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SPOTLIGHT on Original Cockattoo

Posted by | Sex Toys for Men,Spotlight | August 19, 2011

Every now and then I find a product online that just amuses the hell out of me. The Original Cockattoo is one such product.


The Original Cockattoo is billed as the world’s first and only temporary shaft sleeve. It is basically a temporary tattoo for your (or your lover’s/friend’s/husband’s/etc.) cock. The sleeves are non-toxic and hypoallergenic so they can be worn during sexual activity. Of course, as it is temporary tattoo not a condom, the Original Cockattoo does not protect against STI’s.

As you would still have to use condoms, this seems more like a product to use with someone with whom you are fluid bonded. My favorite is the Cock-a-Toss because it comes with three glowing rings! So seriously, I can’t see myself actually using any of these cock tattoos but the ring toss makes for great visual images.


The are even launching the Cock-a-Deux so the man and woman can match, cock shaft to clit hood. Interesting…

So what do you all think? Would anyone actually use these Original Cockattoos?

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