toy, the vibrations do all the work. I am a bit curious about that. I’ve never been able to get off from a vibrator before. However, I’ve never used a vibrator designed and built for men like this before either.

The Cobra Libre is also completely waterproof, rechargeable (using Fun Factory’s Click N’ Charge technology) and has a super cool touch panel control. There are no buttons or knobs on the Cobra Libre, you just run your finger over the touch panel to change settings and turn it on and off. I’d love to get my hands on one and give it a try.

Have you ever used one? Know anyone who has? I’d love to hear some feedback on it. If anyone would like to send one in for me to review, that would be great.

The Cobra Libre is available at the following stores:

Adam & Eve
The Stockroom