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Soloflesh Review

Hello everyone, Beanpole Fiddler here today with another sex toy review for all the men out there. You don’t see a lot of sex toy reviews for men here on and there is one very simple reason for that. I find most sex toys for men rather silly and cheap. Every now and then one will come out though that intrigues me and I’ve just got to try it. The Soloflesh was one such toy. Our regular readers out there may remember that I wrote a Spotlight on the Soloflesh when I first found out about it. You may want to check it out if you’re not familiar with the Soloflesh as it has a pretty cool video describing it, which was the main source of my excitement about this product.


I have seen sex toys that look similar (here is one for example) to the Soloflesh before but they have always been made out of solid silicone. While those toys look like quality products they tend to be rather expensive and I just can’t imagine storing something like that. What’s cool about the Soloflesh is that instead of being solid silicone it’s more like a big water balloon. When you’re not using it you can just drain the water out and it flattens out nicely for storage. Filling it with water also has the added benefit of keeping the toy warm as well as adding to the realistic feel and movement of the Soloflesh.

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out a way to describe how the Soloflesh is designed and I am having a very hard time doing so. It’s one single piece of silicone that sort of folds in on itself. It’s a very clever design that works very well, but is hard to put into words. This cutaway picture probably does the best job of giving you some idea of how it works. What I can tell you is that the Soloflesh is made of 100% Silicone Rubber, which is hypoallergenic, non-porous, and easily cleaned using soap and water. There are actually two pieces to the Soloflesh. There is the main silicone body and there is also a small Velcro strap that is used to seal the Soloflesh when it’s filled with water. At first I was a bit leery of the Velcro strap but it has done a very good job of keeping the water inside the Soloflesh where it belongs.

Okay, lets give this baby a try. Take your Soloflesh to the nearest sink, get the water nice and warm and start to fill it up. Once it’s full take the Velcro strap and cinch the opening closed. Your Soloflesh is now ready to be used. You will most likely want some lubricant. As the Soloflesh is made of silicone you will want to use a water-based lubricant because a silicone lubricant could break down the silicone of the Soloflesh destroying it. The first time I filled it with water I was in for an unpleasant surprise. When filled, the Soloflesh is heavy, very heavy. According to my bathroom scale, when filled with water the Soloflesh weighs 15 pounds!

Soloflesh Soloflesh Soloflesh

This is where my problems with the Soloflesh begin. While it being a water filled device has the advantages of staying nice and warm and providing a realistic look and feel, it has some pretty big drawbacks as well. As I already mentioned, when filled with water the Soloflesh is quite heavy. Due to the weight, using this toy while lying on your back is quite difficult. It’s just so heavy that your arms get tired quickly. I’ve also tried just placing it on my tummy and thrusting into it but I didn’t have much luck there; your mileage may vary. Since using it while lying on your back isn’t ideal that means you’re going to have to be on top. However, there is a catch here as well. The Soloflesh isn’t designed to support your body weight, so you can’t lay on top of the thing and go to town. This pretty much just leaves doggy style. The good news is that doggy style works very well with this sex toy.

The water poses another problem for me as well, though this one is more of a mental issue. I am worried about the Soloflesh popping and spilling water everywhere. I think many men tend to masturbate in their bed, I know that I do, and the thought of spilling a gallon or more of water all over my bed isn’t a pleasant one. The makers of the Soloflesh even say that the device has a limited life. They state that laboratory tests yielded over 48 hours of continuous use which equates to 96 thirty minute sessions. That is admittedly quite a lot of uses but I sure wouldn’t want to be using the Soloflesh when/if there is a catastrophic failure. I think the worry of it popping distracts me while I am using it as well, my paranoia making it difficult to just relax and enjoy myself.

Unfortunately, I’m not done with my complaints. The creators of the Soloflesh state that it has “realistic tissue textures”. I have not found this to be the case. You can click here to see a picture of the inner canal. You may see a microscopic texture here, but you’ll be extremely hard pressed to feel it. In my experience the Soloflesh feels completely smooth in use. This seems like a missed opportunity to me. While the Soloflesh feels okay, it could be a lot better with a more aggressive texture. Another missed opportunity is that there is only one entrance on the Soloflesh, the vaginal entrance. It seems to me that if you’re going to design a toy that makes up the whole pelvis region of a woman you should also make the anal entry useable.

Soloflesh Soloflesh Soloflesh Soloflesh Soloflesh

There are some positive aspects to the Soloflesh. Being able to fill it with warm water is a real blessing. This keeps the toy nice and warm, which really adds to one’s enjoyment. The Soloflesh is very good at retaining the heat as well; with the heat always lasting plenty of time for a full session. The Soloflesh also looks great while in use. Looking down and watching oneself sliding in and out of the Soloflesh vagina is very realistic and I must say, pretty hot. I also like the way that the butt jiggles when you are thrusting into it and it’s very spankable. :)

Care and cleaning of the Soloflesh is quite easy. Once you are done using it just bring it to the nearest sink and drain the water out. Then run some water through the inner canal and maybe some soap to flush out your fluids. Dry it off and store it. Another nice aspect is that when empty, the Soloflesh collapses down to a very manageable size and doesn’t really look at all like a sex toy. I am also happy to report that the Soloflesh isn’t much of a lint magnet at all.

So what’s my final verdict? Not so good.

The weight of the device and it not being able to support your own weight really limits how you can use it. Doggy style does work very well with the Soloflesh. That said, doggy style can get tiring, and with the Soloflesh you’re going to be the one doing all the work. I also find the level of stimulation a bit on the boring side. I think a more textured insert would go a very long way in improving this masturbator. I also think they should make the butt a usable orifice. The fear of breaking the Soloflesh also weighs heavy on my mind. There is a considerable amount of water inside of it and men tend to masturbate in places where you probably don’t want to spill a whole bunch of water! The Soloflesh isn’t without its merits though. The warmth, realistic movements and look really are very nice aspects to this toy. Looking down and watching myself thrust in and out, feeling the lifelike warmth of the toy, watching the butt jiggle as I thrust into it and seeing the lips gripping my shaft as I am pulling out really is a pretty awesome experience.

The Soloflesh is only available directly from the manufacturer at

Beanpole Fiddler Rating:

5 Comments/Questions/Reviews

  • Dominique says:


    Thanks a lot for this valuable review. However could you please tell us more about the feelings you perceive when fucking this toy? I’m afraid to get a plastic feeling. You are talking about soft canal and not great sensations. If you compare this to the FleshLight STU you reviewed too and gave 5/5, you described it at the best pussy toy sensation after a real pussy. How is this soloflesh compare to the FleshLight on the feeling point of view. I mean, if you close your eyes, you put the Fleshlight on your penis, then you put put your penis Inside the soloflesh, would you tell the sensation if much lower?

    A last question: about the visual and feeling. I intend to buy for the first time in my life and thanks to your site and reviews a sex toy. Will buy a FleshLight, definitely. But Wonder about soloflesh. On videos, when you see people touching the FleshLight labia pussy lips, it appears very soft. It seems the lips and vaginal entrance looks pretty real. How about the soloflesh? For me it looks a bit plastic. I’m afraid if I put a finger in it with lube of course, I get disapointed.

    Thank you very much.

    • Beanpole Fiddler says:

      That’s a lot of questions. I’ll do my best to help you out.

      The interior of the Soloflesh is pretty much smooth. They say it has a texture but the texture is so subtle I don’t feel it. The Fleshlight STU on the other hand has an inner canal that is textured with lots of little bumps. I personally prefer my sex toys to have a texture. You could tell the difference between a Fleshlight STU and the Soloflesh the second you put your penis inside of them. I don’t know what you mean by a “plastic feeling”. The Soloflesh is made of silicone. Silicone doesn’t feel like plastic. Silicone is very soft and stretchy.

      As for the visual aspect of the two toys. When it comes to just the vagina part by itself the Fleshlight probably looks a bit more realistic than the SoloFlesh. But the Soloflesh is much more that just the vagina, you get the whole pelvis area and when it’s all filled with water it moves and feels quite realistic. Have you watched the video of the Soloflesh being used? If you have not, the video can be found here

  • Anon says:

    This is the closest you can get to the real thing. That might not be enough for some, but if you’re after realism this is absolutely the best I’ve tried.

  • mofo98 says:

    how round is the soloflesh innter canal

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