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Liberator Ramp Review

Posted by | 5 Bean Review,Reviews,Sex Furniture | December 21, 2011

Do you remember my review ebony porn of the Liberator Wedge? Well, I loved it and I mentioned that one of the most popular combinations was the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo and how I really wanted to try it out. Since I already had a Liberator Wedge, all I needed was the Liberator Ramp to complete my set.


The Liberator Ramp is one of Liberator’s flagship shapes and is a long wedge-shaped booster pillow. I may use the word “pillow” to describe the Liberator shapes but this really isn’t the best description. When I think of a pillow I think of something soft and squishy, like the pillows I sleep on. There is nothing soft and squishy about the Liberator Ramp (other than the soft fabric). It all comes down to the internal foam, which Liberator calls Champagne Foam. This foam is incredibly firm. It’s got enough give to be comfortable but not so much that it depresses and loses its shape or height. Other than my Liberator Wedge, there is nothing I have experienced that is comparable to this Champagne Foam. It amazes me that no matter what I do to it or how much weight is on top of it, the Liberator Ramp can take it with no noticeable effort.

So the internal Champagne Foam is great, but what about the exterior of the Liberator Ramp? After all, that’s the part that goes against your naked skin. The outside of the Liberator Ramp consists of a microfiber cover that comes in a variety of colors. Mine is red to match my Liberator Wedge and is the perfect festive color for this time of year. This lush microfiber cover is soft and sensual against the skin. It also has the added bonus of being machine washable. You can simply pop it into your washing machine with like colors to give a good cleaning. I have found my the Liberator covers wash very well and Liberator states the covers will get softer with washing.

Another benefit of the luscious microfiber cover is how the fabric will cling to itself if you want to stack your different Liberator Shapes. Once I place my Liberator Wedge on top of the Ramp, it doesn’t slip or slide. In fact, it doesn’t move at all so it can take a little bit of maneuvering to get it exactly where I want it. However, once it is in place I can be confident it won’t come loose during play, no matter how energetic I am with my partner.

In between the plush cover and the Champagne Foam is a black liquid-proof nylon liner. This liner protects the Champagne Foam core from any bodily fluids, massage oils, lubricants, etc. So you can feel free to enjoy yourself and get as messy as the moment calls for without worrying you’ll damage your Liberator Ramp. Both the nylon liner and microfiber cover zip on and off with a heavy duty zipper for easy removal and cleaning.

When I first received my Liberator Ramp I was a bit overwhelmed by the size. Sure, I knew the measurements but sometimes seeing something in person makes a big difference. It is large! My Liberator Ramp is 34″ long, 24″ wide, and 12″ high. My scale got a little weird on me when I tried to weigh it but it seems to weigh approximately seven pounds.

Obviously the Liberator Ramp is meant to be used for sexual purposes but I love multitasking my sex furniture. I have had two ankle surgeries and sometimes my ankles will swell up and get painful after I’ve been on my feet too much. The Liberator Ramp is a great way for me to elevate my ankles without over-extending my knees which always happens when I use regular pillows. I just put the long narrow end under my thighs and rest my feet at the high end. Another way I use the Liberator Ramp is to stretch out my lower back. I put it on the bed and lay over it with my stomach at the high end and my head stretching toward the low end, with my feet just touching the floor. I do some deep breathing and feel my lower back stretching right out. It works wonders. This position is also great for doggie style, one of my favorite positions.

Liberator Ramp

Liberator Ramp

Liberator Ramp

There are so many ways to use the Liberator Ramp during sex. It helps to elongate the body and allows for deeper penetration. My Man likes to have me on my back with my legs over his shoulders for deeper penetration and more control. Using the Liberator Ramp with my hips on the high end, he can really penetrate me deeply and have the control we both enjoy. It also puts me in a great position to receive oral sex without My Man’s neck getting sore. The Liberator Ramp helps to create a sense of play and adventure during sex as we experiment with different positions and each other. It also helps communication as we discuss what is working and what isn’t.

As I mentioned, my ankles have some issues so standing and bending over during sex is not something I can do comfortably for long periods of time. Using the Liberator Ramp as described above for a sorta standing and bending over position is very effective for me. This is one of the things that makes Liberator Shapes so truly awesome. Not only do they make sex more fun, they also make it more manageable for people with certain health issues.

I have mentioned this before but I rarely discuss it- I have Fibromyalgia. It’s no fun and sometimes can cause issues during sex. I tend to have a lot of pain in my body and can’t hold certain positions very long. Using the Liberator Ramp, especially with the Wedge, makes a world of difference. It makes sex easier on my body which allows me to lay back and enjoy it more.

The Liberator Ramp arrived in a giant brown box that was totally discreet. It doesn’t even say Liberator on the return label, but rather Fulfillment Center. Though people may wonder what the hell is in such a large box, they’ll never be able to guess. Inside the box, the Liberator Ramp comes in a plastic bag to protect the microfiber cover.

Liberator Ramp

Liberator Ramp

Liberator Ramp Pros:
• Great shape
• Water-resistant
• Comfortable
• Machine washable cover
• Multipurpose
• Really works

Liberator Ramp Cons:
• Storage
• Gets linty

The Liberator Ramp just improves sex in so many ways for me. It addresses my physical issues and makes sex easier and more fun. It stretches out my back and rescues my ankles. It is soft and luxurious to the touch and works so well with my Liberator Wedge I must recommend the two of them together. It has only two downsides. First is storage. Unlike the Wedge, which I just leave out on my bed as a back rest, the Ramp is too large to have hanging about when it’s not in use and I just have a lack of storage in my place. The second downside to the Liberator Ramp is that the cover does have a tendency to pick up lint.

You can find the Liberator Ramp (as well as other Liberator shapes) at the following stores:

PinkCherry Sex Toys

**Be sure to search for other colors if red is not your favorite!

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