Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Review

If you follow Bean Fiddler, you know I get excited by new products, and do my best to make you aware of them through Spotlights and Reviews. At the end of last year I discovered a totally new toy, something I hadn’t tried before, and so I wrote a Spotlight on the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator. It has taken me some time to get my hands on one, but thanks to EdenFantasys, I finally have the chance to review a Fun Factory Stronic Ein Pulsator.

Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator

The Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator is made with completely new technology and is unlike any other sex toy I have experienced. Rather than vibrating like the vibrators I am accustomed to, it pulsates to provide the user with the sensation of thrusting. I have had some rabbit vibrators with rotating shafts that create a sensation similar to that of thrusting, but none of them actually thrusted, which is what the Stronic Eins does very effectively. The technology is really quite astonishing and impressive.

If you’re having trouble picturing how the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator works, this video gives a great visual, along with some additional information. It is actually the “instruction manual” as the Stronic Eins does not come with one, which is odd as Fun Factory products usually do.

As with all the Fun Factory sex toys I own, The Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator is made of 100% medical grade silicone that is particularly plush. Unfortunately, as it is made with the typical Fun Factory silicone, it is also an insane lint magnet. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to keep this thing clean. I literally washed it right before taking the pictures, then stopped and washed it again during because it was still so linty. You can see in the images it’s still not super lint-free, and that was as clean I could get the damn thing. Nevertheless, this silicone is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe.

The fact that the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator is made of silicone means you’re better off using a water-based lubricant with it, rather than a silicone-based lube. A silicone-based can cause a chemical reaction in the silicone of the Pulsator, causing it to become tacky. The lush Fun Factory silicone has quite a lot of drag to it so you’ll want to use a fair amount of water-based lube for best comfort during insertion and pulsation. Unlike my other Fun Factory sex toys, the Stronic Eins did not come with a sample of Toy Fluid, Fun Factory’s water-based lubricant.

As the Stronic Eins is waterproof, with no open ports, caring for and cleaning it is a snap. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. You can even wipe the silicone shaft down with a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it so you can share it between non-fluid bonded partners. Do not use the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator for anal penetration as it does not have a flared base.

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Size

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Clit Bump

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Rear Ridge

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Plug

The solid silicone tip of the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator is soft and flexible, while the shaft is a thin layer of silicone over the motor, making it very hard and inflexible. I definitely feel all 1.75″ of girth when the Stronic Eins is inside me. It is 9.25″ long, with 5.5″ being insertable. It has a small bump at the base of the shaft, also made of solid silicone, that is meant to provide stimulation to the clit. This happens more easily for me when I use the Stronic Eins externally. When it’s inside of me, the bump really does not hit my clit.

The Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator belongs to the Click N Charge family of Fun Factory toys, which means it is rechargeable and uses the same magnetic charger as the vibrators in this line of toys. The charger is included in the box but if you do misplace it, you can use another Fun Factory magnetic charger with it. I’m not sure exactly how long it takes to charge the Stronic Eins because I charged mine overnight and I haven’t been able to run it down yet. A single charge should provide up to three hours of play time, depending upon how frequently you use the higher levels of intensity. During charging all three buttons light up in succession and they turn off when charging is complete. The plug has a red LED that lights when it is plugged into the socket to let you know it is working.

Like most of my Fun Factory vibrators, the Stronic Eins Pulsator has a simple control panel consisting of three buttons, the red FUN button, and the clear + and – buttons. The FUN button turns the Pulsator on and off, while the + and – buttons cycle through the different modes of stimulation. To turn the Stronic Eins on, push and hold FUN for .5 seconds. Push the FUN button once briefly to turn the Pulsator off. The Stronic Eins Pulsator has an easy to use travel lock. To turn the travel lock on, press and hold the FUN and – buttons at the same time for .5 seconds. To unlock, press the FUN and + buttons at the same time for .5 seconds. In general, I find the control panel straightforward to use, except for one thing. Due to the coloring and glare of the shiny plastic, the + and – minus buttons are somewhat difficult to differentiate in daylight. It’s not a major issue considering I’m not actually looking at them during play. Besides, they show up just fine in a darkened room.

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Control Panel

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Charging Contact Points

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Charger

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, Magnetic Charger

The Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator has 10 modes of pulsation. To be honest, I’m not really sure how to describe them other than to say the Constant and Dynamic Modes feel the same to me. They definitely increase in intensity as you cycle up through mode seven, but it’s not until I hit the Algorithmic Modes that I feel actual patterns. Gallop is definitely well-named as it feels just like a horse’s gallop. Other than that, I think the mode names are random. The modes, as named by Fun Factory, are as follows:
1. (Constant Mode) Quirky
2. (Constant Mode) Samba
3. (Constant Mode) Rumble
4. (Constant Mode) Samba
5. (Dynamic Mode) Rollerball
6. (Dynamic Mode) Rumba
7. (Dynamic Mode) Vienna Waltz
8. (Algorithmic Mode) Rattle
9. (Algorithmic Mode) Gallop
10. (Algorithmic Mode) Dirty Dancing

I was so excited to get my Fun Factory Stronic Eins that I wanted to try it out right away, and when I realized it had some charge, I did. I was surprised by the level of power. It seemed somewhat weak to me. I figured it must be because the charge was very low, so I charged it overnight and gave it another try. I discovered my previous experience was not due to a lack of charge. I’m not sure I want to say the Stronic Eins lacks power. To be realistic, this is the first toy of its kind that I have tried, so my expectations may have been overly high and unreachable. After all, the Stronic Eins is not a vibrator. It is a pulsator, and to that end, really doesn’t require the same kind of power. The pulsations are very deep and low in frequency, and the different levels of intensity allows you to control the speed of the thrusting sensation. You can use it externally to stimulate the clit and perineum or internally to stimulate the g-spot and rest of the vagina. It is really quite novel and cool. That is the upside. The downside is that I don’t get off with the Stronic Eins without using a vibrator on my clit. However, this is more about my body than a failing on the part of the Pulsator.

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Packaging, Front

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Packaging, Side

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Packaging, Back

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Packaging, Internal Box

The Stronic Eins Pulsator packaging makes a slight departure from the typical Fun Factory packaging. There is an external sleeve with images of the Stronic Eins and little icons describing some of the features. Inside the sleeve is a box with a lift-up lid. When you open the lid you find a large card with a little pamphlet that is a sort of user manual. It has images telling you about the toy, but not details. It’s better than nothing, but it isn’t much of an explanation. It was unexpected as my other Fun Factory toys came with detailed instructions and information. Underneath this card is the Stronic Eins Pulsator in a partial stretchy plastic sleeve, its charger, and a warning pamphlet which tells you all sorts of things you shouldn’t do with the Pulsator and charger, most of which is common sense, but there are a few good tidbits in there. It seems odd that the Stronic Eins and charger are just sort of tossed in the box and left to flop around, but the box is sturdy enough to use as storage for a while. It won’t last forever and it takes up a lot of room which is why, as usual, I wish Fun Factory would include a storage bag.

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Packaging, Inside Box

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Packaging, Inside Box

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Packaging, Plastic Sleeve

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Packaging, Box Contents

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Pros:
• Unique sensation
• Very quiet
• Silicone
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable
• Travel lock
• Quick turn off button
• Easy to use control panel

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Cons:
• Lack of clit stimulation (for me)
• Slightly difficult to tell + and – buttons apart in daylight
• Major lint magnet
• No user manual

After being so excited about trying the Fun Factory Stronic Eins for a while, I was slightly let down that it didn’t get me off on its own. To be realistic though, it does a fantastic job at what it is meant to do, pulsate. It is not a rabbit vibrator, and while it does offer a hint of clit stimulation, that is not its primary function. I test a lot of sex toys that claim to be whisper quiet and only rarely do I run across one that can come close to its claims. The Stronic Eins Pulsator doesn’t actually make any such claims and yet it is shockingly quiet. I suppose that makes sense considering it doesn’t vibrate.

Of course, I love that it is waterproof and rechargeable, and I like the travel lock. I like to use travel locks while storing my toys so they don’t turn on accidentally, which happens with my rechargeable toys with surprising frequency. Even though the + and – buttons are not clearly defined in daylight, they’re totally discernible in the dark. I really like the quick off button rather than the typical hold it for a few seconds off button that is more common. I find it much easier to use and imagine it would be great if you need to turn the Pulsator off quickly for a variety of reasons.

Though there is no strong reason a beginner would not enjoy this toy, I think it better for those more experienced with sex toys. The Stronic Eins provides a very specific sensation not common to other sex toys and I wouldn’t recommend it as a first or only toy, unless you are all about thrusting. Then it night be the one for you. It is also slightly girthy at 1.75″, which may not be ideal for beginners and those who dislike girthy toys.

While the Stronic Eins Pulsator is not the end all be all of sex toys I was hoping it would be, it does what it is meant to very well. For that reason, along with the other positives of this toy, I am giving it high marks. Right now, EdenFantasys is offering a Free Gift with the purchase of the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator, so head on over and check it out for yourself, in either violet or pink.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

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SPOTLIGHT on Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator

I haven’t reviewed a Fun Factory toy for a while and I really don’t know why. I generally like Fun Factory products and it’s rare to find one I don’t enjoy. However, I haven’t been that interested in any of their recent releases…until now. Fun Factory has released a new vibrator in Europe that is “coming soon” to the United States, according to their website. It is called the Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator (helluva name) and is currently being carried by Lovehoney.

_Fun-Factory-Pulsator-Stronic-Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator

The Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator is an interesting idea. It uses new patented technology that turns the Stronic Eins into a thrusting sex toy. Sounds pretty cool to me. I’ve used vibrating vibrators (obviously), gyrating vibrators, and eroscillating vibrators, but a thrusting vibe is a novel concept.

Apparently, this is the first in a new series of three pulsating toys to be released by Fun Factory, and according to them, it is basically silent. I’m curious to see if that’s true but as the vibrator doesn’t vibrate, it’s possible. Considering the Stronic Eins doesn’t vibrate, I probably need to call it something other than a vibrator. A pulsator, I guess. This pulsator has a small bump that is meant to provide clitoral stimulation while the slightly curved tip is intended to hit the g-spot. I am interested in how effective this shape will be. That bump doesn’t look like it would really hit my clit so I am a bit doubtful. It would be awesome if it does work though. The Stronic Eins offers 10 modes of differing speeds and patterns as well as a travel lock. Like all of Fun Factory’s recent releases, it is waterproof, rechargeable, and made of silicone and plastic.

Not only can you be the first on your block to pick up the new Stronic Eins, but Fun Factory toys are 10% off at Lovehoney through 1/7/13, so head on over there to pick up a brand new Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator. And no, I don’t know why it has to have such an insanely long name.

The Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator is now available at Babeland, EdenFantasys, and Good Vibrations.

SPOTLIGHT on Fun Factory Mr. Pink Double-sided Dildo

It’s no secret that I love Fun Factory sex toys and recently they’ve been coming out with new ones. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Fun Factory New Wave and Sonic Double-sided Dildos. This week I’d like to draw your attention to another new double-sided dildo, the Fun Factory Mr. Pink, which can be found at EdenFantasys.

Fun Factory Mr. Pink Doible-sided Dildo

Do you remember the Fun Factory Jim O.? In case you don’t, last year Fun Factory teamed up with a German artist to create an artistic dildo, that was a bit on the unusual looking side. This time they’ve collaborated with New York designer, Karim Rashid, to come up with their latest ArtTOY. The Fun Factory Mr. Pink Dildo reminds me of a sperm or maybe a tadpole, if either one was sheer pink. It’s got a wiggly shape and is a light translucent pink over a darker pink core. Though pink is not my favorite color in a sex toy, I do find this color scheme appealing.

As with all Fun Factory toys, Mr. Pink is made is made of 100% medical grade silicone. Based on my experience with Fun Factory silicone, I’m guessing that it is very lush and very much a lint magnet, but I haven’t yet seen one in real life so I’m not certain. Mr. Pink is of average length at 7.75″ long. As it is a double-sided dildo, you can insert it as far as you want while still being able to keep a grip on it. It has no moving parts so it is waterproof and can be sterilized by boiling it for three to five minutes or washing it with a 10% bleach solution. You can also wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher without any soap.

Fun Factory makes high quality sex toys and I don’t expect Mr. Pink to be the exception to the rule. I like double-sided dildos as they provide different options within the same toy, and I am very fond of Fun Factory silicone. All in all, this looks like it might be a fun addition to the toy box. Head on over to EdenFantasys and check out the Fun Factory Mr. Pink for yourself. Right now you can get free Standard Shipping on your $35+ order, free Expedited Shipping on your $69+ order, and free 2 Day Shipping on your $79+ order.

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SPOTLIGHT on Fun Factory New Wave and Sonic

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about a new butt plug, the Boosty, from one of my favorite sex toy companies, Fun Factory. It has come to my attention that they have also released two new dildos, the New Wave and the Sonic, both of which can be found at EdenFantasys.

Both the Fun Factory New Wave and the Fun Factory Sonic are double-ended dildos, which is something with which I don’t have a ton of experience. I do have a few double-ended dildos, but I use them on my own, rather than with other women. Though you can certainly use the New Wave and Sonic dildos by yourself, I believe they are really designed to be used by two women together. I suppose two men could also use the Sonic together, or it could be used by a man and a woman at the same time. With the Sonic, you are really only limited by your imagination.

The Fun Factory Sonic is made of silicone and comes in orange and grape, both fun colors. It is 15.75″ in length and varies from 1.75″ to 1.4″ in diameter. As there are no electrical parts to the Sonic, not only can you bleach it, but you can boil it, and wash it in the dishwasher.

Like the Sonic, the Fun Factory New Wave dildo is made of silicone and can be cleaned in the same manner. It is 13″ in length and 1.4″ to 1.6″ in diameter and comes in pink and black. The shape is rather interesting and it is definitely unique. I don’t claim to be aware of every dildo out there, but I have not seen anything like this before.

It seems to me as though both the New Wave and the Sonic dildos have varied uses and can be utilized by both men and women. Though using dildos with a partner in this manner is not really my cup of tea, I do love Fun Factory and find that they make high quality sex toys. Head over to EdenFantasys to check out the new Fun Factory New Wave and Fun Factory Sonic double-sided dildos.

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SPOTLIGHT on Fun Factory Boosty Butt Plug

It’s been a while since I’ve discussed butt toys and I saw one that looks rather interesting. It’s called the Boosty Butt Plug and it’s made by Fun Factory, one of my favorite sex toy manufacturers.

Fun Factory Boosty Butt Plug


I think the Fun Factory Boosty Butt Plug has a very cool shape. The base looks like it will keep the plug in place without getting sucked up into the butt. It also looks comfortable to sit on. The shape looks like the plug will stay put quite well. I’ve never tried a butt plug in this shape before and it does look as though it would be better for advanced users rather than beginners. The shape of the Boosty Butt Plug also allows for both prostate and g-spot play, making it a unisex and versatile butt plug. I do realize that most butt plugs are unisex, but they’re not all this versatile.

Made of 100% silicone that I’m sure is lush and lovely, if I know Fun Factory, the Fun Factory Boosty Butt Plug is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. It can be easily be cleaned and even boiled for sterilization. That’s what great about no moving parts. The Fun Factory Boosty is 1.5″ thick at it’s widest point and .5″ at the base. This seems like a good ratio to keep everything where it should be. 3.5″ of the Fun Factory Boosty is insertable.

The Fun Factory Boosty Butt Plug reminds me of the Fun Factory Bootie, another butt plug I have yet to try. In fact, it looks almost as if the Boosty is Bootie’s bigger and badder brother.

Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug


You can find both the Fun Factory Boosty and the Fun Factory Bootie at the following stores:

Fun Factory Boosty Butt Plug
Good Vibrations

Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug
Good Vibrations

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