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Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator Review


Trumpet Fanfare

I know, I know. Last week, I also opened my review with a bunch of fanfare, but I did warn you all that it was just the beginning of the countdown to 200 reviews on Bean Fiddler. This week is the 198th review!

I have scheduled these last four reviews leading up to the 200th very thoughtfully, choosing items from some of my favorite sex toy manufacturers and sex toy stores in the hope I’d end up with four shiny, happy reviews. It’s a celebration, after all. I am very pleased to report that this week’s selection, considerately provided by Good Vibrations, totally fulfilled my expectations. That is to say, the Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator is one handy dandy little vibe.


Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, Three-Quarter View

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, Side View

I used the word “little” intentionally, as the Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator (which I have issues typing for reasons) is what Fun Factory calls a “mini vibe”, and for good reason. Part of Fun Factory’s new line of DeluxeVIBES, the Semilino is only 6.5″ long, with 3.5″ being insertable, and 1.25″ in diameter. However, as with my very first Fun Factory vibrator, Little Paul, good things come in small packages.

Not be confused with the original line of Fun Factory Mini Vibes, the Semilino has a snazzy champagne colored ABS base, with its control panel and magnetic charging feet. The shaft is the typical, fabulous Fun Factory squashable, plush silicone. From my first experience with Fun Factory sex toys, I have raved about the quality of their silicone. The soft and silky texture of this silicone continues to stand out to me, even now that I’m a (perhaps) slightly jaded sex toy reviewer with more toys than I can actually store (omg, so not kidding!). Even when I haven’t been particularly fond of a specific Fun Factory toy, I have always loved their silicone and I’m happy to see it hasn’t changed. If anything, it may have gotten better.

Of course, the fact that the silicone has not changed means that the Fun Factory Semilino is a huge lint magnet. That’s just the price you pay for the privilege of enjoying such yumminess. It is going to attract every bit of dust and lint within a three mile radius, no way around it. Though I expect it, I still find it frustrating that every time I wash my Semilino Vibrator it’s all dusty before it even finishes drying. I can dry it with a towel, but that ends up making things worse (or do I own the lintiest towels in existence?). What I usually do is wash the vibrator right before slapping on some lube and using it immediately afterward.

Oh, there will be lube. Another standard feature of Fun Factory silicone is that it is particularly draggy. I don’t necessarily see this as a negative. I’m going to use lube anyway, so what does it matter if I need an additional drop or two compared to some of my other silicone sex toys? Silicone most often has drag. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Fun Factory always recommends using water-based lubricant with its silicone toys and the Semilino is no exception. Some silicone-based lubes can react negatively with the silicone of the vibrator and cause it to become sticky. If you do want to chance it, definitely perform a small patch test before slathering your silicone-based lube all over the shaft of the vibrator.

As with all high-quality silicone, the Fun Factory Semilino’s is latex and phthalate-free, practically non-porous, hypoallergenic and body-safe. It can also be easily cleaned and disinfected. Good sex toy hygiene is vital, but that doesn’t mean you’ve to get all fancy. As I am generally lazy, prefer to keep my ingestion of random chemicals to a minimum, and don’t share my sex toys, I stick with warm water and mild liquid hand soap (NOT anti-bacterial, which is not necessary). There are a number of good sex toy cleaners out there as well.

When it comes to sharing sex toys, silicone is a great option because it can actually be disinfected. Using a 10% bleach solution on the silicone shaft of the Fun Factory Semilino will allow you to share it with non-fluid bonded partners. Just be sure to disinfect (not the same as just being washed) again before using it yourself. This will keep you from transferring any nasty bugs un/knowingly.

You should absolutely NOT use the Fun Factory Semilino anally. It does not have an appropriately flared based to keep the vibrator secured outside of your body. If you were to let go, it could very easily be sucked up inside of you. Fun Factory does an excellent job of informing you this is a big no-no in the user manual. This image from the Fun Factory User Manual is so perfectly clear, I love it.

You may have noticed my comment earlier on about the charging feet on the base of the Fun Factory Semilino and picked up on the fact that it is a rechargeable vibrator (because you’re smart). Not only is this vibrator rechargeable, which always makes me happy, it charges magnetically. Aside from being cool (I know it’s not a new thing. Still cool.), this means there are no open ports anywhere on the Semilino, which makes it waterproof. We’re not talking you can take it in the shower because it’s not likely to get overly waterlogged waterproof, but you can take it in the tub fully submersible waterproof.

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, Size

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, Curved Tip

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, Clit Bump

Just like any other rechargeable Fun Factory vibrator, the Semilino uses Click ‘N’ Charge technology. The vibrator charges via a small disc with two magnetic feet attached to and AC charger. Attaching the charging disc to the base of the vibrator is super easy because the magnets only connect one way. If you try to do it incorrectly, they will repel each other.

When the charger is properly connected and the Semilino is charging, the buttons on the control panel light up in descending order. A full charge may take up to 8 hours and the Semilino can hold its charge for approximately three months.

The charger has been redesigned since the last Fun Factory toy I reviewed, the Stronic Eins Pulsator, and the magnetic connection seems stronger. I have often had issues with the charging disc slipping off if the vibrator was not connected just so. It could be a giant pain. However, either I’ve gotten much better at finding that perfect angle (doubtful) or the magnets are stronger.

I love the design of the new Fun Factory charger. Its is clearly labeled. Granted, the charging disc is also labeled and Fun Factory chargers tend to stand out from other sex toy chargers, but this makes it so much easier to reach into a drawer full of them (Oh, yes. This drawer exists and it is scary.) and quickly grab the correct one. Great idea, Fun Factory.

The control panel on the base/handle of the Fun Factory Semilino consists of three buttons, the – button, the + button, and the FUN button. The FUN button is a dedicated on/off switch, which every vibrator should have. To turn the Semilino on, you press and hold the FUN button for maybe .5 seconds.

When you press the FUN button again, the vibrator turns off immediately. This is very convenient when the phone rings or during those awkward moments when someone walks in on you masturbating. No fumbling around, holding a button for three seconds. Just a simple press, and you’re home-free.

The + and – buttons work more or less as expected with one slight difference. When you turn the Fun Factory Semilino on, you can actually step down two levels in intensity. You can then cycle back up to where you began and onward. According to Fun Factory, the Semilino has six levels of intensity and six different vibrational patterns, but I can only discern five levels of intensity with the six patterns.

To make things even more confusing (because, why not?), the user manual indicates four different modes split up between these 11 options. Again, shades of the Stronic Eins Pulsator, though this time Fun Factory only named the modes and not each separate setting.

The modes, patterns, and intensities (as I can best determine) are as follows:
1. Merengue Mode- Lowest steady vibration
2. Merengue Mode- Low steady vibration
3. Merengue Mode- Medium steady vibration
4. Constant Mode- Higher steady vibration
5. Constant Mode- Highest steady vibration
6. Constant Mode- Slow roller coaster
7. Aerobic Mode- Fast roller coaster
8. Aerobic Mode- Faster roller coaster
9. Razzle Dazzle Mode- Fast pulse
10. Razzle Dazzle Mode- High and low fast pulse
11. Razzle Dazzle Mode- Escalating pulse

It’s like a really annoying game of memory or something. Razzle Dazzle Mode is my favorite, totally based on the name. Do not ask me to explain how the modes are named or why they are split up across the patterns in this way. I have NO clue.

Regardless, the mode names and all that crap above is unimportant. What matters are the vibrations themselves. Fun Factory claims the Semilino has a new, stronger, and longer lasting motor. I do not know if it will last longer over time, but they absolutely delivered on their claim of increased strength. All the oddly named modes are powerful, deep, and rumbly, my favorite type of vibration. The step down feature is SO strange to me but it’s basically a non-issue.

The lowest level of intensity is still significantly stronger than the lowest level of earlier rechargeable Fun Factory vibrators, such as Bubbles, whose lowest level is so barely there it’s easy to think you’ve turned the vibrator off when you actually have not.

I really enjoy the vibrations of the Fun Factory Semilino and find the vibrator to be quite versatile. The lower strength modes work well on my nipples, as well as being a good warmup on my labia. Of course, they’re fairly fantastic against my clit.

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, Control Panel

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, Control Panel Turned On

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, Charging Disc

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator, AC Charger

The Fun Factory Semilino has a travel lock, which is useful even when you’re not traveling. Rechargeable vibrators can press up against something in storage, accidentally turn on, and run down their batteries. It is always so sad when you go to use one and discover it is dead.

To avoid this, use the travel lock, or as Fun Factory calls it, the “key lock”. To lock the Semilino, press and hold the FUN and – buttons at the same time until both buttons flash rapidly and the vibrator gives off a single, short vibration. To unlock, go through the same process with the FUN and + buttons.

Though the control panel on the Fun Factory Semilino is easy to use, I run into the same problem I had with the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator. I’m not sure if it’s just my eyes (I am super blind), but I can barely differentiate the + and – buttons unless the vibrator is turned on and the buttons are lit up. I think it was just a poor color choice on the part of Fun Factory’s designers.

The Fun Factory Semilino is not the quietest vibrator I own, but it’s not horribly loud either. If you’re using it externally, you may need a bit of cover music or running water at the highest levels. If it’s inside your body (remember, vagina only), and your door is not paper thin you should be safe from eavesdroppers. When using it in the bathroom, keep in mind that though running water will cover sound, bathroom acoustics often actually enhance it. Masturbate while bathing at your own risk.

I know I’ve already gushed about the Semilino’s squashy silicone, which is even squashier at its slightly curved tip. Perhaps the first 1″-1.5″ of the tip of the vibrator is solid, squeezable silicone, so it’s flexible. The remainder of the silicone covers the motor in the shaft, and while it has some give, it’s very rigid.

The back of the shaft is totally smooth, while the front is heartily ridged, providing a seriously distinctive texture. As a texture girl, I love it. If you do not like texture, bar your doors and windows. The Semilino is not the vibrator for you. Consider one of the older Fun Factory vibrators (They have black bases.). If you’re just beginning to experiment with texture, you might want to start with the new Fun Factory Flora, which has some, but not nearly as much texture as the Semilino.

I love feeling the texture as I slowly thrust the Fun Factory Semilino in and out of myself, but there are two features that don’t do much for me at all. The Semilino’s slightly curved tip is intended to stimulate the g-spot and the ridged bump at the base of the its shaft is a clit stimulator.

When it comes to g-spot stimulation, my body requires a steeper curve and does better with a firmer material, such as glass or stainless steel. However, I don’t see this as a fail on the part of the Fun Factory Semilino. Though it does nothing for my g-spot, the shape is actually great. Some vibrators are too straight and pokey, which can be uncomfortable. The rounded tip works well, not a jab in sight!

The clit bump is very similar to the one on the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, and it did nothing for me there as well. This is more a quirk of my body and the type of stimulation I need than a problem with the Semilino. That little bump will work wonder for some people, and it provides a great stopping point (sort of like a doorstop), to keep me from thrusting too far in the heat of the moment.

The packaging of the Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator is like that of the Stronic Eins Pulsator rather than earlier Fun Factory sex toys. There is an external sleeve with images of the Semilino, but Fun Factory has never been discreet in their packaging. It’s always good for gifting though, as long as it won’t be opened in front of the wrong crowd. Inside the sleeve is a much more discreet box with the Fun Factory logo that actually could be left laying around.

The box itself contains the Semilino Vibrator, its charger, the brief user manual, and a not so little foldout of warnings in multiple languages. Fun Factory has changed their user manual significantly. Rather than the longwinded and wordy ones of the past, this new one uses images to communicate. It’s mostly effective.

However, I wish the user manual was a bit more thorough. For example, it shows Fun Factory’s ToyFluid as the lube to use. Of course, I understand them recommending their own product, but I’m sure the average user doesn’t necessarily know that ToyFluid is a water-based formula, and that Fun Factory is really saying to use water-based lube, not silicone-based.

Someone who doesn’t have ToyFluid (which is probably most of the world, as it’s difficult to find) is probably going to assume they can use any old lube, which could be disastrous. Other than that, Fun Factory does a decent job communicating through their little pictograms.

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator Packaging

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator Packaging, Side of Box

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator Packaging, Internal Box

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator Packaging, Box Contents

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator Packaging, Protective Sleeve

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator Pros:
• Deep and rumbly vibrations
• Powerful
• Good texture
• Soft, squashy silicone
• Lightweight
• Rechargeable
• Dedicated on/off button
• Waterproof
• Easy to use
• Strong magnetic charging connection
• Clearly labeled AC charger
• Clit bump acts as doorstop

Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator Cons:
• Lint magnet
• Difficult to tell + and – buttons apart unless turned on

The ration of positive to negative features of the Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator is absurd, especially considering I often include the lint magnet issue on the list of cons for many silicone sex toys.

The challenge of telling the buttons apart when the vibrator is off is not a big deal once you learn which button is which, and as the FUN button is larger than the other two, it’s not that difficult to remember their placement.

Point being, the Fun Factory Semilino is a success. Though small in size, it is big on power and has excellent deep and rumbly vibrations. While size queens should definitely contemplate something like the Fun Factory Big Boss as an alternative to the Semilino, many people will be very satisfied with its power and travel-friendly size.

The lightness of the vibrator make it a good option for those with hand and wrist issues, the fact that it’s rechargeable will please those concerned with their carbon footprint, and its waterproofness (don’t pretend like I haven’t used this word before) will make those who enjoy bathtub fun happy. The plushness of Fun Factory’s silicone is ever pleasing to the touch, the ease of charging, and dedicated on/off button simply add to the Semilino’s charms.

If the curve of the Semilino’s head and the its clit bump work with your body, I’d be hard-pressed to find you a better mini vibe. As those two little extras don’t do it for me, I knocked off half of a bean, but the Fun Factory Semilino Vibrator is dreadfully divine.

Fortunately, you can head right over to Good Vibrations and pick one out in orange or black. Plus, you’ll end up with Free shipping as your purchase will be more than $50. What are you waiting for, people??

Bean Fiddler Rating:

Mini Fanfare


You’re all aware our 200th review is coming up in just two short weeks! I know you know this because I keep reminding you. With Bean Fiddler’s 200th review, we will be launching a fun and atypical giveaway, so be sure to keep your eyes on Bean Fiddler over the next couple of weeks!