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Liberator Classic Wedge Review

I have wanted to try out Liberator Shapes for the longest time. They always get such great reviews and almost everyone seems to love them. I finally have my very own super duper Liberator Classic Wedge. Yay!

Liberator Wedge

In case you you are not familiar with them, Liberator is a leading manufacturer of bedroom adventure gear. A simple yet very popular shape is the Wedge. The Liberator Wedge has a core of firm but comfortable Champagne Foam. This foam is covered with a fitted, zippered black nylon shell. This shell is waterproof so it keeps your Champagne Foam safe from oils, lubes, and bodily fluids. On top of the nylon shell is a soft, microfiber cover. This microfiber is lovely and machine washable. Simply unzip and throw it in the machine with some mild detergent.The cover is meant to get softer with each washing but I haven’t had mine long enough to confirm this.

My Liberator Wedge is 24″ wide, 14″ long, and 7″ high. It is angled at 27 degrees, all the better to prop up my hips for easy access during oral and in the missionary position. The microfiber cover is so soft and comfy against my skin, I love to lay on it or against it naked. The only downside of the microfiber cover is that it does pick up lint and hair. However, simply running my hand along the pillow releases anything it has grabbed.

You can always mix and match the Liberator shapes. The Wedge goes well with so many and the most common combination is to pair it with the Liberator Ramp. I don’t have the Ramp yet but I am hoping to get it eventually so I can try out this combo and see what everyone is raving about. Another great thing about the microfiber cover is that the microfiber is interlocking so you can pile Liberator Shapes on top of each other and the covers will grab hold and keep the shapes in place.

So I know the Wedge is designed for sex but, I do not have much storage space so I appreciate when my belongings can multi-task. One of my favorite ways to use the Wedge that is non-sexual is to use it as a backrest. I do not have a desk so I am often sitting on the bed typing up reviews. The firm foam and the 27 degree angle of the Wedge is just perfect for me to lean on. I get back support and I am incredibly comfortable. As it is totally believable as a backrest, I can simply leave the Wedge out sitting on my bed. If I do want to hide it away, it conveniently fits under my couch or slides away in the closet. I think it would fit under most beds as well, but I mine is a platform so there is no under the bed room.

Another way I like to use the Wedge is to stretch my out back. I lay on it with the thin piece under my back and butt on the full 7″ rise and flip my legs over toward my head. This helps lengthen and stretch out my back muscles. The Wedge even helps me stretch out my neck. I simply hang my head over the 7″ edge and let gravity do the rest. This has been very good lately because my neck has really been bothering me. It’s also great to lay on for reading in bed It would also be good to sleep on if I was congested and needed my head elevated to breathe. If this thing could clean the house and cook dinner, I’d marry it!

Please keep in mind that any stretching exercises I do with my Wedge are simply things I have come up with on my own and are not recommended by any medical professional.

So let’s get down to brass tacks and what the Wedge was actually designed for…sex. The Wedge can be used to elevate the hips to allow for g-spot and a-spot penetration during intercourse. It is also great to use for oral sex. It provides a comfortable platform and puts me at just the right height for My Man to get a perfect angle. He can go for much longer now because this angle keeps him from getting a crick in his neck. Laying on the Wedge allows me to keep my legs up in the air in a much more comfortable way and longer than I normally can.

When I lay over the Wedge on my stomach it pops my butt right up into the air. It feels naughty, as if I am begging My Man to enter me from behind. We both like the psychological as well as the physical aspect of this position. It certainly can make both anal sex and doggy style better and more comfortable. We have also discovered it is also a perfect angle for spanking. The Wedge provides great support so I don’t get tired as easily and it supports our weight when both of us are on top of it. The foam depresses some and then pops right back into place when we’re done. There are so many possibilities we haven’t had time to try them all yet!

Not only is the Liberator Wedge good for couples play but it is great for solo sex too. Just as it gives My Man a better angle on my g-spot, it allows me the same access when I am masturbating. It puts my body in a more relaxed, open position that also makes my clit more easily accessible. Obviously, I can masturbate without it but I am enjoying masturbating with it far than I would have guessed.

If you are a bit secretive like me, you probably do not want the world to know you’re receiving sex furniture via mail. I am pleased to report Liberator ships very discretely. My Wedge arrived via UPS in a large brown box. The return address simply said, “Fulfillment Center”. Inside the box, my Wedge was safely covered by a plastic bag with a Liberator Gear sticker on it. Simple and protected.

Liberator Classic Wedge Pros:
• Great shape
• Water-resistant
• Comfortable
• Machine washable cover
• Multi-purpose
• Really works

Liberator Classic Wedge Cons:
• Picks up lint
• Price

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, I had wanted to try out Liberator gear for a long time and I am so happy I have had the opportunity. I love my Liberator Wedge and all the different things I can do with it, sexual and non-sexual. I know the price may seem steep to some people but this is truly a unique device that can improve your sex life in so many ways.

You can find the Liberator Wedge (and other Liberator Shapes) at the following stores:

PinkCherry Sex Toys

**Be sure to search for other colors if red is not your favorite!

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