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JO Warming Massage Glide Review

I really love massages, and considering I have a chronic pain disorder, they can be very helpful. Professional massage therapists who are knowledgeable about this condition really are the best option, but not always affordable. For this reason, I find it’s a good idea to keep some massage products laying around in case of emergency. Anyone wh9o has ever had a really good massage, professional or otherwise, can tell you that you’ve got to use a good oil or lotion to diminish skin on skin friction. For at home massages, oils tend to work well and are easy to work with so I thought I would try a massage product I haven’t used before, JO Warming Massage Glide.

JO Warming Massage Glide

JO Warming Massage Glide comes in two sizes, 1 ounce and 4.5 ounces. I have the larger 4.5 ounce bottle, which is generally the better deal cost-wise. However, as this massage oil is silicone-based, a little goes a long way, so it might be a good idea to start with the smaller size until you decide whether or not you really like it. The 4.5 ounce bottle is a typical plastic bottle with a pop-up cap, which makes it easy to dispense the Massage Glide without it getting all over the place.

I find JO Warming Massage Glide to be extremely slick and smooth. The texture really is great for a massage and the word “glide” describes it very well. The multiple types of silicone in the massage oil make it feel soft and pleasurable against the skin. It also allows for multiple uses. You can use JO Warming Massage Glide as a sexual lubricant, both for anal and vaginal penetration, with a partner or on your own. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to use it with silicone sex toys as the silicone in both products can react negatively with each other and damage your toy. However, it is latex-safe so it can be used with many brands of condoms. Silicone is a good skin moisturizer, so not only are you receiving a great massage (hopefully), you are conditioning your skin at the same time.

As I mentioned above, a little JO Warming Massage Glide goes a long way because it does not evaporate like a water-based lotion. So, you always want to start out with a small amount and add to it rather than begin with a huge glob and end up slipping and sliding too much. As a general rule, silicone-based products do not totally absorb into the skin so JO Warming Massage Glide really will last as long as you need it. If you use a lot, you may need to wipe/wash it off when you are done with your slippery activities. If you are more cautious, you may be able to pop clothes on immediately afterward.

JO Warming Massage Glide contains the following ingredients:
Polydimethylsiloxane, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, Octamethylcyclotetr-asiloxane, Dimethylsiloxane, Hydroxy-terminated Capsium, Peppermint

I decided to go with a warming massage oil because I figured the warming factor would be extra good for sore muscles, especially as my pain tends to be rather deep. I suppose different ingredients can be used to create a warming sensation, and JO Warming Massage Glide uses Capsium. It also has peppermint in it, which I expect is meant to provide a tingling feeling and add to the warming sensation. The peppermint also creates a nice, mild, minty scent that I find pleasant.

When it comes to the warming sensation, JO Warming Massage Glide really disappoints. I don’t feel much of a warming sensation at all. In fact, I wonder if the little bit I do feel is actually due to the Capsium or just the friction of having the oil rubbed on my skin. In this sense, JO Warming Massage Glide is no different from another silicone-based product without the added warming sensation.

JO Warming Massage Glide

JO Warming Massage Glide, Size

JO Warming Massage Glide, Cap

Due to the ingredients, JO Warming Massage Glide does a good job at moisturizing the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky. As a matter of fact, I have had several tattoos for a number of years and I must say that JO Warming Massage Glide makes them sparkle like they’re practically new. However, a few of the ingredients, such Octamethylcyclotetr-asiloxane and Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, have less than perfect safety ratings, which is a concern for some people.

JO Warming Massage Glide Pros:
• Pop-up cap
• Good scent
• Moisturizing for the skin
• Latex-safe
• Can be used as lubricant
• Waterproof

JO Warming ebony porn Massage Glide Cons:
• No significant warming sensation
• Some ingredients don’t have the highest safety ratings
• Caution must be used when using with silicone toys

When it comes to silicone-based massage oils, JO Warming Massage Glide is fine, but it’s nothing to write home about. Like most other silicone-based products, it moisturizes the skin well, can be used in water, does not dissipate quickly, and is latex-safe. However, if I want all those qualities, I would most likely prefer a higher-quality product, like my favorite silicone-based lubricant, Pjur Original Bodyglide, which can do all of these things as well, but has only three ingredients making it more pure and less chemically-enhanced. Of course, Pjur Original Bodyglide is quite a bit more expensive than JO Warming Massage Glide, but I guess you get what you pay for. It’s not that anything is terribly wrong with this massage oil (other than it being a big liar about the warming aspect), it’s just not that great either.

You can find JO Warming Massage Glide at the following stores:

JO Warming Massage Glide 1 ounce
JO Warming Massage Glide 4.5 ounces
**Use code: FIDDLER at checkout for 10% off your entire order

JO Warming Massage Glide 1 ounce
JO Warming Massage Glide 4.5 ounces

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Sliquid Sea Lubricant Review

It has been a very long time since I have reviewed a lubricant. Lubes are not something I review very often but when the opportunity came along to test out a particular lubricant from Sliquid that I had been wondering about, I grabbed it. I have heard good things about Sliquid Sea Lubricant for quite a while and decided it was interesting enough to try out.

Sliquid Sea Lubricant Bottle

Sliquid Sea Lubricant is a water-based lubricant that contains several ingredients meant to provide benefits in addition to the typical perks of lube. We’ll discuss those ingredients in a bit. First let’s talk a look at water-based lubes in general.

Water-based lubricants have several advantages over other types of lubricants. You can use a water-based lube with all sex toys, including silicone, which is a blessing to someone like me who has a large collection of silicone toys. It does not usually stain clothes and sheets and can be cleaned off the body easily with water. On the down side, it is not a good choice to use in water and can dry out more quickly than other options.

The great thing about Sliquid Sea is that it does not seem to dry out terribly quickly and you can reactivate it by applying a little water (or saliva if you’re in a pinch). For a long session, you may have to reapply depending upon how much Sliquid Sea you started off with in the first place. Again, this is common with water-based lubricants so I do not see this as a downfall of Sliquid Sea in particular. In addition, Sliquid Sea dries cleanly, leaving no residue. It does not turn white and does not become sticky or tacky like some lubes. In fact, my skin actually feels soft after the Sliquid Sea dries. It’s not going to replace my lotion or anything like that, but it does leave my skin feeling pleasant.

I detect no discernible scent or taste to Sliquid Sea, which was a nice surprise. I didn’t expect it to smell bad, but I thought it might have an earthy or plant-like scent. It also does not have the bitter taste of some of the other lubricants I have. I’m not a big fan of getting lubricant in my mouth, but it’s nice to know that if it happens it’s not going to be an unpleasant experience.

As a vegetarian, I love that Sliquid Sea is vegan friendly, which means that it contains no animal products or by-products. However, it does include several ingredients that are not a part of a typical lube recipe, and this is one of the things that causes Sliquid Sea to stand out.

Sliquid Sea contains the following ingredients:
Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Carrageenan, Nori & Wakame (Seaweed Extracts), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

Sliquid Sea Lubricant Bottle, Front

Sliquid Sea Lubricant Bottle, Back

Sliquid Sea Lubricant Bottle, Top

Sliquid Sea Lubricant Bottle, Protective Seal

So let’s look at the special ingredients that add the “sea” to Sliquid Sea. First off, there is Carrageenan, which has been shown to be a potent inhibitor of HPV (Human Pappilomavirus) and may offer protection against HSV-2 (Herpes simplex virus). I’m sure all my readers practice safe sex, but still, how could you not want that extra bit of protection in your lubricant? Then we have Nori, a red algae that is a natural moisturizer and prevents oxidation of the skin. Finally, Wakame, which is an edible seaweed with B vitamins that reduces inflammation and improves elasticity of the skin. Considering women often experience micro tears when inserting sex toys or a penis into their bodies, the reduction of the inflammation that follows this tearing is a strong benefit. All in all, these additions provide significant advantages to Sliquid Sea.

I am impressed with Sliquid Sea Lubricant. It lasts longer than I expected it would and dries nicely on my skin. I appreciate that I do not feel the need to shower immediately after play time to wash it off my body. I love that it’s vegan and non-toxic, and does not contain glycerine, parabens, and a host of other chemicals I prefer to avoid. The slick and slippery consistency make it a pleasure to use, and the lack of scent (especially) and taste increase that pleasure. It is basically like notching up my own natural fluids, which is how I want my water-based lube to behave. I don’t really want to know it’s there or be constantly aware of it. Sliquid Sea does its job without making a big deal about its presence, both during and after play. I am extremely pleased with it.

Sliquid Sea comes in a plastic bottle in two sizes, 4.2 ounces and 8.5 ounces. The bottle has a pop top which allows you to easily control the amount of lubricant you want to dispense. The bottle comes with a protective seal which is slightly challenging to peel off if you have nails like mine, but it’s totally doable. There is an expiration date on the bottom of the bottle, which I have not noticed on all of my lubes, and I find very helpful. Though it’s obvious to me that this is a bottle of lube, I don’t think it will be necessarily apparent to someone who is not familiar with the Sliquid brand, unless they looks closely and see “natural intimate lubricant” on the label. Just left on the bathroom sink, someone might think it’s a hair styling product. I think the label is cute and classy, as well as amusing.

Sliquid Sea Lubricant Label

Sliquid Sea Lubricant Pros:
• Slick and slippery
• Dries nicely on skin
• No scent or taste
• Vegan
• Hypoallergenic & non-toxic
• Glycerine & paraben Free
• DEA, gluten, glycerol, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulphate free
• Easy to use bottle
• Can be used with silicone sex toys

Sliquid Sea Lubricant Cons:
• Not a one

While sexual lubricants generally do not make me jump up and down with excitement, they are a necessary and extremely helpful sex play accessory, and it is always important to have a good one on hand. Sliquid Sea has so many positive attributes. Due to its consistency, it feels much like my own lubrication which makes it enjoyable to use. It dries well on my skin, leaving it feeling soft rather than dry and sticky. The lack of scent is a huge plus for me as I am very sensitive and easily distracted by smells.

I am always happy to find high-quality vegan products, and Sliquid Sea manages to avoid using many ingredients common to other lubricants that are not necessarily the best for a woman’s body. I appreciate the addition of the special ingredients that make this Sliquid “Sea”, carrageen, nori, and wakame. They provide protection to the skin and body and can actually assist in preventing the acquisition of HPV and HSV-2. That in itself would be reason enough to use Sliquid Sea, but it has so many other benefits as well. I am actually hard-pressed to find anything I don’t like about it. Therefore, I can easily recommend Sliquid Sea without hesitation.

You can find Sliquid Sea in both sizes, along with other Sliquid products on the Sliquid Shop website. Use code: BEAN10 to receive a 10% discount on your entire Sliquid purchase.

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Bean Fiddler’s Best of 2012

Happy New Year and welcome to Bean Fiddler’s Best of 2012. I remember having a really tough time writing my Best of 2011 post last January. I had reviewed so many great products over the course of the year. This year it’s a slightly different issue. I don’t seem to have loved nearly as many products in 2012 as I did in 2011. I don’t think this is necessarily a comment on the quality of sex toys and sensual products in 2012, as much as it has to do with me being less cavalier about handing out those five bean scores. In fact, I only rated one product a full five beans in 2012. Shocking!

Due to the way things played out in 2012, I am doing something a little different than last year. I decided to go with 10 different categories and choose my favorite product of the year in each category. So, without further ado, on to Bean Fiddler’s Best of 2012.

Best Sex Toy for Couples: LELO Insignia Tiani 2
In 2011, I reviewed the original LELO Insignia Tiani and thought it was OK. Certainly, I thought the new technology was cool but there were issues with the actual vibrations of the toy and communication with the remote. LELO did a very quick turnaround on revamping the Tiani and came out with the LELO Insignia Tiani 2 which has much stronger vibrations and communicates very well with its remote. They included two g-spot attachments and you can also use the wearable part of the Tiani 2 on its own without the remote, which was not possible with the original Tiani.

Best Sex Toy for Men: Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight
This really in Beanpole Fiddler’s category and I know he only does a review here and there so there’s not a lot of competition in this category. Still, the Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight was his favorite toy that he reviewed last year. He loved the feel of the Fleshlight Superskin material and found the Swallow texture to be very enjoyable. He also really liked the experience of looking down and seeing Jenna Haze’s lips wrapped round his cock. He reported that when warmed up, the Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight was pretty great.

Best Lubricant: Pjur Original Bodyglide
Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant is the first, and so far only, silicone-based lubricant I have reviewed. A big part of this is that the majority of my sex toys are made of silicone, and if you read my reviews you know that using silicone-based lube with silicone sex toys is generally a bad idea. The silicone of the two can interact with each other and cause a chemical reaction that leaves the toy feeling tacky. Nevertheless, I do have a handful of toys in materials such as glass, plastic, and metal, and decided it was high time to review a silicone-based lube. I was thoroughly impressed with Pjur Original Bodyglide. It is soft and slippery and provides a variety of perks aside from just using it sexually.

Best Wand: LELO Smart Wand
There was a lot of fanfare about the brand new LELO Smart Wand being released last year. I think due in part to the fact that it was the first “massager” type of product released by LELO. It comes in two sizes and three colors. The Smart Wand is rechargeable and sleek, and though I wanted it to be stronger, it is very effective. (I might actually pull it out and use it on my neck which is in a lot of pain right now.) I liked that it has multiple uses and didn’t really look like a sex toy. I was also impressed that some mainstream stores, like Brookstone, have started stocking it.

Best Dildo: Tantus Cush O2
While I do want to give a shout out and honorable mention to the Fleshlight Freaks Drac Dildo, I must say my favorite dildo of the year was the Tantus Cush O2. With its dual density squashy outer layer and firm inner core, the Cush O2 was a new experience in dildos for me. Not only did I love the color, but it just feels awesome during play. I must agree with all those fans of dual density out there and say I really do prefer it overall to regular old silicone dildos. Not only is the Cush O2 a great dildo, Tantus is a great U.S.-based company that makes all of its products on site in Nevada.

Best Traditional Vibrator: PAPAYA Toys Tattoo
My pick for this category actually comes from a very recent review. The PAPAYA TOYS Tattoo is a good-looking, not to mention flat out good, vibrator. It has great rumbly and strong vibrations that my body loves, wrapped in vivid green silicone. The PAPAYA Toys Tattoo is waterproof and has a very cool memory chip that allows it to turn on at the same level of intensity and same mode it was in when you turned it off. It’s a bit girthier than a lot of traditional vibrators out there and its shape keeps it from being average. The head creates a nice popping feeling during thrusting and the silicone is particularly nice. Though it is a bit noisy, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives for me on this one.

Best Rabbit Vibrator: Jopen Vanity Vr5.5
After my less than thrilling experience with the Vanity Vr3 and the Vanity Vr10, I was pleasantly surprised by their newer cousin, the Jopen Vanity Vr5.5. Not only is it rechargeable, but it is waterproof and fully immerseable. I had high hopes but strong doubts about the Jopen Vanity Vr5.5, because while the shape looked interesting, it didn’t really seem like it would effectively hit my clit. Turned out that what I liked best about this redesigned vibrator was how deep and rumbly the vibrations are, and how perfectly its unlikely shape fit my body. Jopen did a great job with this one, even if it does come with an unnecessarily ginormous storage bag.

Best Clit Vibrator: LELO Nea
I realize this is the third time LELO has shown up on my Best Of list this year and I don’t want to be a LELO whore or anything, but what can I say? Their toys work for me. Not only that, but they’re made of high quality materials. In general, I prefer silicone vibrators and I love LELO’s silicone in particular. Nevertheless, I just happen to adore the LELO Nea’s plastic body. The flowery design is adorable, but more importantly, the plastic is perfectly slippery and slidey for a clit vibe so I don’t need to use lube. I also find the vibrations to be both rumbly and strong enough to get me off quickly, and the small size of the LELO Nea fits perfectly in my hand without causing it to get buzzy or crampy.

Best New Product: Leaf Fresh
I was lucky enough to be amongst the early testers of the new Leaf line and apparently even luckier to select the Fresh. From what I heard around the water cooler, it seemed not all of Leaf’s vibrators were winners. Fortunately for me, the Leaf Fresh is a pretty great little vibrator, and I do mean little. It’s almost as small as the LELO Nea, which is tiny. The atypical shape of the Fresh fits comfortably in my hand and nestles right up against my labia to hit my clit. Oh, did I mention that it’s made of green silicone?? Any sex toy that’s green is already a step above the rest. I was so pleased the Fresh actually lived up to its potential.

Best Standout Product: Liberator Fascinator Throe
The only review product to get a full 5 beans from me in all of 2012, which is quite something considering all the beans I handed out in 2011, was the Liberator Fascinator Throe. The Liberator Fascinator Throe is a great all around item to have in your arsenal. While it really doesn’t double as a comfy throw blanket like I hoped it would, it is a must have for all your reindeer games. It truly works as promised and has saved my sheets from many a mess, keeping me from having to change them at an awkward/exhausted moment. It washes and dries well, and is soft and silky to lay upon. If it was just offered in smaller sizes it would make storage, solo play time, and tossing it in the back of the car a lot easier.

Considering the shift that seems to have occurred from 2011 to 20912, I am very curious to see what happens in 2013 with my review choices and how I approach rating products. As always, I hope these reviews are helpful and provide clarity to my readers. Thank you to all those who have made my reviewing these great products (and even the not so great ones) possible. Let’s hope that 2013 brings some interesting and exciting new products to our attention! So far, so good considering my first review of the year, the Whipspider Rubberworks Jellyfish Dildo. **Spoiler Alert** I may have already found my favorite dildo of 2013.

I notice that I focused much more on sex toys than sensual products last year, and reviewed more vibrators than any other sex toy. My focus appeared to be on clit vibrators, with a handful ending up with 4 and 4.5 bean reviews. I only reviewed one anal toy in 2012, which is astonishing to me, and did I not review any nipple toys. 2012 was a very different year when it comes to reviews.

I have now been exposed to so many sex toys that something which would have blown me away when I first began this journey may now seem very blah. The longer I review sex toys, the better I get at distinguishing quality toys from those that are merely mediocre. I think this maturation as a reviewer is a very good thing for you readers. My exposure to all these products allows me to provide you with a better understanding of how well a sex toy actually works for me, as well as assisting me in answering many of your questions, on and off the site.

Additional honorable mention is deserved by the following sex toys that received 4 and 4.5 bean ratings:
Jimmyjane Form 2
Lovehoney Realistic Oh! Rabbit
Lovehoney Tapered Prober Orgasmic Glass Dildo
Tantus Goliath Vibrating Dildo
Toyfriend Starlet

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant Review

If you read my reviews you know I tend to stick to water-based lubricants. They are a safer bet with silicone sex toys and so many of my toys are silicone. However, I did want to try a silicone-based lubricant so I decided to go with Pjur Original Bodyglide from FunWares.

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant is a pure super concentrated silicone lubricant that contains only Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, and Dimethiconol. It is made in Germany and is oil-free, fat-free, water-free, and fragrance-free. It definitely has no scent and while I do not enjoy any lubricant in my mouth, I discern no taste either.

There are many advantages to using a silicone-based lubricant. Silicone-based lube can be used for purposes other than sexual lubrication. It can be used in place of massage oil and as a skin softener in place of lotion. Silicone-based lube is also great as a conditioner for latex so you can use it to shine up all your latex gear. While many people have allergies to some of the ingredients used in water-based lubricants, high-end silicone-based lubricants rarely cause allergic reactions. Silicone-based lubricants are water-proof so you can use them in water without fear they will easily wash away. These lubricants also have a much longer life than water-based lubricants, so a little goes a long way.

You probably know I generally recommend using water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys. This is because the silicone in both the lube and the toy can react with each other and cause the silicone of the toy to break down and become tacky. As I use water-based lube with my silicone toys, I have never had this happen but it certainly sounds unpleasant. Who wants to spend good money on a sex toy only to ruin it by using the wrong lubricant? However, I have been told that high-end silicone lubricants can be used with with high-end 100% silicone toys, such as LELO, Fun Factory, and Tantus. In fact, when I was at ANE last year I saw this demonstrated with Pjur Silicone Lubricant with no ill effects. Having said that, I still recommend you do a patch test if you are planning on using a silicone-based lubricant, even Pjur, with your favorite silicone sex toy. Of course, you can use Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant with other materials such as glass, metal, plastic, TPE, and TPR, to name a few, not to mention fingers and penises and other body parts.

The only other real downside for me to the Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant is that being silicone-based it is slightly more difficult to clean up than water-based lubes. If I have used only a small amount I can massage it into my skin and allow it to soak in, but when using a lot it requires more soap and water and some elbow grease to really get rid of it. I can’t necessarily just roll over and go to sleep after playing with Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant. I often need to make the effort to really clean up.

The packaging for this Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant is slightly special in that in comes in a drip free bottle. This allows me to squeeze out just a few drops where and when I want them. Some lube bottles are super sloppy and spill the lubricant all over the place. That’s bad enough when it’s water-based lubricant which is easy to clean up, but when it’s super slick silicone-based lube it’s a huge pain. This drip free bottle works like a charm. I just love it. I also find the bottle to be very discreet. On the front it says, “Pjur Original super concentrated BODYGLIDE”. Nothing about lubricant or sex, no naked images. I don’t think it’s obvious that Pjur is a sexual lubricant. You can certainly pass it off as a skin moisturizer or massage lotion to those who don’t know better. There is helpful information in five languages on the back of the tube in very small printing.

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant

I really like Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant. As a moisturizer it soaks into my skin nicely and leaves it feeling soft and silky. As a lubricant, I only need a small amount for use during play and it really does last quite a long time. I also find that Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant is great for anal play and anal sex. It is softer and more slippery than water-based lube and lasts longer so there’s no need for reapplication. I just have to make sure not to use too much because there is such a thing as too slippery, especially when it comes to butt plugs.

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant Pros:
• Long-lasting
• Multiple uses
• Only need a small amount
• Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft
• Great drip free bottle

Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant Cons:
• Not safe for all silicone sex toys
• More difficult to clean up than water-based lube

FunWares carries a wide variety of Pjur products, including several sizes of the Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant. I really love the drip free bottle and the 100 ml size works well for me. As the expiration date is 2015, I have plenty of time to use it up. It may takes a while considering I only need the smallest amount of Pjur at a time.

Head over to FunWares and pick up some Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant to use with your your toys or with your partner. FunWares has great prices and fast and discreet shipping, so why not add some new toys to your order? If you’re not up for silicone-based lubricant, FunWares carries a bunch of water-based lubes as well.

Bean Fiddler Rating:

Intimate Organics Lubricant Review, Defense and Hydra

It has been a while since I have reviewed a lubricant so I jumped at the chance to review two relatively new lubricants from Intimate Organics, Defense Protection Lubricant and Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant.

Intimate Organics Defense Protection Formula Lubricant


Intimate Organics Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant


There are many commonalities between these lubricants. They are both water-based, the only type of lubricant made by Intimate Organics. Both are glycerin, paraben, and DEA free. Both are vegan and cruelty-free, and both are derived from natural ingredients. Both are also made with Certified Organic Extracts.

You may be wondering, what are Certified Organic Extracts? These are natural ingredients certified as organic by the USDA Organic Board. This does not mean that Intimate Organic lubricants are all natural. They are not. As you’ll see from the below listed ingredients, both Defense and Hydra contain a fair amount of chemicals. However, they do have a focus on being more natural and healthier for your body than other products. The truth is that all water-based lubricants have chemicals, some more than others, but not all of them have naturally-derived compounds. The ingredients in Defense and Hydra Lubricants work for my body.

There is one chemical that may be of concern for some users. Methylisothiazolinone, as discussed on the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetics Database, is a known skin and immune system toxicant. Its use in cosmetics has been determined safe with some qualifications and is restricted in Canada and Japan. In Canada it can be used in concentrations less than .01% and Intimate Organics complies with this restriction. That is really a very small amount. I am on the sensitive side and have had no issues with this product, but if you are hypersensitive, you may want to do further research before using products with Methylisothiazolinone. Keep your eyes open, as Intimate Organics may be working this ingredient out of their newest recipes.

I know it is very easy for some people to become overly concerned about ingredients. I try not to allow myself to become too paranoid or I would never leave the house. I simply do my research and when comfortable, try the products out. As long as they work for me and I have no negative reactions, I am happy to use them. It is just a matter of finding the healthiest alternatives that work best for you.

Like all Intimate Organic products, the packaging is tasteful and looks more like bath products than personal lubricant. Of course, it does say Lubricant in fairly large letters on the packaging. Each lubricant comes in a small box with a partial naked female torso on the front and back. Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant is blue and Defense Protection Lubricant is green. The bottles are sturdy enough on their own, so I don’t see any need for these boxes. I would love Intimate Organics to get rid of them and be kinder to the environment.

Intimate Organics Defense Protection Lubricant Box

Intimate Organics Defense Protection Lubricant Box

Intimate Organics Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant Box

Intimate Organics Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant Box

The logo is the same on the bottles, with Hydra having a clear bottle, and Defense having a pretty dark emerald green one. I wonder if this is simply design or if the sea kelp and guava bark in the Defense Lubricant require the darker bottle. The cap of each bottle is a push top, which makes it very easy to use and seals well so no lube leaks out.

Both lubricants have a rather strong smell, which I find a bit disappointing. Not like I was expecting them to smell like leaves and fairy dust or anything. It just is rather unpleasant to my nose, especially Hydra. However, I only smell these lubricants when applying them. I do not smell them during play.

Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant and Defense Protection Lubricant are on the runny, liquidy side. They don’t quite stay where you put them and I would like them to be a bit thicker. I feel like I have got to work quickly once I have applied the lubricant. I have used both lubricants for anal play and while they could definitely be thicker, they are sufficient.

Defense Protection Formula Lubricant
Defense has a special blend of sea kelp and guava bark which is meant to maintain healthy microflora in a woman’s body. It is lightweight, slick, and easy to use. It dries well on my skin without leaving massive amounts of residue behind, though my skin does feel a bit…not tight exactly, but I know there is something there. There is alcohol in this lubricant, which is used to dissolve the natural extracts, and I wonder if that is the reason for it’s quick dry/weird feeling on my skin. Defense Lubricant has a rather earthy chemical smell.

Aqua (Water), Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Phenethyl Alcohol, PPG-2 Methyl Ether, Methylisothiazolinone, Psidium Guajava Fruit Extract, Alcohol, Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Sodium Hydroxide

Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant
Hydra includes a special blend of plant cellulose that is meant to create a silkier, smoother feel to the lubricant. It is also lightweight, which I like, and it is soft and silky, but it does tend get all over the place because it is so runny. I am not wowed by Hydra. I don’t notice a big difference between this product and other lubricants. Though I expected a bad taste based on the chemical smell, I do find Hydra to be tasteless which is a relief, not that I am planning on having it in my mouth. Hydra Lubricant smells kinda like soapy chemicals. It isn’t the worst thing I have ever smelled but it is not very nice either.

Aqua (Water), Propanediol, (Natural Humectant), Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Phenethyl Alcohol, PPG-2 Methyl Ether, Methylisothiazolinone, Alcohol, Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Sodium Hydroxide


I am not sure I would be able to tell Hydra Lubricant and Defense Lubricant apart in a blind test, though I do like the idea of Defense a bit more. Perhaps that’s just because I am buying into the marketing. Neither of these lubricants lasts very long. Though, as they are water-based you can renew them with a splash of water or saliva, I would still prefer them to have a longer life.

Intimate Organics Defense Lubricant and Hydra Lubricant Pros:
• Smooth and slick
• Vegan
• Cruelty-free
• Glycerin, paraben, DEA-free
• Organic extracts

Intimate Organics Defense Lubricant and Hydra Lubricant Cons:
• A bit runny
• Strong chemically smell, especially Hydra
• Dries quickly

On the up side, Defense Lubricant and Hydra Lubricant are just fine. On the down side, they are just fine. I’d like to say these are my new favorite lubes but that just isn’t the case. I like that they are healthier alternatives to some of the lubricants out there. I like that they don’t have glycerin, parabens, or DEA. I very much like that they are vegan and cruelty-free. However, they don’t last as long as others and I do not enjoy the scent of either one. It really comes down to your priorities. For me, there are just better options on the market.

You can purchase Defense Protection Lubricant and Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant at the following stores:

Intimate Organics Defense Protection Lubricant

Intimate Organics Hydra Plant Cellulose Lubricant

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