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About Me

Posted by | | July 1, 2010

What the heck is a bean fiddler, right? Well, now that you’ve asked…

It’s my private code for masturbation. Not so private anymore, I suppose. I’ve no idea where I picked this up, but as I am generally a silly person, it stuck with me. When I started this site, it just seemed like the perfect name.

This may seem odd coming from a writer, especially one who mostly writes about personal experiences, but I genuinely do not enjoy writing about myself. Describing sex toys and how I experience them? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, but I never have much to say about ME.

I began writing about sex toys in 2010 because I figured it would be fun. At that time, I did not realize how much I would learn. As I have become more knowledgable and experienced, my desire and sense of responsibility to educate my readers has grown. In the beginning, I basically thought “yay, sex toys!”

It is now vital to me that my readers understand there is much more to sex toys than a good orgasm. There are differences between materials, some sex toys you should never, ever use, some toys are not safe to stick up your butt, etc. So many bits of information important to your health and safety that I had never considered.

As my awareness has expanded, so has the purpose of Bean Fiddler. It is meant to be a safe and comfortable place to read reviews, learn about new products in the adult industry, and discuss questions and concerns. While the site is still geared toward women, everyone is welcome. That means you, people with peni!

I know women buy toys for their male partners and tend to be as concerned about the safety of these toys as whether or not he will like it. I would also hazard to guess that not all men enjoy being bombarded and distracted with porn and nude images when they’re searching for information as opposed to a wank. This is the reason I push, poke, and prod my buddy, Beanpole Fiddler, to write reviews on men’s toys here and there.

As you may have guessed, I am a also bean fiddler. Sex and masturbation are crucial components of our physical and mental well-being, not to mention the many benefits there are to having orgasms. I am here to encourage each and every one of you to access your inner bean fiddler with pride and confidence.

Early on in my sex toy pilgrimage, I became accustomed to men buying me sex toys. I felt uncomfortable walking into those creepy stores with concrete floors (all the easier to clean??) and blacked out windows. The problem was, I ended up with toys they either though I would like or “should” own.

One day, I discovered a new and improved, female-friendly sex toy shop where I could poke around without wondering what the clerk was doing with his hands under the counter. Then I began shopping online and it was as though I had entered a whole new world. Are you picturing Aladdin singing to Jasmine as they fly around on a magic carpet right now? Hope so. I suddenly realized how empowering it was to take control of my sex life, and I have never looked back.

Who am I? Among other things, I’m a verbose girl on a mission to bring knowledge and quality sex toys to those in need. I am Beanfiddler, hear me roar.

For those of you who are wondering about Beanpole Fiddler, he handles most of the technical aspects and design work for the site. We created Bean Fiddler together, initially as a safe place for women to learn about sex toys. All the cool little WordPress tweaks and fun holiday themes are his creations as well.

After running Bean Fiddler for a while, we realized that many people like to research toys for their male partners in a comfortable environment and there aren’t a ton of places available to do this. That’s why you’ll find his reviews on sex toys for men here every now and then.


A word on toy shopping…
Granted, I live in the big city and have access to my fair share of quality sex toy stores. Yet even the best stores don’t necessarily have everything I interested in. Hooray for the internet! I do most of my toy shopping from home, though now and then I venture out to peruse my local sex stores and play with new products in person. However, I do love the selection and ease of shopping online.

My favorite stores are posted in the sidebar. I encourage you to visit them and take a look at all their goodies!


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