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Fun Factory Big Boss Review

I know I’ve written this before and I’m sure I’ll write it again, but I love Fun Factory sex toys. I have a handful in my collection and I am always open to adding more. When the opportunity arose to review one of the newish G4 Vibes from Good Vibrations, I jumped at the chance to try out the Fun Factory Big Boss.

Fun Factory G4 Big Boss Vibrator

Fun Factory is a German company that makes fun and whimsical sex toys. They are often colorful, unusual, oddly shaped, and just plain amusing. The Fun Factory Big Boss is actually one of their more “realistic” vibrators in shape, and I wouldn’t say black silicone is especially colorful. Nonetheless, the Big Boss is certainly fun. It is one of the G4 CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE vibes, which means it is rechargeable and uses the same charger as the other toys in this line. It also has the same looping handle which makes it easy to hold on to and great for thrusting.

The Fun Factory Big Boss is made of high quality matte silicone. This black silicone is very plush and squashy. (I know some of my pictures make it look blue, but it is indeed black.) It is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, body-safe. Unfortunately, it is also a huge lint magnet. I find this to often be the case with Fun Factory silicone, though the Big Boss really is the worst. It makes cleaning it a bit difficult because I cannot wipe the vibrator down with a towel as it gets all linty. Major drag. On the other hand, cleaning is rather easy because the silicone gives you several options. You can use warm water and antibacterial soap, which is what I do most of the time, a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. The bleach solution will sterilize the Big Boss and allow you to share it between non-fluid bonded partners.

Fun Factory recommends using a water-based lubricant with the Big Boss as silicone-based lubes can have a negative chemical reaction with the silicone of the vibrator causing it to become tacky. I often find that even with silicone toys my own lubrication is sufficient for play, but not with the Big Boss. This particular silicone is very matte and has a huge amount of drag so it really requires a fair amount of lubricant.

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator

As I mentioned before, the Fun Factory Big Boss is a more realistic vibrator. The shape looks more like a penis than a fantasy object. It has a somewhat pronounced coronal ridge and some vein-like protrusions along the sides. It is also on the girthier side, measuring 9″ in length, with 6.75″ being insertable, and 1.75″ in diameter. To me it looks even girthier, probably due to the dark color and the very matte silicone. The Big Boss is not suitable for anal play as there is no flange to keep it from being sucked into the anus.

The Fun Factory Big Boss has a simple to use control panel on its loopy handle . It has three buttons, the + button, the – button, and the * button. These buttons light up when you run your finger over them. It’s a cute little feature. The + button turns the vibrator on and increases the power level through six levels of steady vibration. The – button decreases the power level and turns the vibrator off. Pressing the * button causes the vibrator to enter into pattern mode and cycle through the four patterns. To exit pattern mode and return to steady vibrations, you simply press the – button. These patterns are as follows:
1. Constant thrumming
2. Fast pulsing
3. Slower, longer pulsing
4. Rollercoaster pulsing

Big Boss’ motor is located at the base of the vibrator yet the vibrations travel very well through the shaft to the tip. I have some rechargeable vibrators that are not terribly strong but the Big Boss is not one of these. The vibrations are very strong and quite deep and rumbly. I like them very much and they do an excellent job of getting me off super quickly. Another thing I like about the Big Boss’ vibrations is that they are very quiet which is impressive considering they are quite powerful.

I like the look of the Big Boss with its vein-like protrusions. For me they are more decorative than anything as I don’t feel them with them vibrator inside me. I do, however, feel the pronounced coronal ridge as I thrust the Big Boss in and out. I mentioned before the Big Boss looks larger than its actual size and it does feel larger as well, especially if I don’t use enough lube. The matte silicone definitely requires more lube than my other Fun Factory toys. I’m not sure why this particular silicone is so different but it does seem to eat lube like crazy.

Though there is a slight curve to the Fun Factory Big Boss, I don’t find that it naturally hits my g-spot though I really didn’t expect it to do so. I don’t find this disappointing in any way as it is not meant to be a g-spot vibrator.

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator Packaging

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator Packaging

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator Packaging

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator Packaging

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator Packaging

The G4 Big Boss comes in the mostly typical grey and white Fun Factory packaging. It’s a cardboard box with a window on one side and two magnetic flaps that open to a window on the other side. Inside, the Big Boss is nestled in a plastic clamshell. As I mentioned above, I have a few Fun Factory toys and usually the packaging is specific to the particular toy. However, the Big Boss packaging simply says “G4 VIBES” and has an image of another vibrator, the G4 Calla Vibrator. I don’t know why and while it’s not exactly confusing, it seems a bit silly. I guess it does make things easier for Fun Factory though. They just have one box for this line of vibrators and only have to change the internal clamshells with each vibe. Also included in the packaging are an instructions pamphlet, a fold out of Fun Factory toys, and a sample packet of Toy Fluid, Fun Factory’s water-based lubricant. The FUN Magnetic Plug needed to charge the Fun Factory Big Boss comes separately in its own box with instructions.

Charging is simple. You connect the magnetic plug to the Fun Factory logo on the back of the Big Boss’ loopy handle. It can be a bit tricky lining the magnets up just right. However, once you do the logo on the back of the charger lights up red. When the Big Boss is fully charged the red light turns off. You cannot use the Big Boss while it is charging. You want to charge your Fun Factory Big Boss for approximately six hours right out of the box. After that charging time will depend on the amount of charge left in the battery. You can charge the Big Boss at any time, you do not need to drain the battery before re-charging. The battery should give you approximately 30 minutes of use at the maximum level and the standby time on the battery is about three months.

I find the same downside charging the Big Boss as I do with other Fun Factory CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE toys. While I love the magnetic charger, it can be a bit tricky. It has a tendency to slip off off here and there so you really have to get the angle just right to ensure this does not happen and I find it necessary to check on it while it’s charging. On the positive side, as the charging mechanism is magnetic, there are no open ports thus allowing the Fun Factory Big Boss to be completely waterproof and submersible.

The other difficulty I have with this vibrator is in pressing the buttons. They are slightly recessed in the loopy handle and I find them a bit difficult to press with my nails. I’m not sure if this would be the case if you don’t have nails. They aren’t crazy difficult to use, just enough to be noticeable. It sometimes takes a few tries for me to turn on the Big Boss.

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator

Fun Factory Big Boss Pros:
• Silicone
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable
• Girthy
• Powerful
• Quiet
• Loopy handle makes thrusting easy

Fun Factory Big Boss Cons:
• Insane lint magnet
• Eats lube
• Difficult to press buttons with nails

The Fun Factory Big Boss is a solid vibrator with a wealth of excellent attributes. I love that it is rechargeable and waterproof. I love even more that it is powerful and quiet. I don’t love how it eats lube and attracts lint. The buttons are a slight nuisance but not a serious detraction and I think it’s more to do with my nails than the design of the toy. Overall, I like the Big Boss and I recommend it for those who like a girthy sex toy that is easy to thrust. From a pure pleasure standpoint the Big Boss would have gotten 4 beans but due to the fact that it drinks lube like a drunk and attracts dust like crazy I had to knock off 1/2 bean.

Head over to Good Vibrations to pick up your own Fun Factory Big Boss and check out their other cool rechargeable vibrators.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

SPOTLIGHT on Fun Factory UFO

If you read Bean Fiddler you know I have a fondness for Fun Factory and their delightful sex toys. A few weeks ago I did a spotlight on one of their new vibrators, the Fun Factory Fou at EdenFantasys. At the time I noticed Fun Factory had also released another new vibrator that EdenFantasys is also now carrying, the Fun Factory UFO.

Fun Factory UFO Vibrator

Fun Factory is known for their unusual and creative toys. Their products usually come in fun colors and sometimes odd shapes, like the UFO. As you can see, the Fun Factory UFO looks a bit like a cartoon UFO, hence the name. The UFO is made from hypoallergenic and body-safe silicone with a hard plastic base. It is waterproof and rechargeable, two big pluses in my book. The UFO uses the same Click N Charge technology as the Fun Factory Fou and the Fun Factory Yooo, which means it uses the same magnetic charger. It has both steady vibration as well as patterns, just like the other two vibrators.

The Fun Factory UFO is an interesting looking vibrator that seems to offer a fair amount of versatility. I imagine you could use the broad, rounded side as well as the narrow edge. Like the Yooo, I would think you can also use it for muscle massage though I’m not sure if this vibrator is strong enough to do the job. I love that it comes with two storage bags as a lack of storage bag has long been one of my few complaints about Fun Factory toys.

You can get more information and pick up a Fun Factory UFO of your very own over at EdenFantasys. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, right now you can get 20% off your entire order by using the code: POTOFGOLD at checkout!

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SPOTLIGHT on Fun Factory Fou

Fun Factory, one of my favorite sex toy manufacturers, has a brand new vibrator out. It’s called the Fou and is currently being carried by EdenFantasys.


The Fun Factory Fou is a new external clit stimulator that is made of silicone and plastic and reminds me a bit of the Fun Factory Yooo. They are both unusual in design and come in fun colors. Like the Yoo, the Fou is rechargeable and uses the same magnetic charger as the Yoo and the rest of the Fun Factory Clink ‘N’ Charge line. This makes it 100% waterproof as there are no open ports into which water can seep. It has three vibration programs and booster button that allows you to choose your program easily. I like the looks of that cutout on top which seems like it might give me a nice pointy tip with which to tease my clit. I love pinpoint stimulation on my clit. It also looks like it would cup my nipples well. This is also the first Fun Factory I’m aware of that comes with a storage bag. Yay, Fun Factory!

Head over to EdenFantasys and check out the new Fun Factory Fou and all their other cool sex toys today.

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SPOTLIGHT on Fun Factory Jim O.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I am a fan of Fun Factory. I like their whimsical toy shapes, their bright colors, their soft silicone. It is rare I have tried a sex toy made by Fun Factory that I haven’t liked. They have recently put out the most interesting dildo and I have mixed feelings about it. Introducing the Fun Factory Jim O. available at EdenFantasys.


Fun Factory has teamed up with Boris Hoppek, a German contemporary designer who lives and designs in Barcelona, which is the perfect city to have produced such a strange-looking dildo. I mean, have you seen some of the awesome architecture in Barcelona?


Jim O. comes in ten crazy colors and each piece is hand-made and hand painted, meaning each separate dildo is totally unique. No one is exactly like another and they are only making 500 pieces. That is awfully cool, a totally unique, limited edition sex toy.

Made from 100% silicone, Jim O. is body-safe and waterproof. He’s also pretty well-hung. Did you all notice that? Jim O. comes in a stitched box with a colorful booklet to add the collectible factor.

The Fun Factory Jim O. is an odd looking dildo and I cannot decide how I really feel about it. Of course, as it is made by Fun Factory I do want to try it. It seems to have a lot of texture which I expect I would like, being the texture girl I am. However, the face is a bit creepy and I’m not totally sure how I feel about sticking it inside me. On top of that, it is basically a collectible, for those people weird enough to collect sex toys, like me. Do I really want to use a limited edition dildo or am I better off just displaying it? Well, I haven’t got one yet so I do not have to decide. What do you all think? For use or display?

Either way, head on over to EdenFantasys to check out the Fun Factory Jim O. and grab one in your favorite color. Remember, there are only 500 pieces so do not wait too long to decide which one you want! Not only that, but right now EdenFantasys is offering your choice of Fun Factory AstroVibe for FREE when you order the Jim O. Add to that an additional free gift with every EdenFantasys’ order and that’s three items for the price of one!

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Fun Factory G4 Paulina Vibrator Review

Some people prefer realistic looking sex toys. Well, I like mine cute and fun. Yes, I even like them to look like animals. I’m weird like that. Don’t judge me. This is where Fun Factory comes in. They make make some of the cutest, most fun looking toys out there. If you remember my recent Spotlight, you know Fun Factory has recently brought out a new line of vibrators, and Babeland has them, including this purple diva, Paulina.

So, the packaging is the typical Fun Factory grey and red cardboard with an internal plastic clamshell that holds the vibrator. This clamshell is much more secure than most as it locks closed. The vibrator is visible through a cutout on one side of the box and can be seen by opening two doors on the other side. This packaging is sturdy and good for storing your Paulina if you like, though it does take up some room. As you can see the vibrator in its package and it is quite obviously a vibrator, it is not terribly discrete. You may not want to leave the box laying around for your roommate to find. Also included in the box is a little pamphlet with Fun Factory’s different toys and product lines, an instruction manual in six languages, and a sample packet of Toy Fluid, Fun Factory’s water-based lubricant.

Paulina, like all of the new G4 vibrators, has the Fun Factory Click ‘N’ Charge technology which means it is rechargeable. Yay! Good for the environment and my vagina. What could be better? As she is rechargeable, Paulina is completely waterproof and submergeable. She has no battery doors or open ports, therefore no cracks or crevices for water to get into. Not only does this make cleaning easier, but you can take her in the shower and bath with you!

Click ‘N’ Charge technology employs an easy to use magnetic charger. The Fun Factory magnetic charger comes in a separate box and can be used with any of the Fun Factory Click ‘N’ Charge vibrators. It can be a bit touchy so make sure you have it correctly aligned for proper charging. You may want to check it over time as it is charging to make sure it hasn’t slipped. Fortunately, the charger lights up red to let you know it is active so you can tell if it is attached properly.

Even though my Paulina came with some charge, Fun Factory wants you to charge the vibrator fully before using for the first time. This can take up to six hours, depending on how much the battery is already charged. When Paulina is charged, the charger light is supposed to turn off but mine never does. This happens with my other Fun Factory rechargeable vibrators, so it seems pretty standard. While charging, the control pad glows on and off in a very pretty cycle. According to Fun Factory, you should get approximately 30 minutes of play time from a fully charged battery. So far this seems to be the case for me, and I tend to use Paulina at higher levels.

The controls on this vibrator are simple and easy to use. Paulina has three buttons. The + button turns her on and cycles through the levels of steady vibration. The – button cycles down and turns the vibrator off. The * button, normally the booster button on Fun Factory vibrators, controls the four vibrational patterns. You can either use it to turn Paulina on with patterns rather than steady vibes or switch to the patterns once she is already on. To exit pattern mode, use the – button. The buttons light up when you press them and the * button also flashes while in pattern mode. The control panel is set in the loopy handle and is slightly recessed.

Lately I’ve been wearing my nails longer and I find I have a little bit of trouble pushing the control pad buttons, especially the + button, due to my nails and this recess. However, other than my nails being difficult, the buttons provide good feedback and enough pressure is required that I don’t mistakenly go up or down a level during play.

As I mentioned, Paulina has steady vibrations, six levels of them, as well as four different patterns:
1. Constant thrumming
2. Fast pulsing
3. Slower, longer pulsing
4. Rollercoaster pulsing

Paulina is made from Fun Factory’s ever so velvety silicone and hard plastic. She’s a bright squishably soft purple that looks richer in person than in my pictures. There is a lot of give to this silicone even while it remains firm. Silicone is a great material for sex toys because it is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and body-safe. It is also easy to care for and clean. There is quite a lot of drag with this plush silicone, so lubricant is a good idea. Be sure to use only water-based lubes with Paulina as silicone-based lubricants can break down her beautiful purple body.

Paulina is a rabbit style vibrator, which means she has a shaft for internal penetration and a separate arm for external clitoral stimulation. Her motor is in the bottom third of the shaft which leaves the top two thirds more flexible, as well as the clit arm which has no motor whatsoever. Though the motor is lower down on the shaft, the powerful vibrations travel extremely well to the tip of both the shaft and the clit arm. In fact, I was shocked there is not a separate motor in the clit arm, as the vibrations are so powerful.

Paulina is 8 3/4″ long, with approximately 5″ being insertable, and 1 1/2″ in diameter at her widest point. Her clit arm is 1 1/2″ long and it has a nice little hook that allows it to push up against and sit right on top of my clit.

You can see Paulina has two adorable little heads, complete with smile and eyes. If she looks familiar it’s because Paulina is similar to Fun Factory ‘s Little Paul. They are made of the same lush silicone and have the same bulgy shape with the g-spot curved head. However, Little Paul is part of the miniVIBES series and is about 3 1/4″ shorter in length than Paulina. Little Paul uses two AAA batteries rather than being rechargeable, and obviously he does not have a clit arm. I just loved Little Paul so much, I really wanted Paulina. I figured she could only be better and I was right.

Unlike Little Paul, whose control panel is built into his body thus allowing the buttons to get all slimy and slippery during play, Paulina’s control pad is on her loopy handle. This loopy handle is a great improvement. Being able to put my fingers through the loop allows me to more easily hold and manipulate Paulina against my body. My hand never gets cramped, tired, or gucky.

As I expected, Paulina is as much a pleasure to use as her brother, Little Paul. Actually, she is far better. Her larger size makes her an excellent insertable, compared to Little Paul’s 4 1/4″ length. I really notice that extra half inch. The smushable, sensual silicone is very firm with just enough give for it to be comfortable for thrusting without bruising myself. I love the ribs on Paulina’s body as much as I loved Little Paul’s. I can feel them rubbing against me as I slide her in and out. Paulina’s clit arm fits my body very well. It rubs right up against my clit while I’m thrusting or when I’m just holding her inside.

One benefit to Paulina over Little Paul is that she can be used anally as the clit arm will keep her from getting sucked inside the hungriest bottom. However, if you use her anally be sure to clean her well before going from anal to vaginal.

Paulina’s vibrations are also deeper than Little Paul’s. I don’t find them buzzy at all. The highest level of steady vibration is plenty for me and the patterns are very different and enjoyable, especially for teasing and bringing myself to the edge. Unlike most rabbit style vibrators, you cannot control the shaft and clit arm separately. I thought that would really bother me but it doesn’t at all. The vibrations, shape and size are just perfect for my body.

One of my complaints about Little Paul was that the vibrations were on the weaker side. Well, Paulina’s vibes are quite powerful. They are similar to the vibrations of the Fun Factory Yooo. I loved Little Paul, but ebony porn comparing his vibrations to Paulina’s is kinda like va va va voom to putt putt putt. Little Paul, I’m sorry, you have been replaced!

Fun Factory Paulina Pros:
• Rechargeable
• Powerful
• Waterproof

Fun Factory Paulina Cons:
• Major lint magnet
• Hard to press buttons

I love a rabbit vibrator, but it can be so difficult to find one that fits my body properly. After all, they are one size fits all and everyone’s body is different. Paulina fits my body extremely well. As always, I love the smooth and silky Fun Factory’s plush silicone feels inside and against my body. It feels so great I don’t even mind that it’s a big lint magnet. I believe my issue with the buttons is the result of my less than hardy fingernails rather than a flaw in the design. I had a fantastic orgasm with her the first time out, which doesn’t always happen with rabbits. Overall, I am thrilled with Paulina.

Get a Paulina of your own at Babeland today!

***UPDATE: Turns out Babeland has stopped carrying the Fun Factory G4 Paulina Vibrator. You can either check out the other rabbit vibrators they do carry or pick up the Fun Factory Paulina at one of the following stores:


Beanfiddler Rating:

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