Good Clean Love Lubricant Review

I tend to go on about how water-based lubricant is all I use. Well, it’s true. I can be a fragile flower and water-based lube really is the best for sensitive people. Nowadays it’s great because there are more and more healthy options on the market for girls like me. Water-based lube is also the most flexible of lubricants as it can be used with any material type. It’s safe for silicone, latex, rubber and jelly, as well as metal, wood, glass, and almost anything you think of. It doesn’t stain the sheets or clothing and is easy to clean up. Read more about the different types of lubricant HERE.

My new favorite water-based lube is Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant from Good Vibrations.

This lubricant is 95% organic. It is cruelty-free and vegan. Yay! Again, vegan products appeal to my vegetarian nature and I use cruelty-free wherever possible. Good Clean Love Lubricant is glycerin and paraben free, also important for people with sensitivities. Both glycerin and paraben have been linked to yeast infections in women. So if you tend toward yeast infections, look for more natural products without these ingredients. Good Clean Love is a good clean option to consider. 😉

Good Clean Love Lubricant has a slightly sweet, mildly medicinal scent that I only notice when I practically stick it up my nose. When the lube is more than 2” from my face, I don’t smell it at all. You all know how much I dislike lubricant in my mouth no matter how organic and vegan, flavored or not, but of course I tasted Good Clean Love just to be able to report back. It has a barely there, slight bitter flavor. A good wipe down should do to remove any lingering taste if I were to go down on my man and he had remnants of lube on his penis.

Good Clean Love Lubricant comes in a 4 oz. squirt tube. The tube has a removable cap and the lube is sealed until you open it. Good Clean Love is a gel lubricant so it is not at all runny, which I really like. While it isn’t overly thick, it goes where I want it to and stays puts. I’m impressed with how evenly it spreads over my toys. I find I need more with my silicone toys that have more drag than with my glass or hard plastic toys. However, as my glass plugs have no drag that makes complete sense.

This lube is super slick and slippery, in a good way. In fact, a dime-sized drop made thrusting with a dildo so smooth I got carried away and I slightly bruised my cervix!

I find some lubricants increase my sensitivity and increase my pleasure by seeming to make my nerve endings more sensitive. It’s as if I can feel everything a little bit more, the rubbing, thrusting, pushing, pulling… I don’t know why all lubricant doesn’t have this effect one me, but Good Clean Love certainly does. It adds a dimension to solo and partner play that the best lubes for me tend to do.

I’ve mentioned I produce quite a lot of my own lubrication and find I don’t need a ton of additional lubricant. Good Clean Love lube lasts for me. I don’t need to reapply nearly as often as with some other water-based lubes. It somehow seems to make my natural lubrication last longer while my natural lubrication seems to have a similar effect on the Good Clean Love. When I did reapply I needed just a small an amount. This lube really lasts!

Good Clean Love is so soft and silky smooth, it’s almost comforting on my skin. As it dries, it just disappears. It’s not messy or sticky. In fact it’s much less messy than my natural lubrication! I’ve rubbed it on different parts of my body a few times just to see how it would dry. Again, yes. I know I’m a weirdo. :) Not only does it just disappear, it leaves my skin feeling rather soft. Maybe it’s time to change from lotion to lube… Ok, that could be going overboard.

Good Clean Love Lubricant does not leave any stains or residue on my bedding, clothing, towels, etc. It washes and wipes off my sex toys in the blink of an eye. There is no need for me to jump up and rush off to the shower. I really love that I can laze around in bed after play time, relax, and enjoy my happy feelings.

Good Clean Love Lubricant Pros:
• Glycerin and paraben free
• Vegan and 95% organic
• Consistency

Good Clean Love Lubricant Cons:
• Needs replenishing like most water-based lube

I don’t usually gush all over the place about lubricant. I mean, it’s lube, right? I’m just really pleased with Good Clean Love Lubricant. It is currently my go-to lube. Keep in mind we’re all different, have different preferences and bodies, but Good Clean Love lube works really well for my body chemistry.

Check out Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant in Almost Naked and Lavender Rose at Good Vibrations today!

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