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What’s Up Down There? Review

I was given the opportunity to review the book, What’s Up Down There?: Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend written by Dr. Lissa Rankin. I’ve always had a interest in how my body works and this looked like a good read. I was happy to discover it was just what I was hoping!

“What’s Up Down There?” has 365 pages of direct, candid answers to almost any question I could ever come up with about my lady bits. Some of the question and answers are amusing, some are amazing, and some are downright disgusting. Suggestion: When Dr. Lissa warns you not to continue reading if you’re squeamish, pay attention!

Dr. Lissa shares experiences from her childhood, medical school, and her practice to demonstrate her points. She writes on a plethora of topics. From myths…do vaginas have teeth?, to tips on shaving, to female genital mutilation. There is so much information crammed into this book. Yet it’s presented in a very direct and accessible manner. I’m accustomed to books that are more clinical and run on in nature. You know the kind that put you to sleep, yet you really want the information? What’s Up Down There? really shines is this area. The format of this book is great. The chapters are well defined and simple. Each chapter is split into short sections headed by questions. This makes it very easy to read a complete idea in just a few minutes. I can pick this book up for 10 minutes or an hour and not lose track. With my short attention span, this is a big plus!

You can see the wide range of topics covered in the Chapter List below, and the questions are wonderful.

Introduction: Let’s Talk Abut Coochies and Boobs
1. Being a Gynecologist
2. How Coochies Look
3. How Coochies Smell and Taste
4. Sex and Masturbation
5. Orgasm
6. Discharge and Itching
7. Periods
8. Fertility
9. Pregnancy
10. Childbirth
11. Menopause
12. Boobs
13. Pee
14. Butts
15. You and Yoni: The Relationship
16. Giving Birth To You

Dr. Lissa answers questions about everything. Medical issues, pregnancy, relationships, communication, body awareness are all covered in What’s Up Down There?
She answers questions that haunt you in the night. “Do guys like it if I make noise during sex?”, “What do women like in bed? My boyfriend is asking and I’m too embarrassed to talk about it. Can you help?”, “What should I do if my partner doesn’t like to go down on me?”,

She answers medical questions. “Is it true that the uterus can fall out completely?” I’ve learned that it it’s true. “Is vaginal discharge the same thing as vaginal lubricant, or are they totally different?” They are different. “Is it normal for my breasts to hurt when I don’t have my period? Why does that happen?” Yes, it’s normal and there are multiple causes.

I learned that wearing a bra all the time will not keep my boobs from sagging as I get older, contrary to what my grandmother told me. I learned playing with your nipples can induce pregnancy. Sooooo glad I’m not pregnant. I also learned Viagra does not turn women on. These are just a a few of the tidbits I picked up reading What’s Up Down There.

Dr. Lissa doesn’t pull any punches with her professional, yet non-clinical approach. The subtitle of What’s Up Down There: Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist Of She Was Your Best Friend is very apropos. Reading this book really is very much like talking to a close friend, without the squirming and embarrassment.

What’s Up Down There?
is a great book for it’s target audience, women. However, there are quite a few sections I’ve shared with my man either directly reading from the book or indirectly working topics into conversation.

This book gives the gift of information as well as inspiration. For women who are less experienced or those not yet very comfortable with their bodies, Dr. Lissa offers a caring, guiding hand through difficult questions. She encourages all women to take control of and feel empowered in our bodies. That is something I can get behind!

The only thing that would improve this book would be an index so you could immediately flip to a specific topic. What’s Up Down There?: Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend is non-threatening, informative, and easy to read. The useful information, questions, and stories, along with Dr. Lissa’s friendly, female positive writing, make this book a great choice for readers. I highly recommend it.

You can find What’s Up Down There?: Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend at Amazon and local book stores.

A big thank you to publicist, Dana Kaye for sending me such a good book to review!

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