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If you know about LELO pleasure objects, you might be aware of the TOR, one of their vibrating cock rings. What you may or may not know is LELO has recently released a new updated version of the TOR, the TOR II.


As is typical with LELO, the TOR II comes in very nice packaging. The external box, which is made of lightweight cardboard, is green to match the color of my TOR II. This box has an image of the TOR II on its back with a brief explanation. The box inside is very sturdy and discreet and good for storage. Of course, the TOR II also comes with a satin storage bag so you don’t need to take up all that room with the box. Also included in the box is a user manual, the previously mentioned sample of LELO’s personal moisturizer which is glycerin and paraben free, and the one year warranty.

The LELO TOR II is apparently much improved over its previous inception, though I don’t have the original TOR so I cannot compare. It is made completely of silicone which is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. It is also waterproof. The silicone and the fact that it is waterproof makes the TOR II easy to clean. You can simply wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap like I do, use your favorite sex toy cleaner, or spray it down with a 10% bleach solution. Be sure to clean it carefully and thoroughly. The word “LELO” is imprinted on each side of the TOR II and this really tends to hold onto lube and bodily fluids. I think I’ve gotten it clean, it even looks clean, and then it dries and I have to wash it all over again. My Man did point out that it might actually be soap residue hiding in the letters. Using a toothbrush would probably be helpful for cleaning out the “LELO” and around the DC port. At first I was worried about the exposed DC port and wondered if the TOR II really was waterproof but I have had no problems with charging after washing. Of course, I make sure to let it dry completely before plugging it in. According to LELO, the Tor II should last as long as 10,000 disposable rings if you care for it properly so I suggest doing so.

LELO recommends using water-based lubricant with the TOR II and includes a sample of their personal moisturizer in the box. Lube is helpful when putting the TOR II on, taking it off, or adjusting it. This keeps it from pulling at the skin. I know My Man certainly prefers using lube.

LELO TOR II Packaging

LELO TOR II Packaging

LELO TOR II Packaging

LELO TOR II Packaging

The LELO TOR II is rechargeable which is something I love in a sex toy. To charge, you simply plug the charger into the DC socket on the LELO TOR II. Be sure your TOR II is completely dry before doing so. While charging, the LED on the TOR II will glow red and turn white once it has completely charged. This should take about two hours and give you approximately two hours of play time.

With two interface buttons, the + and – buttons located on either side of the head of the cock ring, the LELO TOR II is straight-forward to use. You turn the TOR II on by pressing down on the + button. To increase power up through its six levels, you press down on the + button. To decrease power and turn the TOR II off, press down on the – button. The TOR II has six levels of steady vibration and five different vibration modes. To access the patterns, press the + button until you are on the highest level of steady vibration and release. Then press and hold the + button for two seconds. When you release you will be on the first pattern. Press the + button to cycle through the pattern modes. To go back to the steady vibration, press and hold the – button.

The vibration patterns are as follows:
1. Medium pulse
2. Fast pulse
3. Increasing vibration
4. Roller coaster
5. Random pattern

The TOR II has a travel/storage lock. To lock, press down on both buttons at the same time for five seconds. To unlock, do the same. I really appreciate a lock on my sex toys as it is no fun to grab one in the heat of the moment only to discover it was accidentally turned on and has no juice left. However, I really have to press down on the buttons firmly in use so I don’t think it’s likely the TOR II would actually be turned on accidentally.

The LELO TOR II is approximately 2.5″ long and 1.75″ wide. It does stretch quite a bit but you really need to put some muscle into it. This allows it to fit men who are a variety of sizes. The TOR II is very quiet, which is great. You don’t want an insanely loud toy distracting you during sex. At least I don’t. It is also surprisingly powerful for such a small vibrator. My Man got me off using the TOR II on its own, which so far is the only way I have gotten off using this toy. However, I don’t generally orgasm from straight intercourse. I really need direct clit stimulation and so far the TOR II just hasn’t worked for me.





This is the first cock ring I have reviewed as My Man and I don’t really use them. In fact, this is the first time we have used one together and I have been dying to do so. Like most cock rings, the LELO TOR II is quite snug fitting in order to keep him hard longer. However, My Man finds this tightness uncomfortable rather than a turn on. In fact, every time we have used the LELO TOR II it has been a bit difficult to get on even with lubricant. Once on though, the TOR II definitely stays securely in place. He also was not a big fan of the vibration on his penis. I find it an interesting sensation to have intercourse with the TOR II as added stimulation but it really isn’t what I was hoping it would be. I think a big part of it is that I really need constant clit stimulation to orgasm and having sex with the Tor II only provides intermittent stimulation. No matter the position we’re in it doesn’t seem to hit my clit just right or for long enough.

LELO Tor II Pros:
• Silicone
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable
• Quiet
• Strong

LELO Tor II Cons:
• Overly snug on him
• Doesn’t get me off during sex

If you and your partner are really into vibrating cock rings, the LELO TOR II does have a lot of things going for it. It is waterproof, rechargeable, quiet, and strong. However, the LELO TOR II just doesn’t really do it for my partner and me. He doesn’t enjoy the constricted feeling or the vibration and while I like the added stimulation, it has not brought me to orgasm. I feel a bit out of my element with this review as I have not reviewed a cock ring before and don’t have all that much experience with them. However, I’m fairly certain the lack of enjoyment on our part was really due to personal preference rather than a failure on the part of the cock ring. What I really learned was more about us rather than the LELO TOR II. Cock rings just don’t seem to do it for us or at least this one didn’t and our experience was ho hum enough that I don’t think we’ll be running out to try any additional cock rings in the near future.

You can pick up your own TOR II directly from LELO and while you’re there check out their other really cool pleasure objects.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

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2 Comments/Questions/Reviews

  • Roger says:

    I was more than anticipating the pleasure of the Tor II. It sounded so promising. However, I found it the most expensive ring around the cock I could find on the market. Because we cannot call it a cockring and wear it as a cockring. As I said it is only a ring around the cock with no possibility for expansion. As far as lubricant is concerned, you better keep your hands always dry it you want to take advantage of the modes and speeds because it is so slippery it can take up a minute to get the style changed.

    Pro: nice feeling when on place but nothing to reach the 7nth sky.

    Con: too expensive, no big deal about the toy, not flexibility unless you want to try to tear it apart. Don’t wait for an orgasm it won’t come only with it :-)

    I hope they come up with a Tor III really really enjoyable and much more ameliorated.

    Good luck :-)

    • Beanfiddler says:

      Thanks so much for your comments. I’m sorry you were disappointed with the TOR II. I can understand your concerns. I think it’s a high quality cock ring but it just really didn’t do the job for me. However, in my case I think that’s more about me than the cock ring.

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