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Nipple Suckers Review

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest addition to my collection of what I call my Barbie Sex Toys, Nipple Suckers!

These Nipple Suckers are made in China by California Exotics of smooth and shiny PVC in bright barbie pink. Based on their size, Barbie could probably wear one as a hat. They are much bigger than I was expecting. So much so in fact, I actually laughed out loud when I opened the box and couldn’t stop giggling for the longest time. They look like little Barbie chef hats!

Measuring approximately 2 1/2″ long, 3 1/2″ around the stem, 4 3/4″ around the bulb, with an opening 1″ across, these are quite large Nipple Suckers. Those of you who visit Bean Fiddler frequently may recall I have one pierced nipple. Most of the reviews I’ve read for various nipple sucking products have clearly stated the products do not work with nipple jewelry. Due to the large size of these particular Nipple Suckers I can slip them on right over the barbell in my nipple. Awesome! They are very simple to use. Simply squeeze the bulb between your fingers, press the opening over your nipple, and release. Et voila! Your Nipple Sucker is attached. Alternately, you can press the sucker against your nipple first, then squeeze and release to have the same effect.

Cleaning is a breeze with these Nipple Suckers. However, PVC is porous and cannot be sterilized so if you do use these on more moist areas of your body it is best not to share them with partners. They have no taste and a very slight plastic-y scent that I only smell when I hold them up to my nose. As these Nipple Suckers are made from PVC, it is very possible they contain phthalates. I normally avoid sex toys with phthalates, so I am uncomfortable with this possibility. You may want to take this into account this when purchasing.

As you can see, the California Exotics packaging is simple, and as per usual with them, not very discreet. The Nipple Suckers come in a plastic bag inside a small box. I’m currently storing my Nipple Suckers in their original packaging, but I’m kinda anal that way. You can simply stick them in a ziploc bag and toss them in your toy box.

The purpose of the Nipple Suckers is to suck blood into your nipples and keep it there while you have the suckers on. They seem to work opposite of nipple clamps which clamp down on the tissue disallowing any blood flow until the clamps are removed. By creating a suction on the skin, the nipples engorge with blood to become larger and more sensitive. These Nipple Suckers do a good job of this but leave fairly deep circle impressions around my nipples that last for much longer than the nipple engorgement. These marks last approximately 45-60 minutes on me. So if I want to plump up my nipples to surprise My Man, he’ll know exactly what I did. There’s nothing essentially wrong with the indentations, they’re just not super pretty. I was wondering if there would be any bruising with these Nipple Suckers and I’m pleased to say I have not experienced any.

There are no directions, thus no guidance on how long to wear or not wear these Nipple Suckers, so I’m going with 10-15 minutes in one sitting, at least on my nipples. You can certainly use these Nipple Suckers elsewhere and I have just for the hell of it. (They make pretty patterns on my skin.) If you’ve ever had cupping done, you’ll have somewhat of a sense of how these Nipple Suckers feel on the body, though these are much milder. While they are on the large side, they do work on my clit and I think I even prefer using them this way. The suction feels pretty amazing, I love how how my clit pulses when it’s sucked inside the sucker and how sensitive it is afterward.

Though it does not feel like someone is sucking on my nipples, there is definitely a distinct suction sensation when the Nipple Suckers are applied. Sometimes it’s actually uncomfortable after just two to three minutes. Other times I can easily tolerate 10 minutes. I usually don’t mind the discomfort and at times even enjoy it. It can be reminiscent of nipple clamps without the bite, and nowhere near as painful. Keep in mind that I like nipple clamps so I generally want a certain amount of sensation from my nipple toys.

I do find I am excited and distracted to a degree when I’m wearing these Nipple Suckers. They certainly make me more aware of my nipples. They also do make my nipples more sensitive once the suckers have come off. After wearing the Nipple Suckers for 10-15 minutes, the increased size and sensitivity last for approximately 15 minutes. Using the Nipple Suckers on and off throughout the day does help to create an overall increased sensitivity for me.

These Nipple Suckers are way too large for me to wear them under clothing. They do stay on when I’m walking around topless (or bottomless), however, they come off very easily when bumped. There is no way they will stay on me during partner play.

Nipple Suckers Pros:
• Multiple uses
• Provides moderate suction
• Easy to use
• Fits over piercings
• Price

Nipple Suckers Cons:
• May contain phthalates
• Deep impressions on the skin

I like these Nipple Suckers but I don’t love them, and I really wish they were made of safer materials. I’m just not comfortable with the idea they may contain phthalates. While they are a strong product, the suction doesn’t do as much for me as I had expected. That is my issue, not a problem with the suckers. They are simple, easy to use, and pack a good amount of suction into into their pink barbie hats. I would have given these Nipple Suckers three beans, but because of the materials I’m subtracting one.

You can find Nipple Suckers as well as many other great products at MyPleasure!

Bean Fiddler Rating:
Two Beans

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