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Fleshlight Flight Pilot Review

Hello, ladies and gentleman, Bean is taking the week off from her reviews so that I can bring you another review for the men out there. This week I’ve got another Fleshlight for you all, but this one is a bit special. Today I am going to be reviewing the Fleshlight Flight, with the Pilot texture, from Good Vibrations. So, why is the Flight special? It’s because of its size. Regular Fleshlights are fairly bulky. The Fleshlight Flight is conveniently sized and comes in a much fancier looking case.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

There are two different Flight models that Fleshlight offers. They have the Pilot (which is what is being reviewed here) and the Instructor. The two are different because of the inner texture. You can see the Pilot texture in bottom of the picture above. I’ll just say this now, it’s a very solid and capable texture. What’s really weird is that this texture is pretty much the same texture as the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya, which I wasn’t a huge fan of, only shrunk down. I wouldn’t have thought that making the texture smaller would have improved it that much, but it certainly did.

As I stated earlier, what makes the Flight models special is their size. A regular Fleshlight, such as the Fleshlight Vortex, is 10″ tall in its case. In comparison, the Flight is 8″ tall, a full 20% shorter. The Flight case is also much more stylish in design. Granted, the original Fleshlights are designed to look like a flashlight, not the most stylish thing in the world. The Flight has graceful lines and is just cool looking. That said, one of my biggest complaints about the Flight has to do with the case but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Fleshlight Flight Pilot Fleshlight Flight Pilot

So, does the smaller size have any drawbacks in comparison to the regular Fleshlight Toys? To be honest, not that I can see. In fact, I prefer the smaller size as I find it easier to hold, less bulky, and easier to store. The only problem I can see arising from the smaller form factor would be if you are really, really well-endowed. If you measure over 8″, the smaller size may be a hindrance. I am not that big (thankfully) so it’s not a problem for me.

Another thing that I should mention about the Flight line of Fleshlights is the orifice. These are considered their stealth line of toys, so instead of getting a realistic vagina or butt entry, you receive a kind of generic, whirlpool looking entrance. It probably won’t do much to stimulate you visually, but I don’t think the lack of a realistic body part entrance is that big of a loss. The Flight, while still made of Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel Super Skin® material (which is excellent), is clear as well. If you take the toy out of the case you can watch your dick sliding in and out. I tried that but didn’t do much for me, visually speaking. Still, I know that some guys really like that feature.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Fleshlight Flight Pilot Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Let’s talk a bit about the new case. I love the way it looks, but there is one thing that I hate about it. The bottom of the case on a regular Fleshight is flat. This means that you can put the Fleshlight down and any lube or bodily fluids will not spill out. The base of the Flight is angled, making it impossible to stand it up straight up on its base. I find this highly annoying. Let’s say you pour some lube into your Fleshlight and then remember you forgot to put your porn DVD in the player. You can’t just set the Flight down and not worry about lube spilling out. You could lay it down on its side and the angle is probably extreme enough that stuff wouldn’t spill out, but the case can still roll around. You could also put the cap back on and stand it up on its top, but then all the lube spills out into the cap. Anyway, I think you get the point. This design flaw, and yes, I consider it a flaw, is by far my biggest complaint about the Fleshlight Flight. If it weren’t for the angled base I’d say that the new case is a home run. It is easier to handle, I think it looks snazzy and due to its smaller size it is much easier to store.

One more thing about the case. Like all Fleshlight cases, the bottom cap (the stupidly angled one on the Flight) is used to regulate how much suction is created when you are using the Flight. With it screwed on tightly, you get maximum suction. The more you loosen it, the less suction you get. I have found that I like a lot of suction with this Fleshlight. I leave the cap screwed on all the way. With any Fleshlight, I highly recommend experimenting with the level of suction. There have been times when I did not like a Fleshlight at first, but experimenting with the suction made all the difference in the world. The level of suction can completely change the way the Fleshlight feels.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Fleshlight Flight Pilot Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Speaking of how it feels, how is the Flight? It’s good, borderline very good. It’s not one of my all time favorites but it is highly enjoyable. I still prefer the Vortex or the STU but I also really enjoy the Flight. I find it a good combination of intense and mellow. If I want to keep the intensity high, I have found that keeping the head of my penis in about the middle of the toy, where you see the fang like texture, and using short strokes, is very effective. If I use longer strokes it mellows out quite a bit. This is great if you want to have an extended session.

One last thing, and this holds true for all Fleshlights, to get the best experience, you want to heat the Fleshlight up first. A ten minute soak in the sink with some hot water will do the trick. While it’s a bit of a pain in the butt, and takes some of the spontaneity out of the experience, a warm Fleshlight is a much better experience than a cold, room temperature one. That said, you can use them at room temperature and they still feel good.

Cleaning the Flight is a simple and easy process. You just remove the sleeve from the case, run some water and a bit of gentle soap through it and you’re pretty much good to go. You want to let the sleeve dry thoroughly before storing it. If the material starts to get tacky, you can sprinkle some corn starch on it to make it feel brand new again.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Pros:
• Realistic feeling material
• Sleek design
• Solidly good feeling inner texture
• Smaller case has many advantages

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Cons:
• Stupid angled case bottom makes standing it up impossible

Overall, I quite like the Fleshlight Flight Pilot. While not my favorite Fleshlight, it’s a worthy addition to the Fleshlight lineup. I really like the size of the new case, I find it easier to manage and store and it just feels good in the hand. If it weren’t for the angled base, the new case design would be about perfect. I vacillated between a 3.5 and 4 bean rating for Flight and settled on 3.5. If the case didn’t have that flaw, I would have gone with 4.

A quick note, if you like the idea of fucking a Fleshlight in the shower, the Fleshlight shower mount now comes with an adapter to fit the Fleshlight Flight. It’s available at Good Vibrations.

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is available at Good Vibrations.

3.5 beans

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator Review

A few weeks ago, I published a Spotlight on the New and Improved LELO GIGI 2 and LELO LIV 2. I have worked with LELO in the past and before they released these new vibrators they were kind enough to give me a heads up and offer a sample for review. Due to the unusual shape, I had always wanted to try the GIGI, but had never gotten around to it. So many sex toys, so little time. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to test out the new LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator.

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator

As I mentioned, I do not have the original GIGI so I cannot provide a comparison. However, I can tell you what the LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator has that the original GIGI did not. The GIGI 2 has six improvements. Well, really there are five improvements and one difference I noticed. They are as follows:

1. Power: The LELO GIGI 2 has 100% more power than the original GIGI.
2. Waterproof: The new GIGI 2 is waterproof! The original GIGI was only splash proof.
3. Modes: The GIGI 2 offers eight vibration modes versus the original GIGI’s five.
4. Battery Life: The GIGI 2 can last up to four hours on a two hour charge, while the original GIGI maxed out at two hours.
5. Silicone: I have always raved about LELO’s silicone and didn’t think there was a need for improvement, but the GIGI 2 is made with a silicone that is even smoother and silkier than the silicone of the original GIGI.
6. Charger: The GIGI 2’s charger is white, as opposed to the black charger of the original GIGI. (Not a big deal, I realize.)

The first five differences on the above list are very significant. The list also provides you with a good amount of information about the LELO GIGI 2. As with all LELO Pleasure Objects, the GIGI 2 is made with a combination of ABS and silicone. The handle, with the control panel, is made of ABS. The insertable portion of the vibrator is made of a silicone sheath wrapped around a hard interior, that provides absolutely no flexibility. As I pointed out in #5, LELO has changed the silicone used in the production of the GIGI 2, and it is even more awesome than before. This new silicone is so soft and silky, it slides along my skin with no drag at all. I want sheets made of this new LELO silicone. Not. Joking.

I always recommend using lube with insertable sex toys and that hasn’t changed. However, if you are in a pinch and don’t have a drop of lube left, but are still determined to use the LELO GIGI 2, you can very likely get away without it. Of course, this will depend upon your personal level of wetness. I can use this vibrator without lube. As a general rule, I don’t, but I wanted to see if I could because the silicone is just so slippery. When you are choosing the lube you’re going to use with the GIGI 2 (and you are going to use lube, right??), select a good quality water-based lubricant. Though you probably can slide by using a high quality silicone-based lube, it is a gamble. Combining silicone-based lube and silicone sex toys can lead to a negative chemical reaction that can damage the toy.

I know color is not really a consideration, especially when you have just one or two vibrators. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t call attention to the beautifully, vibrant turquoise of the silicone. If a turquoise vibrator doesn’t make you weak in the knees like it does me, the LELO GIGI 2 also comes in Cool Gray, Deep Rose, and Pink. At 6.5″ long, with 4.5″ of insertable length, and approximately 1.25″ in diameter, the GIGI 2 is a reasonably sized vibrator that should be manageable for many people.

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator, Size

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator, Flat Head

One of the biggest issues I have with older LELO vibrators is that they are not waterproof. I don’t have to take every single sex toy I own into the bath or shower, but what about people who only have that one vibrator? What are they to do? As can you see in #2 above, the new LELO GIGI 2 is waterproof, which is excellent. Quite frankly, when I first looked at the GIGI 2 I was skeptical due to the open charging port on the bottom of the vibrator. Even LELO’s splash proof vibrators have covered ports. I took LELO’s word for it and have not had a single problem. Obviously, this charging port is made differently from the old one.

The fact that the LELO GIGI 2 is waterproof makes cleaning super easy, especially for lazy people like myself. You can wash it with warm water and soap, use a non-caustic sex toy cleaner, or wipe the silicone portion down with a 10% bleach solution. Bleaching your GIGI 2 will allow you to share it amongst non-fluid bonded partners. Don’t do anything foolish like stick your new GIGI 2 in the dishwasher or boil it. It has a motor that will be destroyed by either of these actions.

Like all LELO vibrators, the GIGI 2 is rechargeable. Up top in my list, I mentioned two changes related to charging. Firstly, and totally unimportant (so let’s get it out of the way), is the fact that the charger is white. Every other LELO charger I have is black. No big whoop. Just thought I’d mention it because I like the white better. It matches. Secondly, and this is the important change, LELO has managed to double the amount of play time without increasing the charge time. As with the original GIGI, the GIGI 2 takes about two hours to fully charge. When charging, the LED ring around the control panel will blink. When the vibrator is fully charged, the LED will glow steadily. Unlike the original GIGI which could go for up to two hours on a single charge, the GIGI 2 can last for up to four hours, a huge difference.

Another difference I mentioned in my list above is #3, the increase in the number of vibration modes on the LELO GIGI 2. While the original GIGI had just five modes, the GIGI 2 boasts eight. They are as follows:

1. Steady vibration
2. Slow pulse
3. Medium pulse
4. Fast pulse
5. Fast ramp up
6. Medium ramp up
7. Slow ramp up
8. Dance mix

The control panel on the LELO GIGI 2 looks just like the control panel on the original GIGI. I am basing this on pictures, so I could be wrong. Regardless, the GIGI 2’s control panel is simple and intuitive. There are four buttons. The top and bottom buttons are up and down arrows, while the left side button is a – and the right side button is a +. This works just like any of the four button LELO vibrators, even if they have a slightly different control panel, such as the LELO INA 2. The + and – buttons turn the GIGI 2 on and off, as well as increase and decrease power. The up and down arrow buttons scroll through the different modes. Just as with the INA 2, you can control the power setting in each mode.

Be sure you turn the LELO GIGI 2 all the way off when you’re done using it. The lowest setting is so low I can barely feel it and I accidentally left it on, thinking it was off, and drained the battery. I have the same issue with some of my Fun Factory vibrators. I don’t get it. It’s hard to imagine a vibration that weak appealing to anyone. It’s probably just necessary due to the way the vibrator powers up and down.

As with my other LELO vibrators, the GIGI 2 has a very convenient travel lock. Pay attention now because I’m going to tell you how it works, which LELO has decided not to do, for some odd reason. To turn it on press both the + and – buttons at the same time for approximately five seconds. The LED will flash on and off to let you know the travel lock is set. To turn off the travel lock, you do the exact same thing. The travel lock is particularly helpful with this vibrator as it is so easy to accidentally turn it on to the lowest power setting without realizing it.

I could be wrong but I’m almost positive that LELO used to include user manuals specific to each toy. They now have one universal user manual with general directions on how to use all the vibrators. It only provides basic information. I understand it must be so much easier and less expensive for LELO to do it this way, but I miss the old user manuals that gave specifics about charging time, the travel lock, and whether or not the vibrator is waterproof. Now you’ve got to go to the website and download the user manual in PDF form. Good on LELO for going green and being more eco-conscious. I should really stop whining considering I only read the user manuals for the purposes of review. If I wasn’t going to review the toy, I probably wouldn’t bother with the manual. Yep, I’m one of those don’t bother with the instructions unless I can’t figure it out in my own kind of people.

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator, Control Panel

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator, Waterproof Charging Port

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator, Charging Port

The one improvement I have not yet mentioned is probably the most important to people and I have saved it for last intentionally because it confuses me and and makes me sad. The first item on my list above is power. According to all reports, the LELO GIGI 2 is supposed to have twice the amount of power as the original GIGI. Well, if it really does, those poor, poor original GIGI owners! The GIGI 2’s vibrations are much weaker than I had anticipated. Having reviewed both the LELO INA and the LELO INA 2, and noticing a significant increase in power on the revamped version, I was expecting something along those lines. Now, I wish more than ever I had the original GIGI to make a comparison. On the positive side, the vibrations are deep and rumbly and very quiet, not three qualities to sniff at, but they cannot make up for the weakness of the vibrations.

As far as using the new LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator goes, I enjoy it. I really love the shape. The flat head is great for stimulating the nipples, labia, and clit. If I want a little more pinpoint stimulation, I can use edge of the head for more direct clit contact. When treated like a traditional vibrator, the GIGI 2 is a good length for thrusting, as it does not hit my cervix. The shape is similar to my Nomi Tang Getaway Wild Vibrator, the only toy I have that comes close to replicating the GIGI 2’s shape, and that vibrator has a tendency to get caught on my pubic bone. However, the Nomi Tang Getaway Wild has a slight lip on the edge of its flat head that the GIGI 2 does not, so I don’t have this problem. I suppose it’s possible if your g-spot is really tucked up under your pelvic bone or your pelvic bone hangs down lower than mine, this could be an issue for an you. After all, everyone is shaped differently. As for g-spotting, the shape is good for me, not great, but my g-spot is a big stupid jerk most of the time. Don’t tell it I said that. Please. The flat head is actually much better than most of the g-spot vibrators I have. In fact, I think the only two sex toys I have that are better than the GIGI 2 are the G-Spot Lollipop J-Pop and the Magic Banana, and those are extremely unique. Remember? Jerk.

Aside from the weakness of the vibrations, which is no small matter, I have a little trouble with the control panel, both during play and just hanging out on the couch playing with it. When I’m actually using the GIGI 2, I have a tendency to change modes when I’m trying to increase the power. I’m almost positive this problem has to do with my nails. Rather than using the tips of my fingers, I am using the sides of my thumbs because I have such long, pointy nails. I think if your nails have a more reasonable length and shape, this won’t be an issue.

The packaging for the LELO GIGI 2 is the traditional LELO packaging. The outer box is the same color as the vibrator, in my case, turquoise. There is an image of the GIGI 2 on the back of the box so it isn’t very discreet. Next to the image of the vibrator it says “Best Seller”, which I have not seen on LELO packaging before. Inside the colorful, indiscreet box, is the typical black box with the word LELO stamped on the top. It’s completely discreet. The only way someone will know what’s inside without opening it is if they know LELO is a sex toy manufacturer. The box is large and takes up quite a bit of room but is very sturdy so it’s great for storage.

Inside the box, the LELO GIGI 2 sits in a black velvety foam cutout. Underneath the little cardboard lid on the right hand side are the same things that come with most LELO vibrators. LELO includes the charger, a sample of its personal moisturizer, or lube, the product registration card, the black satin storage pouch, and the user manual with warranty information. As with most other LELO vibrators, the GIGI 2 has the typical one year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the GIGI 2 after the first year that would have been covered under the original warranty, LELO will give you the option to purchase a brand new LELO Pleasure Object at 50% off the listed price. I have not had to take advantage of this option, but I know people who have. They found the process to be smooth and LELO easy to work with, so be sure to register your purchase!

I have always liked the satin storage pouches that LELO provides with its toys. They are well made from high quality materials. I happened to notice something about the LELO GIGI 2’s storage pouch that I hadn’t noticed previously with my other LELO vibrators. The box says the pouch is antibacterial. I wasn’t sure if that meant the pouch is made of some super high tech bacteria repelling fabric or if it’s just that keeping the vibrator in any pouch is “antibacterial”. I checked with LELO, and lo and behold, their storage pouches ARE made with a special bacteria resistant fabric that keeps bacteria from multiplying. How awesome is that??

Now, just as my mother told me when I first started on birth control pills as a teenager, “This does not give you a license to have sex,” I am telling you that just because this storage pouch is fabulously antibacterial does NOT mean it’s ok to not clean your GIGI 2 after use. It does mean that any tough to reach germs you might have missed (though the GIGI 2 does not have a lot of nooks and crannies) will be less likely to proliferate. Apparently, LELO has had these antibacterial storage pouches for a while and I am just now noticing. Doh! Sorry abut that.

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator Packaging, Outer Box Front

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator Packaging, Outer Box Back

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator Packaging, Inner Box

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator Packaging, Inside Inner Box

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator Packaging, Box Contents

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator Pros:
• Great shape good for multiple kinds of stimulation
• Deep vibrations
• Quiet
• Waterproof
• Awesome silicone
• Lightweight
• Travel lock
• Antibacterial storage pouch
• Not a lint magnet

LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator Cons:
• Vibrations are not very strong
• Challenging control panel (probably my nails)
• Insufficient user manual for newbies

I’m always excited when LELO brings out a new toy, even when it’s just a revamp of an earlier model. They do such a good job at responding to feedback and are constantly making adjustments. When it happens to be the revamp of a specific vibrator that I’ve always wanted to try, and on top of that, the vibrator is available in turquoise, I’m swooning. The swoon doesn’t end there either. The flat head shape works great on my nipples and clit, the silicone really is the silkiest I’ve ever felt and it doesn’t attract lint, and the LELO GIGI 2 is waterproof. It is lightweight so I don’t think it will cause too much pressure on those who have hand and wrist issues. The vibrations are deep, the vibrator is quiet, and the shape is very good for g-spotting. The GIGI 2 has a lot going for it and yet I want to weep in disappointment.

Ok, that may be a bit melodramatic. The fact is that I can get off using the LELO GIGI 2 Vibrator, and it’s not terribly challenging. What is upsetting is the idea that it’s meant to be twice as strong as its predecessor. Shocking. I suppose it’s possible I happened to end up with a lemon. It happens. Though I’m not tossing the GIGI 2 out the window (which would be a totally irresponsible way of disposing of a vibrator and everyone would know whose window it came from), it has not earned a coveted spot in my bedside drawer with my other favorite vibrators.

Nonetheless, it’s still worth taking the time to check out the LELO GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator for yourself. If you don’t require a powerhouse of a vibrator and are looking more for a good g-spotting shape with some vibration, this could be your dream come true. Originally, I was going to give the LELO GIGI 2 three beans, but the (for realsies) antibacterial storage pouch gained it an extra half bean.

Bean Fiddler ebony porn Rating:

SinFive Sue Vibrator Review

Back in May, I published a Spotlight on the SinFive Grace and the SinFive Sue, two new vibrators I had discovered at EdenFantasys. Since writing that Spotlight, Lovehoney (one of my favorite stores), has also started carrying these two vibrators, so you can pick them up there as well.

I had heard positive things about SinFive vibrators in the past, but had never owned one. Then SinFive seemed to disappear and I thought perhaps they had gone the way of the dodo. Suddenly, up popped the Grace and Sue (I am a little weirded out that one of these vibrators has the same name as my step-monster.) and SinFive was back on my radar. I decided to give them a try, so I picked up a SinFive Sue Vibrator to take for a spin.

SinFive Sue Vibrator

Upon removing the SinFive Sue from its box, I was surprised at its size. Yes, I know I could have checked the specs before I purchased it, but sometimes I forget. I was really thinking of the SinFive Sue as a clit vibrator, so the 6″ in length was unexpected. Due to the size of the vibrator, you can also use it as an insertable, up to approximately 3.25″. It is 1.25″ in diameter and its curved and pointy tip is meant to stimulate the g-spot.

This vibrator is made of silicone that is super draggy, so I recommend using a good amount of lube, even if you’re only using it for clit stimulation. It does not glide across the skin like other silicone sex toys I have. As I do not know anything about the quality of SinFive silicone, I suggest using water-based lubricant only with the SinFive Sue. In general, silicone-based lubes can negatively interact with the silicone of the toy and damage it.

I can say that due to the fact the SinFive Sue is made of silicone, it is latex and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Unfortunately, this particular silicone is not only draggy, it is also a lint magnet. Neither quality is uncommon in silicone sex toys, but it’s always great when I find silicone without these characteristics.

The silicone of the SinFive Sue is a soft layer over a mostly hard inner core, where the motor is located. The curved tip of the Sue is solid silicone and is bendy and a bit squashy. The vibrations travel very well through the body of the SinFive Sue to its tip. On the back of the vibrator, about two thirds of the way down, is the word “SinFive” in raised letters. It is a non-issue when it comes to use, as this part of the vibrator never enters the body. Similarly, there is a seam that completely wraps around the body of the SinFive Sue, just above the lettering. This seam can be clearly seen and felt with fingers, but even if you insert the vibrator that far into your body, it’s not significant enough to be felt.

The SinFive Sue is a rechargeable vibrator and it charges magnetically. This means there are no open ports or plugs on the Sue so it can be fully submersed in water, making it a good option for the bath. This also makes cleaning very easy. You can wash the SinFive Sue with warm water and mild soap, use a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. Using bleach will disinfect the vibrator, killing bacteria, so it can be used amongst non-fluid bonded partners. Do NOT attempt to boil or wash the SinFive Sue in the dishwasher, as this could damage the motor.

As I mentioned above, the SinFive Sue charges magnetically. The two silver metal buttons on the front of the vibrator are actually the magnetic contacts that attach to the charger, as well as the control panel. The charger has a small oblong, black plastic head with + and – signs on top. This is to show you how to align it with the SinFive Sue, which also has + and – signs next to the silver buttons on its body. What’s weird about this charger is that you can attach it either way. I have a handful of vibrators with magnetic chargers and if you try to apply the charging piece in the wrong direction the magnets repel each other, so you know it’s wrong. I have never seen one that can attach in either direction and I find it a bit odd.

The two buttons that make up the SinFive Sue’s control panel are not the easiest to press. They require quite a lot of pressure, so I do not think this vibrator would be a good option for people with issues of strength and pain in the hands. Quite frankly, it is a literal and figurative pain. The buttons are also confusing because the + and – signs are not on the buttons themselves, but on the silicone body of the vibrator next to the buttons. Of course, I immediately assumed the signs were the buttons. How foolish of me.

Turning the vibrator on and off is simple enough. The + button, located above the – button, turns the SinFive Sue on and scrolls up through the different modes. What is interesting is that once you hit the highest level of steady vibration (Mode #8), pressing the + button not only takes you into the pattern modes, but will continue to cycle through them as you continue to press the button. The vibrator does not go back to Mode #1 and start all over. The SinFive Sue does not have a memory chip, so once turned off, it always turns on at the lowest level of steady vibration, Mode #1. As you might expect, the – button scrolls down through the different modes and turns the vibrator off. Turning the SinFive Sue off is easy. You just press and hold the – button for about two seconds.

The SinFive Sue has 12 different modes of vibration, eight levels of steady vibration and four pattern modes. I think it’s silly to list the first eight modes separately. Just know they are all steady vibrations that increase in strength.
1-8. Steady vibration
9. Fast ramp up
10. Slow ramp up followed by quick ramp up
11. Slow roller coaster
12. Dance mix

The vibrations are fairly quiet and cannot be heard through a bedroom door. They are also very strong. I can get off on the mid-level vibrations, I do not need to be at the highest level to orgasm. I also really like the patterns, especially 10 and 11. The vibrations are also deep and throbby. They may not be the deepest frequency vibrations ever, but they do the job well.

SinFive Sue Vibrator

SinFive Sue Vibrator, Size

SinFive Sue Vibrator, Control Panel

SinFive Sue Vibrator, Charger

SinFive Sue Vibrator, Curvy Tip

I am not a huge fan of insertables that only penetrate a few inches. I don’t need 10″ of penetration, but I tend feel that 2″ is a bit of a waste. So as far as that goes, I don’t see the insertability factor of the SinFive Sue as a bonus, nor do I like to use it that way. Along those lines, if I do use it for penetration, it doesn’t do a great job with my g-spot. It’s a bit too bendy and not firm enough for me. As for clit stimulation, which is how I use the SinFive Sue, it is pretty damn good. The strength of the vibrations was surprising, as I often use the highest power level on many vibrators during masturbation. As I was scrolling to test each level, I was taken aback at how quickly I found a level that would do just fine. When I continued to up the power frequency, I discovered that the highest levels were definitely more power than I needed, which does make having to go through them to get to the patterns a pain….almost literally.

Without a good amount of water-based lubricant, the silicone of the SinFive Sue does not slide along my skin as easily as I would like. I want to be able to use it on my nipples without getting my breasts all lubey. The buttons are not as bad I thought they would be during play. They are accessible, large enough, and spread far enough apart that they should be easy to use, and in theory they are, but not in practice.

As I mentioned previously, the buttons are so hard to press. They remind me a bit of the middle button on the Je Joue Uma and the Je Joue FiFi. I can’t decide if my nails are a help or a hindrance in this situation. They make it more difficult to to hit the buttons with the flat of my finger, but they also give me something strong and pointy with which to press them. If you look closely at the images of the SinFive Sue, you can see the buttons are actually located in a small recess on the bottom of the vibrator, which just kills me. It makes trying to press the stupid buttons even more difficult.

I do enjoy attractive and clever packaging, even though most of it gets tossed/recycled, never to be seen again. SinFive’s in neither. It is very simple, which I am fine with, but I find it to be incomplete. The SinFive Sue comes in a hard black box, which I actually like very much. This box is strong and sturdy and has no markings on it to indicate what is inside. I wish it were much smaller, as it is far too long for the SinFive Sue. I am betting they use the same box for the SinFive Grace, hence the length. The box is held shut with a wide black elastic band that says SinFive on it. Secured against the box with this band, is a piece of paper with the name and an image of the Sue. However, this paper is not physically attached to the box in any way and can easily be removed from under the elastic band.

Inside the box, the SinFive Sue is sort of gripped in place on a piece of black cardboard by another black elastic band, but (at least in my box) it does not do a good job of holding the vibrator in place, so it slips and slides along the length of the box. Underneath the black cardboard with the ineffective band, is the SinFive Sue’s charger. It is a relatively short USB cable. While I really like the option of being able to charge vibrators via USB, I still want the manufacturer to include the AC power source so I can plug it into the wall when I want. SinFive fails to do so. The only other thing included in the box is a card with the most basic information on it in several languages. There is no other user manual, not that I think this puny thing qualifies in the first place. Granted, it does tell you how to turn it on and off, though I feel even those directions are slightly misleading, and it does say the vibrator is waterproof. I have no idea how long the vibrator takes to acquire a full charge or how long this charge will last. There is no information about what lubricants are safe to use with the SinFive Sue, nor is there any safety information. It also states there are three vibration patterns, so maybe I am feeling something that really isn’t there in the fourth pattern…

I know that most people do not read safety information. I also know that most people who are experienced with sex toys or are averagely intelligent will figure out how the SinFive Sue works. Still, why should anyone have to struggle to do so? I think it’s fair to say I am an experienced user and it took me a bit to sort the control panel, because it’s misleading and does not work as I was expecting. This is not a big deal for me, but what about someone who has just purchased their first vibrator? How unnecessarily confusing for them. What happens when they pull out their favorite silicone-based lubricant and slather it all over the vibrator and end up with an unusable toy? Perhaps I am way too much up in arms about this, but I find it extremely frustrating when manufacturers create a unnecessarily challenging experience for newbies.

Usually in a situation like this, where little to no information is provided, I hunt down the manufacturer’s website for more information. In this case, the website provides absolutely no information whatsoever. It does not even seem to be completed. All I can tell you is that the SinFive Sue is made in Germany, which is a bit of a surprise as my experience in the past with German manufacturers has been very positive.

SinFive Sue Vibrator Packaging

SinFive Sue Vibrator Packaging, Inside Box

SinFive Sue Vibrator Packaging, "Instructions"

SinFive Sue Vibrator Packaging, Contents

SinFive Vibrator Pros:
• Powerful vibrations
• Deep vibrations
• Quiet
• Good shape to hold during play
• Silicone
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable (via USB)

SinFive Sue Vibrator Cons:
• Buttons are recessed and very difficult to press
• Buttons are slightly confusing
• No dedicated pattern button
• Does not include an AC power supply
• Heats up when charging
• No user manual
• Lint magnet

I find myself vacillating somewhat on the SinFive Sue Vibrator. There are so many things that piss me off about it. It’s fantastic that it’s rechargeable but why no AC power source? Surely it’s not a cost issue. How much can those little plugs run? I know I can just use another USB compatible plug, and maybe in the end SinFive did my a favor by not adding another one to my collection. Nevertheless, I feel gypped. Also, a weird thing keeps happening when I plug the vibrator in to charge. It starts vibrating at a low level for a few seconds. Generally, vibrators don’t work while charging, and we’re always warned not to turn them on while they are connected to a power source. It’s not a huge thing but I don’t like even a little power source oddness around my computer. The vibrator also heats up during the charging process. It’s not the first time I have had this experience, but it actually happens rather infrequently, and again, this one is charging right next to my computer.

I have already complained about the difficult to press buttons in their little recess, so there’s no need to go on about it again. While I do appreciate a simple control panel, and two buttons is certainly simple, the SinFive Sue needs a dedicated pattern button. The fact that the vibrations are so strong means I really need to keep the vibrator away from my body while I’m searching for the pattern I want or I run the risk of zinging my clit.

I know the lack of a user manual is not the end of the world, but it frustrates me immensely. It just seems lazy and irresponsible. As a general rule, silicone tends to attract lint, so I really shouldn’t hold that against the SinFive Sue. It’s just that with all the other little irritants, adding the fact that I can’t make it from the bathroom after washing it to the bedroom to use it without it grabbing onto every piece of lint, dust, and hair in the city, does not put me in a good mood.

And yet, once you get past all the things that make me want to throw it out the window, the damn vibrator is effective and efficient at its most important purpose, getting me off. I’m so mad about all the downsides of the SinFive Sue that I want to give it a low score, but I can’t bring myself to ding it that much when it makes me orgasm so quickly. The vibrations are strong and deep, which will be pleasing to many people. It is submersible, which is a priority for some. It is rechargeable, a priority for others. Its silicone, while draggy and linty, is easy to care for and body-safe. It also has the added attraction of some penetration and g-spot stimulation. As you can see, this vibrator does have a lot to offer. Still, I can’t let it get away unscathed. This is why I have deducted one full bean from my rating of the SinFive Sue.

You can find the SinFive Sue at the following stores:


Right now, EdenFantasys has the SinFive Sue on sale and will ship your $39+ purchase for free. Though the SinFive Sue is not currently on sale at Lovehoney, all purchases are shipped free, with no minimums, and they accept returns for ANY reason within 100 days of purchase for a full refund.

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Tantus Rocket Dildo Review

Late autumn last year, I posted a Spotlight on a new set of toys recently released by one of my favorite manufacturers, Tantus. If you haven’t yet read my Spotlight on Tantus Space Toys now would be a good time to click over and check it out. Of course, I was especially enthralled by the colors, and was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review the Tantus Rocket Dildo.

Tantus Rocket Dildo

Tantus uses 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, which is latex and phthalate-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Tantus silicone is medical-grade, so it is more expensive than other lesser quality silicone products out there. However, this is one of those cases of getting what you pay for. One great thing about pure silicone is that it can be boiled for three to five minutes or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect it. This allows you to share the Tantus Rocket amongst non-fluid bonded partners. It also permits you to switch from anal to vaginal use, after the Rocket has been disinfected, of course. Speaking of anal use, the Tantus Rocket has a very large and sturdy flared base, so it can be used anally.

Normally, I recommend only using water-based lubricants with silicone sex toys. This is because the silicone in both products can interact negatively and damage the toy. However, as Tantus silicone is 100% pure silicone, as opposed to some other silicone toys, you can use some silicone-based lubricants with it. You must be sure to use a good silicone lube, which is not going to be cheap. If you are uncertain if you can use your silicone-based lube with the Rocket, do a spot test on the its base. To be safe, I would go with something from the Pjur line. Tantus recommends Pjur Eros Bodyglide Light Love. While I love the high quality of Tantus’ silicone, it has a significant amount of drag to it. So, be sure to use a good amount of whatever lube you do use. The other thing to be aware of with Tantus silicone is that it tends to attract a good amount of hair and lint, though oddly enough, the Rocket seem to collect less than my other Tantus toys even though the silicone feels the same. Perhaps I have not given it enough of an opportunity to show its true…colors.

The Tantus Rocket measures 6″ long, with 5.5″ of insertable length, and 1.5″ in diameter. It is made of solid silicone but has some squish to it. As there is no internal plastic shaft or anything like that, the Rocket is very flexible and can be bent. The Rocket has no moving parts or electrical bits so it is waterproof and can even be washed n the top shelf of your dishwasher (no soap needed). Of course, if you want to go the simple route, you can always just use warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner.

Tantus Rocket Dildo

Tantus Rocket Dildo, Size

Tantus Rocket Dildo, Head

Tantus Rocket Dildo, Shaft

The shape of this dildo is clean and stylized. It has a head that is slightly pronounced on one side, like a real-life penis, but that’s about as realistic as the Tantus Rocket gets. Both the shaft and head are smooth, with no vein-like ridges. There is no texture to this dildo. I happen to enjoy texture, but I don’t need it. I can appreciate the sleekness of the Rocket’s shaft.

What really makes the Tantus Rocket stand out is the color. It is definitely one of the most colorful dildos I have ever seen. Not only are the lime green, orange, and hot pink vivid, they flow into each other with lovely gradations. I have often had trouble capturing the true beauty of Tantus toys. My camera just can’t show you the gentle shimmer of this dildo. The colors remind me of one of those Big Stick popsicles I used to have when I was a kid. It is important to note that the Tantus Rocket is handmade, so no two will be exactly alike. Certainly, mine is not an exact replica of the image on the Tantus site. In fact, it is even prettier, and yes, I am calling a dildo pretty.

In use, the Tantus Rocket is a good, solid dildo. I appreciate the shorter length of this dildo because it allows me to thrust away without worrying about hitting my cervix. I find the Rocket’s average 1.5″ girth is very easy to tolerate with little to no warmup needed. I have dildos that are girthier and some of them need quite a bit working up to, not to mention lube. I can feel a bit of a pop when the slightly pronounced head enters me, but it’s nothing drastic. In general, using the Tantus Rocket is a very pleasant experience. Probably one of my favorite things about the Tantus Rocket, aside from its gorgeous color gradations, is the base. It is larger than the bases on many of my other dildos. This over-sized base is very comfortable and easy to hold on to while thrusting, and if you’re into strap-ons, I’d think the large base would make the Rocket a good fit for many harnesses.

The Tantus Rocket Dildo comes in the same packaging as all my other Tantus sex toys. The box is made of a kinda flimsy clear plastic with some basic information on the sides and back. Inside the box, the Rocket sits in a clear plastic clamshell. It is easy to get the Rocket in and out of the packaging but I have found the plastic isn’t sturdy enough for long term storage. As it also takes up a lot of room, I tend to store my Tantus toys in Ziploc bags. I don’t mind that the packaging is not discreet and I appreciate Tantus saving on cost with simple packaging. However, because the box is clear, I do find it somewhat challenging to read the information on the sides and bottom. Not a huge issue, just something to be aware of.

Tantus Rocket Dildo Packaging, Box Front

Tantus Rocket Dildo Packaging, Box Back

Tantus Rocket Dildo Packaging, Inner Clamshell

Tantus Rocket Dildo Pros:
• Gorgeous colors
• Tantus silicone
• Good base for thrusting
• Shorter length

Tantus Rocket Dildo Cons:
• Gets linty

As always, Tantus pleases me with its wonderful silicone, which is high quality, if a little linty. By now, I have learned that good silicone sometimes comes with lint. You just have to accept that. The size and shape of the Tantus Rocket works well for me and makes a nice change from girthier, more textured dildos. The base is great for holding onto and thrusting and I really like the short insertable length that allows my cervix to remain untouched. The size and ease of use will make the Rocket a good choice for many users, whether they want to use it vaginally or anally. Of course, my favorite aspect of this dildo is the colors, which are AMAZING. While it may not have a huge wow factor (other than the beautiful colors), the Tantus Rocket is a simple, dependable dildo you can pull out and use in most circumstances.

Head over to Tantus and check out the Tantus Rocket Dildo.

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Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit Review

It’s been a very long time since I have reviewed anything BDSM related. I figured it was about time to take a break from vibrators and dildos and review something else. When it comes to BDSM, even if you’re a beginner, you want to have good basics. One of the very basic items you need is a good set of restraints, like the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit.

Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit

The Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit is part of Liberator’s Black Label collection and more or less what you might guess from the name, a kit consisting of cuffs and a blindfold. However, this kit is a bit more complete than some others I have seen. Contained in the kit is the following:
• 2 wrist cuffs
• 2 ankle cuffs
• 1 blindfold
• 1 bow-tie choker
• 4 tethers
• 1 storage bag

Cuffs can be made from many different materials, leather, metal, satin, etc. One of the things that makes the Liberator Tensionier Kit unique is that the cuffs, blindfold, and bow-tie choker are all made from a dark wash denim. This is the first time I have run across denim cuffs. That doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there, just that I haven’t seen them. The dark wash denim is stitched with a contrasting white thread. This and the silver-colored hardware make these items quite attractive. Each of the four cuffs has a clip and a D ring that allows you to attach them to each other, the tethers, the bow-tie choker, or anything else you come up with. Each of the tethers also has a D ring that can be attached to the cuffs’ clips. The bow-tie choker also has a D ring so you can attach the cuffs, a leash, or something else with a clip. In fact, the only thing in this kit that does not have a D ring is the blindfold.

Speaking of the blindfold, it actually works better than I expected based on its looks. My experience with blindfolds that are cut similarly to the one in the Liberator Tensionier Kit have not been very good. Usually this design lets a lot of light in around the nose. However, due to the elastic band at the back of the blindfold, it fits securely and though it does let a bit of light in, it’s really not bad at all. The downside of the blindfold is that the after a while the pressure on the bridge of my nose from the elastic band becomes uncomfortable and I need to remove it. It is also snug enough that I really need to keep my eyes closed while the mask is on. No biggie, right? After all, there’s nothing to see under there. Still, some people don’t like that kind of pressure against their eyes, so I thought I’d mention it.

Liberator Tensionier Tethers

Liberator Tensionier Tether Clasp

Liberator Tensionier Blindfold, Front

Liberator Tensionier Blindfold, Back

Liberator Tensionier Connector

Oh, there is actually another issue with the blindfold, with the entire kit actually. The denim has an unpleasant odor that reminds me of glue. All of the pieces smell badly. Granted, it’s not like you can smell them across the room, but I can definitely smell the blindfold when it’s on my face. Yuck. It is also not adjustable, which may be a problem for some people.

I realize the bow-tie choker is meant to be a cute collar, but I am not a big fan. I think it’s just kinda silly looking. It’s about 20″ in length so it can fit a wide variety of neck sizes. I find it rather thin, especially if something heavy is attached to the D ring in front. This can drag the bow-tie choker down and cause some discomfort at the the back of the neck. Keep in mind that I have a chronic pain condition and frequently have pain in my neck so I am probably more sensitive to this than many people.

The wrist and ankle cuffs are more or less the same, with the ankle cuffs being somewhat larger. Both the wrist and ankle cuffs are 2.5″ wide. The wrist cuffs can be adjusted up to approximately 10.5″, thus allowing for them to fit most people who are not The Hulk. The ankle cuffs can adjust up to about 17.5″ so they are significantly larger than the wrists restraints. Liberator calls these cuffs self-tightening, but I have not had that experience. If I struggle enough, the cuffs loosen somewhat. In fact, there is a slight amount of give to the denim material. However, it is not stretchy by any means. One issue I have with both the wrist and ankle cuffs is that the piece of denim opposite from where the restraints tighten slips and slides around and does not always stay beneath the strap. It’s a bit annoying to have to keep straightening it out when you are putting the cuffs on.

The four tethers included in the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit are made from heavy duty 1″ wide nylon, the kind you find on duffle bags and backpacks or seat belts. It is extremely durable and has absolutely no give. The tethers are 55″ long and adjustable. Each one has a plastic clasp that allows you to wrap the tether around something and secure it.

All the pieces of the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit are quite lightweight due to the denim fabric, but the hardware is heavy, maybe a little too heavy to be supported well by the denim. The contrast can make the cuffs a bit unwieldy when putting them on but isn’t as noticeable once they are secured.

Liberator Tensionier Bow-Tie Collar

Liberator Tensionier Wrist and Ankle Cuff

Liberator Tensionier Wrist Cuff

Liberator Tensionier Ankle Cuff

Liberator Tensionier Wrist and Ankle Cuff

The packaging of the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold kit is simple and stream-lined. The cuffs, bow-tie choker, blindfold, and tethers come in a handmade denim storage bag that is very discreet. The only hint that something nefarious is inside is the Liberator tag on the outside that says “Bedroom Adventure Gear”. Otherwise, it looks totally innocuous. The denim storage bag securely closes, like a sleeping bag, and comes inside a clear plastic bag which does have the name of the product on a sticker on the outside. With all the pieces of the kit stuffed inside the storage bag, it is surprisingly heavy due to the hardware. Other than the shipping box, there is no additional packaging wasting resources, which is a good thing.

Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit Pros:
• Very sturdy
• Vegan
• Material is comfortable
• Attractive
• Good storage bag

Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit Cons:
• High price point
• Blindfold is not adjustable
• Has odd glue-like scent

In looking for a set of restraints, different people look for different things. I always want mine to be comfortable, secure, and durable. The cuffs in the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit are all three. They also have the added benefit of being lightweight and vegan. I have used leather restraints in the past and they can feel very luxurious. They can also be hot, feel heavy, don’t react well to sweat, can chafe, and are made of animal parts. For these reasons, the denim fabric of the Tensionier cuffs is great. The odor, however, is not. In fact, it’s quite bad and I have no idea what’s going on with that. Maybe it’s a chemical used in the treatment of the denim. maybe it’s a fluke. I don’t know but I don’t like it.

While the Liberator Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit does come with 11 pieces technically, I find the price point rather high for denim restraints, a bow-tie collar, and a blindfold. It’s certainly not something those who are new to BDSM will want to spend when they’re just experimenting. It also doesn’t seem like BDSM experts would want to drop that much on cuffs made of denim. Of course, I could be wrong. While the cut of the blindfold works, the fact that it isn’t adjustable is likely to create issues for some. What really kills it for me is the scent. My sensitive nose cannot take it. Hopefully, it’s just my set and not all of them out there.

Head over to Liberator to check out the Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit for yourself.

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