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SPOTLIGHT on Soloflesh

Hello everyone, Beanpole Fiddler here. I am filling in for Bean this week to bring you a toy aimed at men. The toy in question is the brand new Soloflesh. I personally think this toy looks pretty damn cool and I really hope that I get my hands on one to give it a try. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.


From looking at the picture you may think this is just another realistic fake silicone pussy toy (example) that we’ve all seen dozens of times before. What makes this toy special is that it’s actually filled with water. It’s like a big specially designed water balloon. They recommend that you fill it with warm water for the best experience. If you are not by a water source you can also fill it with air. I guess if you wanted to you could fill it with cold water as well but that just brings images of necrophilia to mind for me. One very nice benefit of this design is that when you let out the water the Soloflesh becomes much smaller which makes storage much easier. I’ve never owned one of those silicone fake pussy toys but it seems like storing something that large would be problematic and potentially very embarrassing.

The video that they released really sold me on the idea of it. It looks surprisingly realistic in both the way it looks and the way it moves. Here is their little demo video.

One thing that I do wish they had was either a picture of or at least a better description of what the interior texture is like. All that they say on their website in this regard is “replicates female human anatomy” which isn’t all that descriptive. I wonder if it’s predominately just smooth or if it has texture more like many of the Fleshlights do. Another thing that I wish they had done is made both orifices available for use. With this model you can only use the vagina. My biggest concern with the Soloflesh though is durability. Having a toy filled with what appears to be a sizeable amount of water rupture on your bed or wherever you are using it could cause an awfully big mess. On the Soloflesh website they do say that they did some durability tests and this is what they state “Laboratory tests have yielded over 48 hours of continuous use in simulated conditions, which equates to 96 uses at 30 minutes per use when used as recommended”. This doesn’t seem too bad, but who knows what real life usage would equate to.

I am fairly excited to hear more about this product and hopefully one day get my hands on one to review. At the time of my writing this they are sold-out but apparently they are supposed to have more in stock very soon. If you happen to have one I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

If you want to check out more information on the Soloflesh and see some more pictures check out the Soloflesh website.

*I received and reviewed the Soloflesh. Click here for my review!*

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  • Michele says:

    I agree with you– I’m fascinated by it but a little concerned about it popping a leak all over the bed. Still this is something that I know Alan wouldn’t mind testing. We’ve never encountered a water-filled toy before.

    • Beanfiddler says:

      Yes, I’m a little concerned about that as well. I wonder if it eventually will pop if used enough. I would think at some point it would give out. I’m really hoping Beanpole Fiddler gets one to review. It definitely peaks my curiosity.

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