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Posted by | Site Info | December 12, 2011

If you read the reviews here on Bean Fiddler (and what else are you be doing here if you aren’t reading the reviews?) you’ve noticed the Bean Rating System. Each item reviewed is given a score from .5 to 5 beans based on how much I liked it. They look exactly like this:

This is a 2.5 Bean Fiddler Rating, which is a very average rating, but I just want to refresh your memory of what the beans look like. In an attempt to organize the site, I thought it might be helpful to also organize reviews by the Bean Fiddler Rating. This way if you want to view just the 5 Bean products or the 2 Bean products you can.

To filter reviews in this way, simply go to the sidebar on the right and look under the search bar. You’ll find a heading called “Bean Ratings” with a drop down menu underneath that says “Select Rating”. Simply click on the drop down menu to sort through the reviews. Now you can look at reviews by their Bean Fiddler Rating. Pretty cool, right? Well, I think it is and I hope you agree. I also hope you enjoy this new feature on Bean Fiddler. I am always working on making the site better and easier to navigate, just for you, my Readers.

Please let me know how you like being able to sort reviews in this manner, and feel free to give other feedback if you like. My eyes and ears are always open.

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