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OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Review

If you read last Friday’s Spotlight on the new OhMiBod Lovelife line, you may recall I mentioned this review was coming up. It’s been a long time since I reviewed an OhMiBod vibrator. In fact, I’ve only reviewed one other, the OhMiBod Freestyle W Rabbit Vibrator.

Looking back, I noticed I did not give the Freestyle W a great rating, but that is no reason to write off a manufacturer completely. When Good Vibrations offered me the opportunity to review the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to give OhMiBod another shot.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH

Part of what makes the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH stand out is that it’s a wearable vibrator. Yes, I know this isn’t the first wearable vibrator to hit the scene. I once owned one of the old school Venus Butterfly. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since then and the Club Vibe 2.OH is an example of this progress.

Unlike the wearable vibrators that require straps, look, and sound like you’ve got an alien between your legs if you actually put clothing on, the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH is a small, discreet vibrator, controlled wirelessly via remote.

I am attracted to clever designs so I was pleased when I first the removed the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH from the box. The vibrator and remote control fit together, the remote on top of the vibrator, like an elongated egg. This means they are more or less the same size at 3.75″ long, 1.75″ wide, and .5″ thick.

Though it’s probably obvious, the vibrator is the portion that is pink on top, with the protruding bump. This bump juts out approximately .25″. The on/off switch is on its underside and needs to be pressed and held for 2-3 seconds to power the vibrator on and off. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the vibrator will automatically shut down.

On the end of the Club Vibe 2.OH closest to the power button is the charging port, which is covered by a snuggly fitting plug that is easily removed. Just gently pull the small black tab on its right (when looking at the vibrator pink side up). OhMiBod has thoughtfully made sure this plug remains attached and does not completely come off, which would almost guarantee I’d eventually lose it. Thanks for that, OhMiBod!

The OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH’s remote control has a sleek design and is simple to use. I think it’s on the gigantic side to carry in a pocket, but I know people who can practically stuff an iPad in their jeans pocket and you would never notice it. Of course, they never have room for my lipstick.

For those of us who do not have magical pockets, there is a black cord attached to the Club Vibe 2.OH remote with a small clip on its end. The cord itself feels like a soft plastic material, as opposed to some sort of fabric-y type of rope, and seems very sturdy.

The remote control has three clearly marked buttons and a semi-circle of five LED lights. The on/off button needs only to be pressed briefly to turn it off. There is none of this pressing and holding business you’ve got to do with the vibrator portion of the Club Vibe 2.OH.

The OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH has two functions, Club Mode and Manual Mode. The middle button, marked with a speaker icon, activates and controls Club Mode, which is the most exciting feature of this toy. Above the Club Mode button is one with markings that look a bit like two little skyscrapers. It manages Manual Mode.

Let’s discuss the two modes. Manual Mode is nothing out of the ordinary. It has five pre-programmed settings, which are as follows:
1. Low steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Fast pulse
5. Slower pulse

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Remote

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Remote Underside

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Vibrator Size

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Vibrator Side View

When in this mode, the LED lights on the front of the remote glow blue. You turn Manual Mode on and cycle through its five settings by pressing the top button. It shuts off when either one of the other buttons is pressed.

Once in Club Mode, the microphone in the base of the remote will pick up ambient noise, which causes the vibrator portion to react. In theory, the vibrator should respond to anything loud enough for the microphone to detect, be it voices, music, a movie, etc. Keep in mind the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH does not work with an iPod/iPhone like the OhMiBod musical vibrators, therefore you do NOT need to purchase the OhMiBod app.

The microphone has five levels of sensitivity that are controlled with the Club Mode button. In this mode, the LED lights glow purple. The more glowing lights, the more sensitive the microphone will be and the more the vibrator should react. OhMiBod provides the necessary battery for the remote, a practice of which I highly approve.

The OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH is made of ABS with a body-safe PU coating that adds a soft, almost silky feel. PU, or polyurethane, is chemically inert, which makes it a non-reactive substance. It is commonly used in the production of plastic sex toys.

This coating, as well as ABS itself, is easily cleaned with mild (NOT antibacterial) soap and water. You can also use a sex toy cleaner. Though some people use rubbing alcohol on plastic, it’s not one of my preferred methods of cleansing. It is very caustic and can cause a negative reaction in delicate membranes. If you choose to use it, be sure you wash with water afterward to ensure there is none left on the vibrator.

One advantage of ABS is that it can be used with both water and silicone-based lubes. While I recommend lube with most sex toys, I’m not sure it’s necessary or particularly helpful with the Club Vibe 2.OH. As you’ll see in the images, once placed inside the thong’s secret pocket (more on this to come) very little of the vibrator is actually exposed. I don’t bother with lube, but know that if you want to, you can use any type.

The OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH is splash proof, not waterproof, so use caution when washing. Do not submerge it and be sure the charging port cover is firmly secured. For some additional visuals of the Club Vibe 2.OH, watch the video below.



By now you have realized the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH is rechargeable. Like many newer vibrators, it does not come with an AC power adapter, but a USB cable only. I have been a big supporter of USB chargeability (totally a word) since my first experience with a USB rechargeable sex toy, the Mystic Mini Massager, so I am pleased to see OhMiBod has switched over.

Though I am including the lack of an AC adapter on my list of OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Cons, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal anymore. I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that most people who are likely to purchase this particular sex toy have some sort of smartphone, tablet, or e-reader. Most of these devices come with USB AC adapters, but if you don’t have one they are quite easy to find.

A full charge takes about 2-3 hours and the purple LED light behind the power button flashes rapidly when the Club Vibe 2.OH is plugged in properly. Be prepared to set a timer because this light does not stop flashing when charging is complete.

According to OhMiBod, you will have up to four hours of use on a full charge. I charged my Club Vibe 2.OH on my computer, while working, and noticed something that very pleasing. This vibrator does not heat up or get warm while charging. My laptop is getting up there in years (bless its little heart…er, motherboard) and tends to run hot. I really dislike having things that give off heat that close to it.

The OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH comes with a black lace thong with a secret pocket (previously mentioned) in the gusset, which is where you stash the vibrator while wearing it. The material of this pocket is super stretchy, which is a good thing because sliding the vibrator into the pocket takes real effort, but it is then held firmly in place.

Remember, you’ve got to turn the vibrator on before popping it into the pocket. If you happen to forget (like maybe I did), the button is easily reachable so you can press it without having to remove the vibrator. Hold the button down for 3-4 seconds until it starts flashing, indicating it is ready to go.

I call this next section the “Great Underwear Comparison of 2013″, so if you have no interest in knowing how the OhMiBod thong stacks up in size next Victoria’s Secret undies, feel free to skip ahead.

I examined the OhMiBod thong alongside several styles of Victoria’s Secret undies, including both VS and Pink cheekies/cheeksters and thongs, all in size large. Based on this comparison, I would categorize the OhMiBod thong as a smallish medium. Obviously I’m not positive, but the differences between the large VS/Pink undies and the OhMiBod thong were significant. Aside from fit issues, the OhMiBod thong appears to be well-made.

There is something about the OhMiBod thong that I don’t understand. It has the special pocket in the center of the gusset where you put the Club Vibe 2.OH, but what’s up with the little pockets on each side of that one? Are they just they’re extra space or are you meant to put something else in them? Spare change, perhaps?

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Vibrator & Privacy Pouch

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Vibrator in Secret Pocket

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Thong Lace

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Thong

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH, Charging Port

When I first took the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH out of the box, I thought there was no way it would be comfortable to wear. It’s made of hard, unforgiving plastic and just looked so wide. Turns out, it’s surprisingly comfy and barely noticeable.

The thong on the other hand, not so much. I would change its category from One Size Fits Most (OSFM) to One Size Fits Some. Unfortunate as it may be for health issues in this country, the reality is that approximately 1/3 of the U.S. population is on the larger side.

This is not a judgement on my part, simply a comment on the need for manufacturers of many products, not just sex toys and lingerie, to take this into account during the design process. I would suggest OhMiBod consider offering more than one size of thong with the Club Vibe 2.OH. Perhaps just have two or three separate packages with different sizes.

Speaking of revamps, what’s even more disappointing than the fit of the thong is the interaction between the remote and the vibrator. The remote is meant to control the Club Vibe 2.OH from up to 20′ away. Maybe my unit is defective, but it doesn’t even come close.

After having issues, I tested the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH while working on the computer with music playing on iTunes (which I totally thought would work). Even with the sensitivity level set at five (the highest), if the remote was not right next to the computer, it did not pick up enough noise to cause the vibrator to react. Just moving the remote an arm’s length away immediately killed the vibrations.

The type of music played did make a significant difference. Aerosmith and Metallica created a much stronger reaction than ABBA (don’t judge me) at the same level of loudness. Forget slower music without bass completely.

Though the vibrations are definitely quiet enough to wear the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH out in public, I am beyond disappointed in their lack of strength. I have yet to come close to having an orgasm wearing the Club Vibe 2.OH. In fact, half the time I don’t even get turned on enough to want to finish myself off with another vibrator. In addition, the vibrations are very lightweight and buzzy, especially on the highest manual setting. So much so, they are on the verge of being annoying, if not downright painful.

Wearing the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH with other underwear is doable, but without that special pocket in the OhMiBod thong, I feel like I have to keep adjusting myself. Sure, this is less the case when wearing clothing that is super tight in the crotch, but other than tights, that’s not a great idea for multiple reasons.

I know I have readers even geekier than me, so I thought I’d mention that the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH’s wireless remote operates on the 433.92 MHz frequency. Turns out a number of wireless products use the same frequency, such as baby monitors, wireless doorbells (???), remote-controlled ceiling fans, and garage door remotes. Who knew? It is my understanding that wireless broadband and cordless phones are on a different frequency, so it’s not very likely your wifi will interfere with your vibrator.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Packaging, Box Front

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Packaging, Box Side

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Packaging, Box Back

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Packaging, Inside Box

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Packaging, Box Contents

Though the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH’s packaging is not necessarily discreet, the box is very sturdy and good for storing other stuff. There are images and some basic information on the sides and back of the box. Inside is a plastic tray that nicely organizes the included components, the Club Vibe 2.OH with remote, battery, USB cable, and lace thong in a black, stretchy privacy pouch.

When you first open the box, laying on top of everything is what looks like a very extensive user manual. It’s actually the number of languages it contains that makes it look so intimidating. The directions are simple and clear, with several helpful images. Though the lace thong comes in the privacy pouch, the Club Vibe 2.OH also fits, which is where you are meant to store it in between uses.

Other than four DO NOTs related to batteries that anyone with half a brain and some common sense already knows, there are exactly four warnings, or as OhMiBod calls them, “Important Safeguards”. All four warnings are also commonsensical, especially once you understand the vibrator portion is splash proof, not waterproof. Way to go, OhMiBod!

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Pros:
• Body-safe material
• Both sound responsive and pre-programmed modes
• Wireless remote control
• Lace thong with special pocket included
• Super lightweight and easy to use remote
• Charging port cover always attached
• Remote battery included
• Privacy pouch included
• Appropriately informative user manual
• Does not heat up when charging
• No need to purchase app

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Cons:
• Weak, buzzy vibrations
• Lack of communication between vibrator and remote
• Thong will not fit many people
• No notification charging is complete
• No AC power adaptor

On paper, the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH looks good and I had such high hopes, but they were cruelly dashed once I started testing. I think it must be much like running out to the tree on Christmas morning and finding only a lump of coal in your stocking. Not that I’d know, being a Jew and all. Why give coal, a symbolic representation of misbehavior that you forget about the moment you toss it, when you can pile on the guilt, the gift that keeps on giving?

If you’re ok with weak, buzzy vibrations and get off easily, the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH might do it for you. If you’re ok with weak, buzzy vibrations and don’t get off easily, it still might make for a great night out, with your partner teasing you until you can no longer bear it and end up having sex up against a wall, outside a club, in public. (Don’t call me if you get arrested.)

However, if you don’t fall into either category, I cannot imagine being at all happy with the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH. Though its pros significantly outweigh its cons, the weak and buzzy vibrations, as well as the inability of the vibrator to respond if the remote is more than a few feet away, are the kiss of death. It’s truly a shame because I love the concept behind this product, but it fails in the execution.

You can find the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH at Good Vibrations, but I would suggest considering an alternate OhMiBod Vibrator, a different Premium Vibrator (They happen to be $20 off right now!), or another Luxury Vibrator altogether.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

SPOTLIGHT on New OhMiBod Lovelife Sex Toys

As you may have heard (all over Twitter), this has been an awfully exciting week on Bean Fiddler. We published our 200th review, on the new Lovehoney Sqweel Go, and launched a unique giveaway. Not to mention that our own lovely Beanfiddler (That’s me!) was published on Kinkly. I thought we’d take things down a notch and check out a new line of vibrators from OhMiBod, called Lovelife.


OhMiBod Lovelife Smile Discreet Vibrator

OhMiBod Lovelife Share Couples Vibrator

OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure Triple Stim Vibrator

You may already be familiar with the brand OhMiBod, either from reading my review on the OhMiBod Freestyle W Rabbit Vibrator or just because they’ve been around creating some unique vibrators for a while. OhMiBod was the first company to introduce the “iPod Vibrator”, a sex toy that vibrated in response to music. They have continued to expand their line of musical vibrators. However, the OhMiBod Lovelife line of sex toys is actually not part of their musical family.

The OhMiBod Lovelife line and product names were inspired by the relationship between the owners of the company. Based on the names, I’m going to assume they have a much healthier relationship than my parents. Of course, mom and dad get along way better now that they’ve been divorced for about a million years.

OhMiBod Lovelife is line of six vibrators (Adventure, Cuddle, Discover, Dream, Share, and Smile) and one set of kegel balls (Flex Kegel Weights). All Lovelife products are made of PU-coated ABS and body-safe, phthalate-free silicone. The products with motors are USB rechargeable and splash proof, with multiple modes of vibration.

Going with the time honored tradition of making sex toys pink, OhMiBod has chosen pink and white as the colors of the Lovelife line. Though you know I am totally sick of pink sex toys and I am not a big fan of cutesy hearts, I will admit the line looks crisp, clean, and streamlined and I don’t hate it. I don’t even have a problem with the heart shaped control panel, though I do take issue with OhMiBod calling it the “love button”. That just crosses the line.

Whether you’re in the market for a traditional vibrator or cock ring, OhMiBod Lovelife basically has you covered. Below is a list of all seven products with a brief description of their purposes.

1. Adventure: triple stimulator vibrator
2. Cuddle: g-spot vibrator
3. Discover: petite travel vibrator
4. Dream: traditional vibrator
5. Share: couples vibrator (it’s a cock ring)
6. Smile: discreet vibrator (it’s a clit vibe)

I have no good reason for bringing this up right now (other than it just popped into my head), but I’ve always wondered why clit vibes are called “discreet” vibrators. I get the “personal massager” thing, which is totally a euphemism, but why discreet? Is it because the vibrators tend to be smaller and easier to hide? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

I’ve included OhMiBod’s mini videos for each product and unless you watch all of them in a row (which may make you want to throw something at your monitor), they’re quite good for basic information, to get an idea of what the toys look like from different angles, and how they size up next a hand.


OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure Triple Stim Vibrator

Lovelife Adventure


OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle G-Spot Vibrator

Lovelife Cuddle


OhMiBod Lovelife Discover Petite Travel Vibrator

Lovelife Discover


OhMiBod Lovelife Dream Traditional Vibrator

Lovelife Dream


OhMiBod Lovelife Flex Kegel Weights

Lovelife Flex


OhMiBod Lovelife Share Couples Vibrator

Lovelife Share


OhMiBod Lovelife Smile Discreet Vibrator

Lovelife Smile


I’m guessing it’s pretty obvious, but if I have the opportunity to review one of the new OhMiBod Lovelife products, I will totally choose the Lovelife Adventure. Seriously, who doesn’t want triple stimulation all at once?

Be sure to check out Bean Fiddler’s 200th review, which was just published two days ago, and tune in next Wednesday for my OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH review for Good Vibrations.

You can find the OhMiBod Lovelife Collection at the following stores:

Good Vibrations
PinkCherry Sex Toys

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Review


Bean Fiddler 200th Review



It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! I have been babbling about this day for weeks now and it has finally arrived. That’s right, this officially is Bean Fiddler’s 200th review! The excitement is unbearable, isn’t it? Ok, maybe not so much for you guys, but it’s kinda fabulous for us.

As you know, I carefully selected the products of the three reviews leading up to the 200th because I wanted to showcase some of the sex toys, manufacturers, and stores I truly love. Don’t misunderstand me, these are not my only favorites by far. For more faves, scroll down and check out my Favorite Stores in the sidebar.

You may be slightly surprised by my choice for our 200th review, as it is actually an update to a sex toy already on the market. Until I used it for the first time, I hadn’t even considered the brand new Lovehoney Sqweel Go for this oh so important review slot (Of course, I totally plan my reviews out weeks in advance). However, once I discovered I liked it so much, it shot to straight to the top of the list.

Lovehoney Sqweel Go

Those of you who are longtime readers of Bean Fiddler are aware that my favorite toys are often those that tend toward the…odd. In addition to having all the qualities that make up a great sex toy, these are different, unique, and unusual. Anyone can make a silicone dildo, but how many companies make them in the shape of a Jellyfish?

Along with its uncommon style, look, and purpose, the Lovehoney Sqweel Go (not surprisingly from Lovehoney) is a very successful third foray into the sex toys that simulate oral sex market, which really doesn’t much exist outside of the Sqweel line. However, just because a sex toy is different and doesn’t have a lot of competition does not mean it’s good. I do not own the original Sqweel, but after reviewing the Lovehoney Sqweel 2, which I liked but didn’t love, I had high hopes for the Sqweel Go.

If you’ve never heard of the Lovehoney Sqweel line, you’re in for a treat. Their purpose is to simulate oral sex and they do so with a spinning wheel of 10 silicone tongues. The concept is quite brilliant in its simplicity. Something you may find interesting about the original Sqweel is that it was actually designed in response to the first Lovehoney Design A Sex Toy Competition.

Just looking at the Sqweel Go on the Lovehoney website, I immediately liked several things about it. First of all, it is eency, weency. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a strange fondness for little things. I’m the weirdo who gets all excited by those tiny cupcakes and mini pies at the grocery store, though I don’t actually buy them. I just like miniature things, and at approximately 3″ long and 1.5″ wide, the Sqweel Go has got to be the smallest sex toy I own. It literally is “pocket-sized”.

As opposed to the original Sqweel and the Sqweel 2, which both require batteries, the Sqweel Go is rechargeable. This always makes my heart sing just a tad. It comes with a USB charging cable, no AC charger included. If you do want to charge via a wall outlet, you can connect the cable to any USB converter. Most people already have at least one of these, as they are usually included with smartphones, iPads, iPods, and many other personal electronic devices. If you don’t have one, they are inexpensive and easy to find online and in stores.

On the bottom of the Sqweel Go is the small, round charging port. When inserting the cable into the port, do not be afraid to push right through it. At first I was concerned I might be damaging the toy, but I realized you’ve got to press extremely firmly to connect the USB cable.

Lovehoney Sqweel Go

Lovehoney Sqweel Go, Size

Lovehoney Sqweel Go, Side View

Lovehoney Sqweel Go, Button & Charging Port

Lovehoney Sqweel Go, Charging Cable

This port glows blue while charging and when the Sqweel Go is turned on. The light goes off once the the toy is fully charged. Lovehoney’s claim that a two hour charge provides approximately one hour of use has been accurate. My Sqweel Go arrived with partly charged, so the first charge only about 35 minutes.

The body of the Sqweel Go is made of ABS, while the power button and 10 little tongues are silicone. As it is splash proof rather than waterproof, some care should be taken when cleaning the Sqweel Go. Lovehoney recommends using a sex toy cleaner and damp cloth.

I’ve found running a small stream of water over the tongues only, with the toy on, and then using a thing towel is also effective. There does not seem to be any way for water to seep into the motor from the tongue area and the charging port appears to almost reseal itself upon removal of the cable pin. I suspect Lovehoney does not want you to submerge the Sqweel Go, but that washing in the sink is safe. Be sure to pay extra attention to cleaning in between the tongues, as lube and bodily fluids can sneakily collect there.

Of course, as with all silicone sex toys, you can spritz the tongues with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect them in order to share the Sqweel Go with non-fluid bonded partners. Or use dental dams or saran wrap. This is the one time I feel like it’s totally obvious, but I’ll point it out anyway. This is NOT a butt toy, so don’t stick up there, mmmkay?

Speaking of lube, Lovehoney clearly states in the teeny tiny instruction manual, as well as the video below, that water-based lubricant should be used. This means you need to avoid silicone and oil-based products, which could damage the silicone tongues. The Sqweel Go is not an insertable toy, so you don’t need to slather on a ton of lube, but you want enough to allow the tongues to slide smoothly across your skin. The level of slipperyness is up to you.



As it has just the one large button on its front, the Lovehoney Sqweel Go is effortless to use. This button is textured to keep even a lubed thumb or finger from slipping off too easily and has good feedback when pressing. It also requires ample pressure to change modes, so doing so unwittingly is not a problem. To do anything with the Sqweel Go, you just press the button. Press to turn it on, press to cycle through the three speeds and three patterns, and press to turn off.

The Sqweel Go has no memory chip so it always starts on the slowest speed when you turn it on, but you can turn it off in any mode by holding the button down for approximately three seconds. While a dedicated on/off switch might be preferable to some people (like me), the small size of the toy is fantastic. I understand there really is not enough room to have two good-sized buttons with sufficient space between them so you’re not accidentally hitting the wrong one all the time.

The six modes of the Lovehoney Sqweel Go are as follows:
1. Low speed
2. Medium speed
3. High speed
4. Two stutters, then continuous spinning for several seconds
5. Pulses that increase in length
6. Ramp up, two stutters, continuous spinning, two stutters

The patterns utilize the highest speed, except during the ramp up of mode #6. The Sqweel Go is slightly noisy, though it’s not as bad as the Sqweel 2. I can hear it through my thin bedroom door if it’s not under the duvet, so some cover music or noise may be necessary depending, upon your living situation. When holding the Sqweel Go with button facing me, the tongues are curved away but spin toward me. Therefore, you can create different sensations based on how you grip the the toy when playing.

Just over one year ago, I gave the Sweel 2 a rating of 3.5 beans, which is not bad. Nor does it indicate a toy I like tremendously. I probably don’t use most of my 3.5 bean sex toys very frequently. To be fair, this is partly due to the abundance of toys I own. If I had only two or three and both were 3.5 bean toys, they’d end up getting a good deal of use because I would have no other choices.

The fact that I have as many options as I do allows me to be much more discerning (ok, picky) than the average user. I’ve scored the new Sqweel Go a full bean higher than its older sibling and it is well-deserved. As I mentioned in my Spotlight on the Lovehoney Sqweel Go, the images made me think the 10 silicone tongues might extend further than on the Sqweel 2. This is very happily the case.

I have a small clit that likes to nestle up inside its hood, so it does not protrude from my body at all. It prefers to stay nicely tucked away. Of course, it enlarges when aroused, but it’s just not a grower nor a show-er. This is why some of the rounder shaped vibrators don’t work well for me. I need a toy that can slip in between my labia and target my cit. The large body of the Sqweel 2 kept this from happening to a degree because it somewhat got in its own way.

Lovehoney Sqweel 2 and Sweel Go

Lovehoney Sqweel 2 and Sweel Go

Lovehoney Sqweel 2 and Sweel Go

The design of the Sqweel Go keeps its body from interfering with the placement of the tongues, and as they do project more, my clit actually gets the stimulation it needs without me having to struggle with the toy. Though I would still like more power (something I wish quite often), the increased strength of the Sqweel Go is noticeable and heightens the stimulation even more. Both of these improvements address much of my issue with the Sqweel 2.

I always favor rechargeable sex toys over those that require batteries for multiple reasons, so this is a huge upgrade. Though I prefer a dedicated on/off switch, I actually think the single button on the Sqweel Go is superior to the two buttons on the Sqweel 2. Even though you can actually open the body and remove the silicone wheel of the Swqweel 2, I still find the Sqweel Go easier to clean.

I absolutely love the size of the new Sqweel Go and not just because I’m a small and tiny thing liking weirdo. It is so much less cumbersome than the Sqweel 2. It fits in my hand, is lightweight, does not cause my fingers to cramp, and just works smoothly. (This is not to say the Sqweel 2 is a heavy toy, because it is not.) The size and shape of the Sqweel Go simply work a great deal better for me.

I enjoyed the sensations of the Sqweel 2, but could not fully appreciate them as I can with the Sqweel Go. Am I fooled into thinking there’s an actual person licking me? Of course not. I’m not an idiot. However, I have not experienced anything more similar. Beanpole Fiddler has always said Fleshlights are as close to the real thing as one can possibly get. My understanding of that sentiment is now much improved.

While it doesn’t feel exactly like someone is licking my body, the sensation that licking creates is almost duplicated with the Sqweel Go. Having experimented both with and without lube, I recommend using at least a small dab of lube, as this really increases that feeling. The Sqweel Go is very effective on my nipples, labia, and clit. In a word, it feels awesome. It takes me slightly longer to orgasm than with one of my favorite vibrators, but not much.

The packaging of the Lovehoney Sqweel Go is very similar to that of the Sqweel 2 and I don’t dislike it at all, though it could be smaller. Still, it’s recyclable. The Sqweel Go comes in a plastic clam shell and is visible from the back and front via cutouts in the external box. The box says, “rechargeable oral sex massager” in huge, all capital letters, so no discretion there. The box includes the Sqweel Go, its USB charging cable, and teeny owner’s guide. The guide provides only basic information, but still hits all the key points.

The only thing not included with the Sqweel Go that I would definitely like is a cover for the tongues. It didn’t occur to me at the time I reviewed the Sqweel 2 that the cover was such a great accessory. Considering I might actually toss the Sqweel Go in a purse or carry-on for travel, being able to protect the tongues might be good. I’m not sure if they would bounce back into place after being squashed in some way for a length of time.

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Packaging, Front

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Packaging, Side

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Packaging, Internal Clam Shell

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Packaging, Box Contents

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Pros:
• Unique and awesome sensations
• Improved design
• Tongues can access tucked away clits more easily
• Great size
• Lightweight
• Rechargeable
• Simple to use
• Good texture and feedback on button
• Silicone tongues
• Relatively painless to clean

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Cons:
• Would still like more power
• Slightly noisy
• Miss the flicking back and forth mode from Sqweel 2
• No cover to protect tongues

The reason I didn’t rate the new Lovehoney Sqweel Go a full 5 beans is because I would still like more power. Someone from Lovehoney probably just read that sentence while pulling their hair out and screaming, “What more do you want from us, woman?!”

While I wish the Sqweel Go had my favorite mode from the Sqweel 2, the one that reverses directions over and over, it’s no big whoop. Maybe I am one of only three people in the world who liked it. Including a protective cover for the silicone tongues, like the Sqweel 2 has, would be great, but it could possibly add too much bulk and that would make me sad.

I love the stronger sensations, protruding tongues, teency size, and ease of use of the new Lovehoney Sqweel Go and consider it a significant improvement over its predecessor. The fact that it comes in three colors is nothing to sniff at either, even if all three colors include pink bits. I don’t expect Lovehoney to move that far from the original design.

This is the second point I feel is obvious and doesn’t really need to be mentioned (the first one being, do NOT stick this toy in your butt), but what may be obvious to me is not always obvious to others. The Sqweel Go is NOT a vibrator, so don’t expect it to act like one. It is unlike any other sex toy and well worth the investment, especially at its relatively low price point. However, if you really want a vibrator, get a vibrator. I would be happy to recommend one.

You can find the new Lovehoney Sqweel Go in all its glory, not surprisingly, at Lovehoney. Not only will they give you a Free Mantric Mouse Vibrator, you’ll get Free shipping on your purchase with no minimum required, and they actually allow you to return a used sex toy within 100 days of placing the order if you are unhappy with it. Not all sex toy stores have this policy. While you’re there, be sure to check ebony porn out all the holiday specials going on right now at Lovehoney.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

Mini Fanfare


I know I’ve been going on and on about a 200th review giveaway for weeks now. Well, Bean Fiddler’s 200th review is finally here! Tune in tomorrow for the Bean Fiddler 200th Review Giveaway Extravaganza! Same bat time, same bat channel. See you then!

SPOTLIGHT on New We-Vibe 4

When I sat down to write this Spotlight it occurred to me that We-Vibe has just released their fourth incarnation of the well-known, iconic, We-Vibe Couple’s Vibrator and I do not have a single one. What’s up with that, We-Vibe??

I own two versions of the LELO Tiani (no longer available in the U.S. and Canada due to a lawsuit LELO lost to Standard Innovation/We-Vibe). I even have the new LELO Ida Couple’s Vibrator (Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review!). Yet sadly, there is not a single We-Vibe wearable vibrator to my name.

Most people probably do not even realize that We-Vibe actually makes a few other vibrators in addition to their famous couple’s vibrator. In fact, one of my all time favorite clit vibrators is the We-Vibe Touch, which I happened to use this very morning.

Anyway, We-Vibe released the original version of their couple’s vibrator in 2008. At the time, it was the only wearable dual vibrator on the market. Over the past five years, they have continued to tweak and improve their product, leading right up to 2013 and the subject of today’s Spotlight, the We-Vibe 4 Couple’s Vibrator.

We-Vibe 4

We-Vibe 4 with Remote and Charging Case

To an onlooker like myself, who has no real life experience with the wearable We-Vibe line (hint, hint), the most obvious change from the We-Vibe 3 to the We-Vibe 4 is the shape. The external clit stimulator appears larger and the internal g-spot massager seems wider and flatter than before. It looks as though the vibrator is more compact overall for a snugger fit. Perhaps some people had issues with the We-Vibe 3 staying in place, so they designed the We-Vibe 4 to fit more like a clamp.

When comparing images of the two We-Vibes, it is obvious the remote control has been updated as well. I’m guessing the new remote gives you more options and greater control during play. Apparently, it allows you to adjust intensity in all six modes, including the new Echo Mode, which alternates between internal and external vibrations.

The couple’s vibrator remains rechargeable (because duh), and as with the We-Vibe 3, the charger doubles as a discreet carrying/storage case. You know how much I love discreet storage options. It even holds the remote control, which is especially helpful. The We-Vibe 4 charges fully in six hours to provide up to three hours of use, as opposed to the We-Vibe 3’s two hours. A USB cable is included in the box rather than an AC power adapter, which seems to be the next big thing with some of the newer vibrators.

As with its siblings, the We-Vibe 4 is waterproof and submersible, so you can have sex in the shower or bathtub (though you’ll probably have to mop up a ton of water) if you se desire. This also makes it super easy to clean. It is made of medical-grade silicone, which means it is hypoallergenic and body-safe, and can even be disinfected.

The biggest downside I see to the new We-Vibe 4 is the color choices. It is only available in pink and purple. C’mon, We-Vibe! What happened to the ruby and teal of earlier versions? I really have to wonder if these colors do sell that much better than others as so many manufacturers are designing everything in pink and purple. Sadness.

To learn a bit more about the We-Vibe 4, watch the video below. Don’t worry, it’s not all boring couples talking about how the vibrator has changed their lives. The useful information starts about 15 seconds in.



I know I’ve been making a big deal about not owning a We-Vibe, but I’m mostly joking. I think it is slightly odd that I’ve never gotten around to testing any of the first three versions, considering how popular the We-Vibes have been and the fact that I am a SEX TOY REVIEWER.

I do find the new shape of the We-Vibe 4 very interesting and would really like to try this one. So, on the off chance you’re planning on sending me a new We-Vibe 4 (preferably in purple), would you pretty please include a We-Vibe Tango? I so desperately want one!

If you think you’d prefer the shape of the previous We-Vibe couple’s vibrators or are one of those people who waits for a new model to come out before buying the old one at a discount, now is the time. There are some awfully good deals on the We-Vibe II and the We-Vibe 3 out there.

Oh, and don’t ask me why they started with roman numerals and then switched over to regular numbers. I have no idea.

Check out the following stores for the new We-Vibe 4 Couple’s Vibrator:

She Bop

You can find deals on the We-Vibe 3 and the We-Vibe II at these stores:

We-Vibe 3
We-Vibe II

She Bop
We-Vibe 3
We-Vibe II

We-Vibe 3
We-Vibe II


SPOTLIGHT on Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator

You may or may not remember, but earlier this year I reviewed the Lovehoney Flash Mini Vibrator and did NOT like it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hated it because it had several excellent features. However, when it came down to the vibrations, I couldn’t decide whether to cry in disappointment or throw the vibrator against the wall in displeasure.

After all that, you may be wondering why I’m even bothering to bring it up again. Apparently, many people ended up really liking the buzzy thing, so Lovehoney created a new one, the Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator. This one is a bit different though. It’s purple. And it has EARS.

Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator, Side View

Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator, Back View

Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator, USB Charger

Ok, ok, I guess purple is no big whoop. I mean, there are only about a billion purple silicone sex toys. Ears, on the other hand…big, big whoop. Aside from the fact that it turns a good looking enough mini vibrator into a super cute mini vibrator (I like cute vibrators. So what?), it has EARS. Oh, I guess I mentioned that already.

The thing about ears is that they are perfect for surrounding your clit in a little vibrating hug. Sure, the original Lovehonay Flash had a good, semi-pointy shape that navigated my body well. Ears, though, are better at teasing and titillating both the nipples and clit. I find good ones can be very versatile and much more fun to play with than a single, solitary tip.

Just like the the original Lovehoney Flash, the mini-eared one has an insanely long name which I shall use only once. It is officially called the Lovehoney Flash 6 Function USB Rechargeable Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator. Seriously, Lovehoney. You kill me with these names. Knock it off already. You really do not need to list every feature of the vibrator in its name. Just sayin’.

The Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator is silicone and waterproof, like its older sibling. It also charges via USB by coming apart in two pieces and plugging directly into your computer’s USB port, a USB hub, or any USB charger you have laying around your house (If you have a smartphone, you’ve got a USB charger somewhere.).

The Lovehoney Flash and the Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator are the same size, and both provide up to three hours of playtime on a single charge. The Flash Mini Rabbit Ears seems to have one less pattern, with just three, compared to the original’s four. Wonder which one was dumped. It’s probably not that important when you get right down to it.

My big concern/curiosity is whether or not the Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator (still seems awfully long) has the same buzzy vibrations as its big (same size, really) brother, because that’s what originally killed it for me.

I am going to make the sad assumption that the two vibrators have the same motor. Can any confirm or deny this rumor I just started? If the Flash Mini Rabbit Ears has a new motor with strong, deep and throbby vibrations, it could really be a great vibrator.

If one of you would please head over to Lovehoney, pick up the Lovehoney Flash Mini Rabbit Ears Vibrator (as well as the original, if you don’t already own it), and check out this situation, I would greatly appreciate it. Remember to report back!

Free Shipping at Sinclair Institute

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